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Meal plan for January 23rd – 29th

My goodness.  My goodness.  My goodness three snow days in a row when work is closed was heavenly.  Due to our snow, work was closed Wednesday-Friday of last week.  It was so nice to view the “storm” from the comfort of my warm, fully-stocked house.  My friend sent me a text along the lines of “I was going to ask about your supplies and how you’re holding up, but then I remembered who I was talking to”.  My food storage came in quite handy last week!

The last few days also taught me something else – just when I think I can’t admire stay at home mom’s any more, I get locked in the house for three days.  With a toddler,  And no husband.  I love my son, but by the end of it, we were both climbing the walls!!

Enough about our snow “storm”…let’s talk grub!  Here is my meal plan for the next week.  Quick reminder – lunches for Troy and myself are dinner leftovers, and Jack has a PB&J with some sides.  Breakfast are generally eggs and toast for Troy and myself, or smoothies.  Jack eats at my aunt’s.

Monday:: quesadillas, roasted beets, and fruit

Tuesday:: reubens, (frozen) asparagus, and sweet potato fries

Wednesday:: stir fry korean steak and fried rice

Thursday:: crockpot chili, cast iron skillet cornbread, and fruit.  This didn’t get made last week.

Friday:: homemade chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, and fruit

Saturday:: homemade pizza, (frozen) asparagus, and fruit

Sunday:: dinner at my parent’s

This week I spent a whopping $16.50 at the local farm on raw milk and eggs.  I needed 1.5 gallons of milk ($10.50) – 2 to make homemade ricotta, and 1 for drinking, yogurt, ice cream, etc.  I also bought 18 eggs from their “content pastured” chickens for $6.00.  Those puppies were delicious!

At the grocery store, I spent $61.94 on organic green onions, a dark chocolate bar with oranges (I’m not a machine people), organic bananas, tortilla chips for the avocados I bought (made guac), organic spinach, two 6-packs of Hansen’s soda (the sale on this is over this week.  It’s a fun treat every few months), organic ketchup (tried making my own and we’ve hated every recipe), Newman’s Own organic pretzels for Jack, organic half and half (made ice cream), dried cherries, Tillamook smoked cheddar (it was on sale and what a yummy treat), gorgonzola for a salad, frozen organic raspberries (had a $2 off coupon expiring), pastrami and ham, swiss, and two, count them TWO boxes of satsumas.  We’re addicted in this house.  I’ve found myself reaching for two or three whenever I want a snack.  Much better than chips or a cookie.

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5 comments on “Meal plan for January 23rd – 29th”

  1. 1) Good idea, 2) Thank you, 3) My knives totally DO suck, 4) Send me pictures, but not of beets, 5) I prefer more cussing in both your posts and responses, 6) xoxo

  2. Hey, how do you make your roasted beets? I’ve never figured out how to do it so the skin comes off and I’m not cursing beets for days while I look at my stained fingers.

    • Step 1) move in with Sarah

      There are no other steps.

      I roast them (skins ON after a good scrubbing) in a Pyrex pan at like 400 degrees. Just drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. When you can easily pierce them with a fork/knife, remove from the oven.

      Then I stab them with a fork (while keeping them in the pan) and use a paring knife, I kind of just skin them like you would an apple. Side note: your knives absolutely suck Anne. You need some new ones!!!!!

      If the directions don’t make sense, I can email you some photos tomorrow when I’m making them.

  3. Whoa…anyone else feel a bit nervous about how Sarah makes her roasted beets?? All the piercing, stabbing, skinning… Were they happy local free range beets so at least they had happy little lives before becoming subjected to your culinary exploits? Just kidding! They sound delicious!!