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Meal plan for August 27th – September 2nd

Our house is in lock-down.  No one in, and no one out, lest we infect the whole world.  What started as colds, has morphed in to ear infections and pink eye.  Goodness gracious, I even took a nap today!  I’m so pissed off at being sick because I know I’ve missed out on a whole week of gleaning free blackberries for syrups, the freezer, and jam.  And I can’t even handle thinking about the fruit ripening/rotting on my neighbor’s tree.

Yesterday both Troy and I were so tired that I ordered pizza for dinner and we “parented” using the Hollywood curriculum – movies.  Jack had played in the kiddie pool earlier that day, and we were confident that was bath-like enough to qualify for actual bathing.

Today, Jack and I have played many games of “what’s on my butt” – a game my sister read about from a crafty mom that allows you to lay down while your kids fetch items from your house, put them on your butt, and you try to guess what it is.  Jack has also watched his month’s allowance of TV just today.  I can’t worry about it too much because if I think too hard, my infected ear will likely explode.  As I write, Jack and I are on the deck and he is playing in his kiddie pool yelling “this is PBS kids”.  Oy.  And you know what?  In a few minutes, I’ll probably bribe him with a movie to move back inside.  Go me.

I’ve yet to do any grocery shopping, but here is my meal plan for the week.  I’m off tomorrow as well, and Jack and I will venture forth in to the land of the living to procure fresh vittles.

Monday:: taco bowls (spanish rice, black beans from the crockpot, salsa, shredded pot roast (pulled from the freezer as leftovers), and a sprinkle of cheese, salads, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Peanut satay (we can’t get enough of these things and they’re so easy!!!!), rice, salad, grilled zukes (finally from MY garden!!!!), and fruit.

Wednesday:: What I believe is the last of the canned tomato soup from last year’s garden, quesadillas, salad, and fruit.

Thursday:: Smoked salmon Caesar salads, baked potatoes, and fruit.

Friday:: Popcorn, veggie sticks, fruit, and cheese sticks.  Library movie included.  Love popcorn dinners!

Saturday:: Can’t think that far ahead.  It will be something edible.  And we’ll eat it.  If we have enough zukes and tomatoes from the garden, I’ll make a strata thingy.

Sunday:: Dinner at my parent’s.

What about you guys?  What are you eating this week?

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5 comments on “Meal plan for August 27th – September 2nd”

  1. “what’s on my butt”…that’s hilarious…too bad I didn’t hear about that when my kids were little enough to think it was fun..don’t think my 11, 13, 15 year old would voluntarily play that now, but 10 years ago that idea would have saved my sanity a few times while trying to keep 3 little ones busy and sleep at the same time! Feel better cuz ‘this too shall pass’…

  2. I hope you are feeling better! I’ve been dealing with a sick teenage sister, as we don’t have our Mom anymore. My dinner plan this week feels like it’s going to be blown all to pieces, seeing that I just plain-out don’t feel like cooking tonight :/

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for posting your meal plan even though I’m sure you would rather be napping, or relaxing. 🙂 Your meal plans make me happy. I must really be a nerd! Who gets excited about other people’s groceries and meals? This girl does.

  4. Well..I’m impressed you have your meals worked out for the week and yet you are sick! I’m NOT sick and feeling pretty chuffed that I’ve actually PLANNED a meal for ONE night LOL!!

    I think you all need to eat a whole clove of raw garlic each…that’ll scare away them bugs!!

  5. So pathetic! So sorry to hear you’re still sick.