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Meal plan for July 9th – 15th

We finally had a bit of heat this week, and I swear my garden has grown a foot in the last few days.  The sad thing is, that means everything is just 1 foot tall.  Sigh, I’ve been phoning it in this whole season with the garden.  This here blog seems to be taking up more of my time (I’m not complaining!) lately, and I’ve gotten L-A-Z-Y with the garden.  Oh well.

Since I can’t harvest almost anything from the garden (since you know, nothing is really growing), I continue to rely on the grocery store for meals.  Here is what we’ll be eating this week.

Monday:: shrimp tostada thingies, and fruit.

Tuesday:: hot dogs (found a great sale on Hemplers brand.  Northwest producer, no nitrates, etc.), cole slaw, grilled veggies, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Cashew chicken, rice, lazy lady egg rolls, and fruit.

Thursday:: Reubens, roasted beets (from the garden.  I’ve never been successful growing them before, but this time I did it.  I’m so proud of me!), and fruit.

Friday:: Popcorn, fruit, and veggie sticks on the couch while watching a movie.  Yay for popcorn dinners!

Saturday:: TBD.  Probably breakfast dinner.

Sunday:: TBD.

I spent a whopping $11.19 (for food items) at the grocery store (cabbage/coleslaw mix, pastrami, swiss, limes, organic bananas, organic cream cheese, 1 organic yogurt for a starter for homemade yogurt, and bay leaves), $20 at the farmers market (asparagus, zukes, raspberries, and apricots), and $3.50 for a half gallon of raw milk.  Total spent this week: $34.69

Have a great week!

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4 comments on “Meal plan for July 9th – 15th”

  1. I get our Applegate Farms hotdogs at either BJs or Super Target, Practical Parsimony

  2. If you haven’t tried harvard beets (dish, not variety), check it out. These people cheat and use canned beats, but you can just boil them, then skin, slice & add to the sauce.

  3. At least, nothing died in the heat. I wish I could find no nitrate hotdogs in the South. I know they probably exist, but not in my small town.

    • Our “heat” was only 82 degrees. Laughable to the rest of the country, but real to us here in Seattle! I’m thankful for it, and thankful the garden responded well!