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Meal plan for January 18th – 24th

I had my fifth, and final(?) ultrasound on Thursday.

At my Wednesday midwife appointment, she did the whole measuring my ute/belly thing, and sighed.  She said “I know you’re tall, with a long torso, and lots of room for that boy, but you’re only measuring 34 weeks (I was 38 weeks at the time), and I would just feel more comfortable with one more ultrasound.  Just to make sure everything is ok”.

I laughed, said “ok, but we both know he’s fine”, and she said “I know, I know, but I need confirmation”.

She takes good care of me that midwife.  More cautious and invested than my OB with Jack, that’s for dang sure.

So, off I went to the ultrasound, and they did their thing, and calculated he is at least already 7 pounds, fluid levels look great, and he is head down, face down, with his grill up in my business.  They couldn’t get a head measurement because his head is sooooooo low, but considering his brother had a 99th percentile head, I’m like “whatever” at this point.  With 1.5 weeks to go, most kids gain about half of a pound a week, so it will be interesting to finally meet him and see his weight.   Jack, also a child who caused a few extra ultrasounds because of his “smallness” in my belly, was 8 lbs 4 oz.

After my initial measuring, doppler, BP, etc., at my weekly appointment, we then spent 70 minutes (70 MINUTES!!!) talking about everything I should know post-partum.  What to look for with my health, the baby’s, breastfeeding, mental health, etc.  We talked about my recovery with Jack (rough), and she said “you must not have rested or taken care of yourself very well”.  Bingo!  Troy pretty much went back to work like a day after we got home from the hospital, and I was up and running as normal.

She ordered me this time to pretend I have the flu for 7 days and just rest.  She saw the look on my face (if I had to name it, would be my “bitch please” face), and said “can you try to pretend for 4 days at least”?  No promises.  The idea of being idle and not “doing” things makes me itch.  I know I should listen, and I’ll do my best, but I’m not what you call a “rester”.  Troy will be home this time.  It’s a pretty interesting concept for our family – Troy having actual paid sick leave!

You know when you have a lot to do, like A LOT, but all of the sudden the pantry must be organized or you will die?  Yeah, my Saturday afternoon was sponsored by “nesting”.  Bennett’s room is finally done (sharing it next week), laundry is caught up, bread got made for the freezer (for both our family and communion in case I’m not able to make my normal communion bread later this month), and for the love of god, the pantry is organized!

Initially, we were borrowing an infant seat from our friends (side note: only use a car seat from a source that you trust), and I washed all the pads and covers, and then spent two nights trying to put it back on.  Thank the Lord for Youtube, because otherwise I would have chucked that seat right off of the deck.

Even with Youtube, this is my first attempt:

Nailed it!

Nailed it!

Finally, I think I got it.


Then, in a horrible moment of realization, we figured out that the borrowed seat does not fit in our snap and go stroller that is now 7 years old but in good shape.  We looked for ideas online for adapters and making it fit, but bottom line is the Britax B Safe doesn’t fit in a stroller other than a freaking Britax stroller.  We tried to think of alternatives, because as much as I love to “wear” a baby (oh my goodness, you should see how many carriers I own), the idea of almost five months of no stroller before he is older enough for our “big kid” stroller was not sitting right with us.  We’re going to visit our friends in California in May, and will be doing the whole airport thing as well as tons of walking around (more on that this spring), and no stroller was no bueno.

We pooled together a bunch of Amazon giftcards I had, and ended up buying a brand new infant car seat with extra base for Troy’s truck. When all was said and done, we were only out of pocket $59.04.  Ugh, I consider it stupid money spent, but we need a seat that works for our stroller.  Perfectly good free seat, and we had to buy something else.  Blech.

Work has been just insanity lately.  I love being busy, but getting ready for this huge project we have due (on my due date no less) is keeping me quite busy.  I get there around 6:30 am, and depending on appointments, daycare, and basketball, I’m there until 5 or 6 pm most nights. At least the days go quickly; I blink and it’s lunch, and then I blink and it is time to leave.

Meal plan time!  Even when not noted, I’ll still be consuming brussel sprouts and beets at every meal.  Go iron.

Monday:: Tacos, rice, black beans, and salad.

Tuesday:: Beef stew (iron) in the crockpot, biscuits, and salad.

Wednesday:: Roasted chicken (I made it the night before, and we just carve it and heat the day of), leftover biscuits, and more salad (snoooore)

Thursday:: Grilled chicken, roasted chipotle sweet potatoes, and salad (omg, I hate salad).

Friday:: Popcorn!

Saturday::  Eating out.  It’s happening.

Sunday::  Family dinner.

This week was a huge stock up week, and I almost pooped myself when my Costco total was $179 exactly.  Goodness gracious it was soooooo much money.  We are totally stocked up on produce and other things, but holy smoked I couldn’t believe it.  Then I spent $3.50 for raw milk at the farm (oddly enough, I don’t drink it but am not opposed to it…we just don’t drink milk anymore) for cooking, and $43.37 at the grocery store.

What are you having this week?

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3 comments on “Meal plan for January 18th – 24th”

  1. I hope everything goes smoothly for you & your family. And I hope you do “rest” – I am the same myself. I find it hard to do nothing and have people wait on me. Best always and can’t wait for your updates… After you rest! Lol.

  2. Yay for paid leave! It will be nice to have an extra set of hands around once B man is born. I love that you are having such a great experience with your midwife. We are happy with one kiddo, but sometimes I wish I had another chance to do a better job at the pregnancy/birth/baby thing.

    I did a Wild Tree freezer meal workshop with my friend last week. We made 10 meals. We move to Michigan three weeks from Monday (drive out 1 Feb). So basically, the next three weeks will be freezer meals and whatever else happens to be in the fridge and pantry.

    Oh, and bacon. A shit ton of bacon. My dad sends smokehouse bacon every year for Christmas. This year there was a major snafu and not only did the company send it to the wrong address (three times!), they also sent a triple order for the first two. Instead of 2lbs of bacon (and 2lbs of sausage, a pint of Vermont maple syrup, pancake mix, and a jar of horseradish jelly), we ended up with 16lbs of bacon (and 16lbs of sausage, 8 pints of syrup, etc.).

    When I went by the old place to pick up the (what I thought was one) package, there were four boxes sitting in/covered with snow. Lucky for me, the temps here since Christmas never went above 40, and every night it got cold enough to refreeze the ice pack in the packages. Some of the meat was even frozen.

    So yeah, lots of bacon being eaten around here.

  3. Yeah, I love salads, but having a cold salad every day gets old. I’m going to roast a ton of veg this week, and also try roasting romaine in the oven (olive oil, salt pepper, cut side down for about five minutes), then cutting it up and tossing with some of my other roasted stuff for something different.