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Meal plan for July 6th – 12th

Someone please send ice.  And more fans.  And popsicles.  Because this shit is getting real.


That makes my boobs sweat just looking at it.

I can’t wait for next Friday because it is projected to be less than 80 degrees.  But I’m sure there is still time for it to increase to 90 degrees.  I know, I know you desert people are laughing at us complaining about 90 degrees, but here’s the thing.  You choose to live in the seventh circle of hell.  You don’t move to the desert and then get pissed that’s it’s hot.  It’s a DESERT.

We PNWers live in an temperate marine climate where summers are usually 75-80 degrees, with a few days of 90.  We’re already breaking records for our heat, and it’s only July 5th.  Oh, and only about 10% of people in this region have AC, so 90 degrees outside means sleeping in an 85 degree house.

Plus we’re a bunch of wimps.  Many of us are of Nordic heritage, and we just want our long summer days at a normal temperature, some large bodies of water, and some fish.  That is all we need to be happy.  And this heat is blowing our minds!

The master bedroom upstairs in our house is new; it was added on during the remodel last year.  Due to new construction, great insulation, and the only room in the house that has a cross-breeze, we’ve discovered it is the coolest room upstairs.  Jack and I spent a few hours hunkered down there on Saturday with snacks, water, the ceiling fan on high, and nerd books.


Last weekend, to escape the heat, we went to the in-law’s house at Ocean Shores.  We left 88 degree weather, and in a few short hours were shivering and wearing fleeces in 57 degrees, overcast, and misty.

It was glorious.

I drank hot cocoa every day.

We had a great time as we always do, and chilled, bummed around the beach, and had some lovely seafood.

Oh, and Troy and Jack defaced some logs.


Jack also fed the deer that run rampant around Ocean Shores because they have no natural enemies, and people like my mother-in-law who practically bake them special meals.


The ocean house has three bedrooms, but Jack wanted to sleep with Troy and I, but was very particular that it be in a fort.  Thankfully Troy is an excellent fort architect, and only needed two chairs, two sheets, and two canoe paddles.


One of the amazing things about the trip, was that it was our first real “road” trip in Subacca, our 2015 Subaru Outback.  The estimated highway MPG for the 2015 Outback is 33.  I typically get around 28-30 mpg most weeks (it’s a 25 city, 33 highway rating) because I have a lot of 35 mph roads with a lot of stop and go in my daily commute.  Well, I got a whopping 32.5 mpg on the way to the ocean!  With all the driving to the ocean, around Ocean Shores, and back, we put on 290 miles on the car in a few days.  Even with that kind of driving, we still had more than half of a tank left!

The drive was super comfy thanks to the cozy seats, and it was a dream to drive.  Troy came out to the garage at the ocean house and I was out there just standing there.  He looked at me questioningly, and I said “I just love my car”.  We both laughed, but I truly do love this car!

Meal plan time! Just a reminder, we only plan dinners.

Monday:: my “weeknight” fried chicken, coleslaw, and grilled zukes.

Tuesday:: I’m working late. Blerg.  Troy is making his famous burgers, and homemade fries (in our toaster oven so that the house doesn’t heat up), and leftover coleslaw.

Wednesday:: Guess who has two hands and has to work late again?  :points to self: this girl.  We’ll have chicken gyros, grilled zukes, and sliced cucumbers.

Thursday:: BLTAs, and shredded zuke cakes.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner!

Saturday:: No plans as of right now.  It’s probably going to be too hot to eat.

Sunday:: Family dinner with the extended peeps.

This week I spent $40 at Costco, $46.51 at the grocery store, $20.50 at a new fruit stand that I was trying out (and will NEVER go back to because the prices were so farking high, and their parking lot was a real bitch to get out of), and $8 at the farmers market.

What are you having this week?

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2 comments on “Meal plan for July 6th – 12th”

  1. I have to tell you that I have been reading your blog/dinner plans for a couple of years now, and yesterday my son and I had popcorn lunch! Hubby is away, I’m not sure if he would consider it a meal, but we loved it! We had it with vegie sticks and cherry tomatoes, and my son had a cheese triangle, we’re living in Thailand at the moment and cheese is insanely expensive, so we’re treating it as a luxury item!

  2. It’s been the same here (London) last week and we don’t do that kind of weather (everything you’ve heard about English weather is mostly true except there isn’t a lot of fog!). Next week we’re back to the low 70’s which is the edge of comfortable for us, good luck for next week, hope you survive!