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Meal plan for August 8th-14th

A few things didn’t work out last week because of schedules, so you may see a few repeats this week!

Monday – I’m working late, so my aunt is feeding Jack dinner.  I’ll probably rock some eggs.

Tuesday – Burgers, corn, and sweet potato fries.

Wednesday – Pizza and grilled zucchini and eggplant.

Thursday – Working late again.  My in-laws will be feeding Jack dinner.

Friday – Homemade biscuits and gravy, and fruit.

Saturday – Chicken pot pie, veggies from the garden.

Sunday – family dinner at my parent’s.

Anyone reading this blog, may notice I’m somewhat cagey about posting things that are specific about where I live, etc.  The reason is that although I blog from home, since I also work full-time, I don’t want my blog life to meet my work life.

I really really wish in this instance that I didn’t care and could give a shout out to a local fruit stand that helped me out this weekend.  I go there a lot and as routine, went on Friday when they get their fresh delivery of produce from Eastern Washington.  I found myself with a big bag of fresh “local” produce, and no cash.  And I had just used my last check.  And they don’t take plastic.  DOH!

The cashier said “oh don’t worry about it; you can just make up the difference next week”.  Now that is something you don’t see every day in this world.  So thank you to xxxxxx Fruit stand for extending me a helping hand.

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