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Meal plan for December 5-11th

Yowzer, this weekend sure got away from me!  What were you guys up to to?

Troy was actually home for two whole days (ah, luxury), and I had one happy toddler on my hands.  It also meant a trashed house (toys, forts, etc.), and two boys in jammies for much of the last 48 hours.  We attended two Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, and found a tree for our house as well.  It was busy busy!

I made a wonderful dinner tonight and it was so easy to make.  I’ll post the recipe later this week.

Other yummy things we’ll be enjoying this week:

Monday:: home canned tomato soup, paninis, and salad

Tuesday:: Arroz con pollo, black beans, and salad

Wednesday:: I’m working quite late, but Troy is making his famous hamburgers and we’re topping them with some gorgonzola.  The burgers will be paired with salad and sweet potato fries.

Thursday:: Jack and I are going with my in laws to a fundraising dinner.

Friday:: breakfast for dinner

Saturday:: dinner at my parents

Sunday:: homemade pizza and salad

This week I spent $40.70 on groceries, $3 on raw milk, and $12 on eggs (not pictured).

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