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Meal plan for December 28th – January 3rd

I’m not someone who believes in jinxes or that saying something aloud can change the course of events.

But just in case…the next few sentences I am about to write are blank, m’kay?

At the time of writing this blog post, Jack hasn’t thrown up or spent hours screaming in the middle of the night for three days.  Three whole days of not wanting to rip out our hair because it’s so hard to listen to someone so little be in that much pain.  We even put his trundle back under his daybed, and have slept in our own bed for a night.

So weird that the above section of this post is blank, right?  RIGHT?

We’re taking things day by day, and have no idea why things have reversed in the positive direction, but we’ll take it!  We had a good 10 days before and then he reverted back to horrible pain/reactions, so we can’t say we’re out of the woods or anything, but we are thankful for the good days.  Next steps are maintaining Jack’s current special diet, a visit to the immunologist on New Year’s Eve (day), and then a follow up with the pediatric gastro on the 8th of January.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already heard about my emotional breakdown in the middle of the grocery store on Christmas Eve.  We had planned to take Jack to see Santa a few times, but a horrible night, or pain episodes during the day, or another ER visit kept getting in the dang way.  We finally just accepted that a visit to Santa was not in the cards for 2015.  On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, Jack and I were running a few last minute errands in a town that is about 45 minutes away from us.  Truth be told, I had received a gift at my shower from a store in the town, and wanted to exchange it.  And there is a kick ass grocery store up there too that has specialty items I can’t find any closer.

So, we were walking down the main street looking in shops and looking for the store to exchange my shower item, and I see this random little hut in the middle of the sidewalk across the street.  I walk a few more steps and who should I see sitting there, but Santa Claus himself!  Jack and I dart across the street (in a crosswalk of course), and march right in and Jack got to spend five minutes alone with St. Nick.

FullSizeRender(5)He looks so skinny to me, and the circles under his eyes break my heart, but man, it was so nice for him to do something normal!

We then went to the super cool grocery store against Jack’s protests.  He loves this store because they give out amazing cookie samples at the bakery, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get one this time.  I told him we would ask at the bakery if they had samples that didn’t include butter.  We talked to Carol at the bakery counter, and she said unfortunately all their cookies had butter in them.  She then led Jack by the hand to a section near the bakery that had packages of allergy-free cookies.  She held out two options and let Jack choose one.  While he was busy picking out a double chocolate cookie, I glanced at the price of said cookie and it was a whopping $2.99! For ONE cookie.  She took the cookie out of the wrapper, gave it to him, and wished us a Merry Christmas.  It made Jack’s whole week.

After checking out with our other items, I tracked down a manager because someone had to know about this gem of an employee they had.  I started telling the manager, but then just started freaking sobbing in the middle of it because a) I was so touched at the kindness of the lady in the bakery b) I’m tired as hell from no sleep and the last five weeks and c) I’m 35 weeks pregnant.  I’m pretty sure all the manager could hear was “Carol”, “bakery”, and “butter”.  I felt like a total moron, and Jack started getting concerned and in a worried high-pitched voice yelled “why are you crying mommy”.  I think I need to send a letter or email to the store manager because I’m sure they thought Carol  did something horrible to me.

How was your Christmas?  As usual, we had three whole days of Christmas between our two families.  We’re used to it by now, and even though it is super fun and wonderful to be around everyone, a day of recovery afterwards is well-appreciated.  Troy worked Christmas Eve day, which means he wouldn’t get off of work until 8 am (ish) on Christmas day and then a 90 minute drive home.  Turns out the guy working the following shift doesn’t have any kids, and offered to come in super early so that Troy could be home by 6:30.  It was a nice surprise, though weird as hell to hear him coming through the front door almost three hours earlier than expected!  Jack bounded out to the living room, and was a bit dismayed to see that Santa had forgotten to put anything in his stocking.  “What a rip off” was the reaction I believe.  Santa was tired this year buddy, and will make up for it next year.  Santa will have his shit together in 2016.

Jack was pleased to see that Santa enjoyed the dairy-free cookies and almond milk we left him, and the reindeer chomped on the carrot and apple we put out as well.  Jack then proceeded to eat the rest of the apple, despite me saying “that has Rudolph slobber on it”.

Bennett got Jack a chemistry set and “real” chemistry supplies that he has been lusting after for months.


And some books.

Leave me alone, I'm reading

Leave me alone, I’m reading

And a giant Nerf gatling gun from his Auntie Anne.  The gun sounds like a breast pump to me.  Who knew that Medela made Nerf guns?


There hasn’t been a smile on this kid’s face that big in weeks!

Santa also got him a Darth Vader rug for his bedroom, because Santa is sick of listening to him complain that his bare butt is cold while he gets dressed in the morning.  It has been pointed out to him multiple times that he could just sit on his bed to get dressed, but noooooooo!  And finally Santa couldn’t deal with it anymore and solved the problem with a damn rug.


