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Meal plan for February 11-17th

1) Anyone who loves The Mentalist (like me), rejoice that CBS now is streaming full episodes!  I’ve been waiting for this for two years!  I can’t stay up until 11 to watch it on CBS (CBS is one of the free channels we get on our TV), and until recently, they only showed clips online.  Hurray!

2) Jackie got his big boy bed this weekend.  He LOVES it, and sleeps great now that he has more space amongst his 539 stuffed animals.  This is now a thing of the past.

The “friends” now have their own section

3) Saturday, Jack and I spent about two hours playing with power tools as we took down two huge and nasty bushes in front of our house.

I cut the one closest to the railing, and the furthest one in the photo.  The middle bush is a loose leaf maple that is probably 40 years old.  My dad would disown me if I tore it down.  And during the spring, summer, and fall, it is absolutely stunning.

Jack initially spent the time like this:

Adorable owl knit hat by my aunt.

But if you simply ask a 3 year old if they would like to use a sawzall, the answer is pretty much a guarantee.  Don’t worry, I had my hand on it the whole time; he only got to pull the trigger.  We only got through the cutting of the bushes before it got dark.  Hopefully next weekend, I can dig out the roots to prepare this area for blueberry bushes in spring.  Removing nasty inedible bushes and replacing them with something that will save us money is a huge win in my book.

I’ve been so unmotivated to meal plan lately.  I’m completely lazy these days.  I wish I had a wife.  She would do all of this for me.

I only plan dinners, because breakfast is always smoothies or eggs with something, and lunches are always leftovers.  We rarely eat dessert during the week, and our dinner drink of choice is water kefir soda.

Monday:: French onion soup (seriously, this has been on the menu for THREE weeks and has yet to get made.  We were going to have it yesterday, but I decided to clean out the fridge instead.  The soup will be paired with a salad.

Tuesday:: Fish, salad (or Brussels Sprouts if I can find them at Costco later today), and homemade garlic bread.  I have the fish in the freezer, and will be making it like my mother-in-law made some last week.  If I don’t screw it up, I’ll share the recipe!

Wednesday:: Veggie soup in the crockpot, salad, and bread.

Thursday:: Dinner at my in-laws.  Yay!

Friday::  Popcorn dinner!

Saturday:: Super secret date night.  Which is another way of saying, Troy and I are going out, and we don’t know where.  But the fun part is, he doesn’t know we’re going out!  I arranged everything with the in-laws.

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s.

I haven’t purchased any groceries yet.  My list is pretty small, so I’m guessing it won’t be a lot.  We need:
-Wide mouth canning jar lids
-Cream cheese
-Lemons and limes
-Brussel Sprouts

What are you all having this week?

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19 comments on “Meal plan for February 11-17th”

  1. I had to laugh at your “wish I had a wife” comment. Years ago, I was a divorced single mum with three children, a full time job, a house, a mortgage and just me to run it all. One of my friends said that I needed a maid to help me – but I told her I would have to pay a maid and didn’t have the money so what I really needed was a wife!!! And back on topic, not sure what we’re having the rest of the week, but tomorrow (Shrove Tuesday) we are having crepes for dinner!!! with honey and lemon, or jam, or syrup….. my (newish) hubbie and children think I’m awesome, just imagine, dessert for dinner!!!!

  2. I did the grocery shopping today, so I let’s hope I actually have something for each night… Tonight we had green chili chicken tacos. Tomorrow will be gnocchi with pesto and beans, Tuesday white chicken chili and bread, Wednesday salmon, baked potatoes, and asparagus, Thursday Mexican take-out. We’ll probably eat at my parents’ house either Friday or Saturday so the other day will be crock pot veggie soup with cornmeal dumplings. (My three- and four-year-old both like the veggie soup, but ask me not to give them any “bread”. I’m starting to wonder if I’m related to them as bread is ALWAYS the best part of ANYTHING!)

    • Ok, please explain what cornmeal dumplings are? I’m so intrigued!

      I’m impressed that your kids love veggie soup, but you might want to get them tested about the no bread thing. Who doesn’t like bread?

    • I know, right? They also dislike macaroni and cheese. If they didn’t share my love of curry, I’d be worried about some sort of switched-at-birth conspiracy.

