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Meal plan for August 6th – 12th

The PNW finally got some heat this weekend.  In the process of 48 hours, my pumpkin plant grew 6 inches.  SIX!!!!!  I finally had to water the plants, and I harvested my first cucumber.  Exciting times ’round these parts!

Here is what we’re eating for dinner this week.  Reminder, breakfasts are smoothies or eggs, lunches are leftovers or salads.  Snacks vary.

Monday::  Grilled salmon, grilled zukes, coleslaw, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Burgers (we never had these last week), grilled zukes, slaw, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Bunless chicken hot dogs (Trader Joes nitrate-free), salad, and fruit.

Thursday:: Either our weekly popcorn night, or going to a free outdoor concert.

Friday:: Tacos (corn tortillas), Spanish rice, black beans in the crockpot, and fruit.

Saturday:: Smoked salmon Caesar salads, baked potatoes, and fruit.

Sunday:: Troy and I are going to a wedding.

This week I sent $16 at the fruit stand, $7 for raw milk, $38.72 and the grocery store, and an unknown amount at Costco (going later today, but I’m guessing $40 ish).

What are you having this week?

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6 comments on “Meal plan for August 6th – 12th”

  1. WOW you are so organized LOL.
    This week is going to be a canning week as my daughter in law found a great deal on locally grown tomatoes (mine are plentiful yet small)…….so I am thinking I will be putting up around 20 quarts of tomatoes. Hopefully, 6 quarts of spaghetti sauce and 12 half pints of salsa. We will have to see how close my numbers are around mid week.

    So food for the week will be on the skimpy side during our canning time.

    Mostly grabbing a sandwich from homemade white bread, ham and cheese, a salad and peaches (as I am canning these this week as well. ) Our son is going to his sisters for 4-5 days. Personally I think this is his exit due to a lack of mom cooked food during my canning time LOL.

    I enjoy this time of the year as I put by the food for our fall,winter and spring seasons. I also provide canning for my sister and brother in law as their health has declined and they have helped us out as well.

    I always enjoy your blog.

    • What a gifted canner you are! I’m mean and keep MOST things to ourselves. I’m impressed that you enjoy canning. I don’t like it at all, but what I DO love is opening a can of tomato soup or peaches in February. The hot and exhausting work is so worth it later in the year.

      Do you can with family or a friend? I feel like if I had someone helping out, it would be more enjoyable. Then again I’d have to share, right? HA!

      My favorite “easy, I don’t wanna cook” meals are eggs, and popcorn. And sometimes chips with homemade guac.

      Good luck with your canning!

  2. We had some grilled salmon tonight! Found a deal at the fish market by us. Leftovers are being used to finally try out your salmon cakes recipe. I am so excited about it. Other than that, we got some filet at a butcher for a great price. We’ve never been to the butcher…

    My husband and I probably eat as much fruit as your family does. I’m hoping to find a fruit CSA next year. I didn’t even know there were such things until I read your post a few days ago! We’re kind of new to the organic/local eating scene and are learning so much.

    • I love grilled salmon, and I’m so excited you’re going to try the salmon cakes. Let me know how they turn out!

      Ohhhh, butcher newbie. How did it go? I hope you enjoy the meat!

      We did a CSA in 2010, and they’re the ones who turned us on the co-op. Ask around at your local farmer’s market because they are the people in the know!

  3. How do you make Spanish rice? I’ve been looking for a good recipe and just haven’t had luck.

    If I wasn’t all the way across the country and we actually knew each other I would invite myself over for dinner as your meal plan sounds awesome!

    • I don’t have a good enough recipe quite yet to share. My friend Elaina is trying to help me, but it’s not perfect yet. Once I do, I’ll definitely share!

      You should come over for dinner anyway! ;-D