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Meal plan for July 23rd – 29th

I was off of work all week for the past week, and boy howdy, it was heaven!  We went to Ocean Shores and stayed for a few nights at my in-laws beach house, we chilled, and when we came home I got SO much stuff done.  A 15 minute clean up of Jack’s bookshelf to find a missing library book that wasn’t in the library book basket (coughtroy’sfaultcough) turned in to a complete bedroom clean out.  I’m excited to announce that during the 90 minute clean out, only ONE small bag of trash was thrown out.  The other stuff was either recycled, given to the thrift store, moved to the basement (books transferred to our other bookshelves, etc.), or given to Troy’s cousin who is pregnant.

The room looks like new, and I feel like I can breathe in there again.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I finally unpacked the “welcome home baby” box that the hospital gives you when you take your newborn home.  My newborn is now 3 years old, so um, dude, it was time.  I also unpacked the very last box of stuff from our move.  You know, the move in June 2011.  Yowzers.

Monday:: Cold Thai Noodle Salad (I’m adding shrimp that I have in the freezer), grilled zukes and corn (we’ll just call them Thai grilled veggies so that we can maintain a strict theme), and fruit.  Um, Thai fruit?

Tuesday:: Pot roast in the crockpot, salad, roasted beets, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Tiny “street style” tacos on little corn tortillas (with leftover pot roast) with Walla Walla sweet onions (drool) and cilantro (from the garden), with grilled zukes, black beans, and Spanish rice.  And fruit of course.  Because fruit must be at every meal in our house, lest my three year old’s head explode.

Thursday:: Calico beans over rice, grilled zukes (noticing a theme here?), and if you put $1 betting on me serving fruit, you win!

Friday:: Popcorn day on the couch.  My favorite food day of all!  Jack and I pop up some corn, have a few slices of cheese “Tillamook pwease mommy” (3 year old food snob), some veggie sticks (for me), and fruit for both of us.  Pop in a quick movie from the library, and all is right in the world.

Saturday:: Grilled Asian themed salmon (I’m still working on this concoction, so don’t ask what Asian themed means, cause I currently can’t tell you), a small bit of fried rice (being mindful of not too many grains since we’re eating rice a lot this week), spinach salad, and fruit (shocker).

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s.  I’ll bring whatever I’m assigned!  Probably dessert.

As a reminder, breakfast is eggs or smoothies for Troy and myself.  With our paleo month, we’re choosing to forgo our previous bowl of oatmeal.  Jack has a smoothie in the car on his way to preschool one day a week, and then eats breakfast and lunch at my aunt’s the other days.  Lunches are either leftovers from the night before, or these huge yummy salads I’ve been making for our gluten-free/paleo month.  I pretty much hate salads, but I’ve been enjoying these (post later this week with details).

Beverages are water or water kefir soda.  We aren’t milk drinkers.  We buy it for cooking, and that’s about it.  Jack was allergic for so long that he thinks cow’s milk tastes gross, and Troy is pretty much lactose intolerant.  To help keep Troy motivated to stay away from carbs and snacks, I did shell out $14 for a 24 pack of Izze’s sparking juices from Costco.  Troy can’t take the water kefir soda to the fire station (they look like beer bottles) for obvious reasons, and I wanted something small to send in his lunches that he can look forward to.  Because of his previous poor history with “treat” drinks in the house (he’ll drink them all in one week.  He has ZERO willpower when it comes to sodas/juices), I have hidden the whole pack in the house in a place he’ll never find, and am putting 2 cans in the fridge a day.  One for his lunch, and one for me for dinner.

I’ve been grocery shopping off and on all week, and can’t really remember what was for this week and what we already ate.  I will say that specifically for this week, I spent $7.50 for fresh farm eggs and a half gallon of raw milk (and I’m going to try to snag another $4 worth of eggs later today), $14 at the farm stand for cherries, apricots, corn, and zukes, $5.50 at the farmer’s market for 2 pints of raspberries (while I was purchasing 1 $2 pint, I noticed Jack had been “sampling” half of another pint under my not-so-watchful eye, so I bought the other pint too) and mini russets.  I had a $100 Costco bill on Thursday, and I’m heading there again today for more turkey and organic spinach.  I spent $10.24 at the grocery store this week.  So let’s call it about $140 ish.

How about you?  What are you guys eating this week?

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2 comments on “Meal plan for July 23rd – 29th”

  1. Last night we had sloppy joes and homemade french fries. Tonight is roast beef sandwiches and potato salad. Tomorrow: stuffed shells andgarlic bread. Wednesday: Homemade chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. Thursday: breakfast for dinner. Friday: frozen pizza.

    Bill added it up and I’m disgusted to admit how much we spent last month on eating out. Ugh, too much!!

  2. Porridge (what we call oatmeal down here) was the one thing (other than bread) that I really miss! Now when the mood takes me I make rice porridge (with rice flakes)and it’s pretty damned good! I use half milk half apple juice, coconut and dried fruit.

    And because I’ve always been a problem child… what’s with the Asian theme? 😀