      I use this recipe for the dumplings and as a rough basis for the soup. I usually sub in butter beans for the chicken and then throw in whatever veggies I have. My husband and my littlest girl and I love the dumplings, so the other two are just leaving more for us!

  3. My parents love the Mentalist and never get to see it. They were super excited to hear me read your post! Congrats on the big boy bed…I love the sheets. Where did you get them?? Good luck with french onion soup. I admire that you are sticking with it 🙂 I probably would have given up!!

    • I hope they get all caught up on Thomas Jane and his antics!

      They were a birthday or Christmas gift from one of Jack’s godmothers (he has 3) when he was less than 2. We’ve been holding on to them for just this moment. I think they’re GAP?

  4. I love The Mentalist too! We have cable through the RV Resort we are in 25 days out of the month. We cancelled cable here at home. When we return for good we have decided NOT to have cable again. Expense is one thing. The horror and blood and guts that desensitize us is another. We have decided to spend the time living life. Gardening, reading, doing! My stepson gave us a BUNCH of blueberry bushes last year but, alas, they all died. Maybe when we get to come home for good…..

    • Your plans for the future sound lovely! Right up my alley, but I truly do love television. I am able to get what I want via the internet, so I’m thankful about that!

      Were they generic big box store bushes? I’ve had 4 of those, and they all died. Last spring, I bit the bullet and went to a dude’s house to pick up 4 local bushes. He sells them at our farmer’s market, and from his house. He drives down to a huge blueberry farm in Oregon each year and then resells them up here.

      Those 4 bushes are super hardy, and we picked about 5 pounds off of them last year. I’m looking forward to see what we get this year!

  5. Oh, fun on that super secret unknown dinner date. Haha. Hope you find a really good place!

  6. Oh, and I am SO jealous that you get to plant blueberries! We live on the 3rd floor of an apartment, with no balcony or anything. I have a few plants trying to soak up the little bit of sun we get, but I don’t think it will be enough to grow much more than a few herbs (if that).

    • We’re very thankful that we have the space (or make the space) to grow some of our own food. It’s not a lot of space, but we’ve made the most of it!

  7. Let’s see. I started cooking up a bunch of meat and stuff all at once, so most of the week is a mix of leftovers and a fresh veggie side. Tonight will be burgers with sweet potato fries, and maybe some salad, We’ll have salmon with steamed veggies one night, more left over chicken chili with chips (a new favorite!). Chips are our gluten free alternative to crackers and it guarantees the kiddo will actually eat some of the chili. Another trick I discovered is if I use my immersion blender to blend the chili a bit so the chicken is really little, then toss in the beans, she eats with gusto.
    That’s as far as I have planned. I have a steak sitting in my defrost bowl, so we’ll probably try that out as well, maybe in a stir fry.

  8. This week I have my parents flying in from Arizona (we are in Virginia!) for 10 days! So.. I am trying to figure out what to feed the masses. I also am hoping for a date night while they are here with the husband 🙂 We like to go to Bone Fish Grill and order apps and salads and soups and share everything. Much cheaper and just as good and I dont’ feel like they need to roll me out of the place!

  9. I’m enjoying your blog, I must ask though what does the “popcorn” dinner consist of? or is it just as it says only popcorn? Thanks for sharing your recipes on here 🙂

    • This is too funny. This is the first week I haven’t copied and pasted my popcorn dinner explanation on to the meal plan. Here is what I usually say about our popcorn dinners:

      Popcorn dinner. Yes, seriously we eat popcorn for dinner. It’s popcorn, leftovers, cheese slices, fruit, and cut up veggies. Everyone gets as much as they want, and no one leaves hungry. I adore Fridays because it is the easiest night of the week for making everyone happy!

  10. Well this week goes like this…today was supposed to be chicken noodle soup that I make in my pressure cooker, but I forgot to thaw my whole chicken so thats moved to Wed…so today is now crockpot mac n cheese served with broccoli, Monday will be breakfast bagel sandwiches with fruit, Tuesday will be fish and salad, Wed will be the homemade chicken soup, Thursday will be a leftovers day (Romantic, I know) Friday will be smothered chicken breasts with baked sweet potatoes. Maybe Saturday will bring a night out!