I would post a meal plan for this week, but I’m off Wed-Fri, and frankly can’t get interested in actually creating a meal plan.  I’m serving bread and soup on Monday, and then working late on Tuesday to make up for all the damn work I have been missing lately, and Troy said he would just make breakfast dinner.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are a pure cluster eef at this point, and I might just serve cereal, oatmeal, and popcorn every night.  Because I can.  And my give a shit is broken right now. Boom!

What are you having this week?


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10 comments on “Meal plan for December 28th – January 3rd”

  1. I recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it so much.

    Happy and healthy new year to you and your family! Hope your little guy continues to feel better. That story about the grocery store cookie was so sweet.

  2. Been there, done that with the crazy lady crying episodes. One, most indefinite, involves me (blubbering in coherently, my 2 toddlerish children, the admissions lady at the museum (who I’m pretty sure was a college student and God Bless her for not just walking away) and the janitor that let me rummage through bins of garbage…for a toy, which was stupid but my sleep deprived, hormonal brain couldn’t bear to leave because…gasp…one of my kids would have been sad for like 4 seconds.)

    As for meal plans…does rice and beans every night count? Because unless the dinner fairy makes an appearance at my house that is what is being served. Maybe one of these days I’ll get my act together…or maybe I’ll just drink more wine.

  3. First of all, thank you for getting the song, “My Give a Damn’s Busted, ” by Jo Dee Messina, stuck in my head. Love that song!

    I was happy to not read the blank part of this post.

    I can totally picture you and Jack rushing across the street- “in the cross walk of course.” I’m a stickler about cross walks.

    Good luck with Jack’s appointments, I hope they go well and the doctors are able to figure out a way to help him feel better. I also hope you get to relax a little during the remainder of your pregnancy.

  4. Your blog is a highlight of my week. Always makes me smile and chuckle because you are so “real!” I will keep you all in my prayers that Jack continues to have good days and the doctors can give you answers. God bless!

  5. I’d read most of this on FB, but when I got to the part about Troy’s co-worker coming in early, I started to bawl. As someone who worked 31 hours of OT last week so my co-workers could have time off with their children who still live at home, this hit my heartstrings! Popcorn for dinner is yummy. I ate many a bowl with garlic salt when I was trying to stay away from butter.

  6. What a wonderful read. My friend, Jeannelynn says she hates to read your blog because she is sad when it’s over, like a good book.
    We love you all and are so happy you are in our life,Sarah :-)!

  7. Jack got The Day the Crayons Came Back!! (Esteban is my favourite!)
    The kids I babysit have both ‘crayon’ books and they are now my go-to idea for children’s gifts!

    Carol sounds like a wonderful person and I hope that she gets (got!) the recognition she deserves. I love that you made a point of acknowledging it right away, even if it didn’t go the way you had planned. Good for you! I worked retail many, many years ago and the few comments that my manager received about me were soooooooo appreciated! Nobody (myself included) remembers to pass along their appreciation of good service. Yes, we all expect it, that is what retail staff are paid to do, but really good service should be rewarded. And a ‘thank you’ is often the perfect reward. (slight side note: my daughter tells me that where SHE works, it is even BETTER if a guest [that is what they call their customers] calls/emails head office. Head office relays those back to the store. A pat on the back from head office is apparently the ultimate compliment.)

    That is an awesome rug. I hope Santa was just as good to all the adults in the house too!

  8. Oh you poor darling to break down sobbing in the store, it is totally understandable and what a sweet store clerk to give your son the cookie. I hope you call the store to compliment Carol and clear that up. I hope 2016 will be a year of great health for your son and all of your family. “For I will restore your health to you, says the Lord, and heal your wounds.” Jeremiah 30:17

  9. Oh, I’m so glad Jack and you have had a three-day break from that insane torture! How sweet of that employee, and how kind of Troy’s co-worker to come in early!

    I don’t have the spoons for meal planning this week either. We are supposed to be away at a cabin right now, but two of my kids (both the boys) developed some horrible viral stomach thing and have not stopped throwing up for almost 24 hours. Sigh. Holidays.

    Sometimes popcorn and cereal and toast are the best dinners……

  10. First ofall {{HUGS}} I’m sorry you’re on such a rough road right now! How wonderful that Jack got to see Santa (& you got a cute pic)
    Definitely send the manager a note about Carol’s kindness- good retail employees don’t get enough recognition.
    All my kids are moved-out-adults, so hubby & I are merely stuffing leftovers into our faces. I’m adding veggies to mine (she said smugly)
    Also, $3 for a cookie that they merely swapped the butter for shortening is INSANE & slightly evil >:-(