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Meal plan for August 29th – September 4th

Freaking construction projects are projected to add 30 minutes to my evening commute this week, so we’re going simple and fast with meals.

Monday – nachos and fruit

TuesdayBuffalo chicken sandwiches*, coleslaw, and fruit

Wednesday – Quesadillas and fruit

Thursday – homemade pizza and fruit (I’m sensing a pattern here…)

Friday – Burgers, slaw, and grilled veggies

Saturday – I’ll wing it

Sunday – family dinner at my parent’s

What are you guys dining on this week?

*to make the sandwiches healthier, try the ranch mix from my homemade ranch.  Just use the dry ingredients.

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

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