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Meal plan for January 1st – January 8th

How was your New Years Eve?  Enjoy the fresh start of a new year; 2012 can be what you make it!

Here is what our family will be enjoying this week for dinners.  A quick note about why I never put breakfasts or lunches on my meal plan.  Breakfast is usually a smoothie or eggs and toast for me, Troy almost always has eggs, and Jack eats at my aunt’s house.

Lunch is leftovers from dinner the night before for both Troy and myself.  Jack typically has a sandwich, some cheese slices, fruit, and a few crackers.

Monday:: Turkey paninis with garlic mayo, roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts (already have)

Tuesday:: Arroz con pollo, black beans (already have), and spanish rice (already have ingredients for)

Wednesday::  pasta with browned butter and myzritha cheese, and brussel sprouts (already have)

Thursday::  Yakisoba, and if I’m motivated enough, homemade egg rolls (already have everything to make these)

Friday:: homemade pizza and salad (already have all the ingredients)

Saturday::  Pot roast with veggies, and garlic bread (already have all the ingredients)

Sunday::  Family dinner at my parent’s

This week I spent $46.81 on groceries.  I bought: fontina cheese, organic potatoes, Jack’s coconut milk, 1 yogurt (Jack picked that again as his treat), fruit nectar (for a new recipe I’m trying), organic fuji apples, organic pears, provolone, turkey breast, gouda, clementines, and avocados.

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