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Meal plan for June 22nd – 28th

Weeding saves lives ya’ll.

Yesterday afternoon, Jack and I were out picking raspberries.  And then I saw once again, the asshole morning glory vines are taking over.  I hate morning glory vines.  They’re the bullies of the garden.  When my family moved in to this house way back in the 80’s, they were EVERYWHERE.   They are so hard to get rid of because the roots branch out in to multiple other roots.  When Troy and I moved in to this house in 2011, I promptly tackled what I could find, but it seems like every single year they come back stronger.  After two years of errdicating them from the raspberry patch, they came back last year, and are even worse this year.


So, we were out picking raspberries.  And I got really annoyed with the morning glory vines and started pulling them.  Jack got bored with watching me (he had already picked every ripe raspberry and blueberry he could find), and went in the house.  Unperturbed by a kiddo, I kept yanking on those damn weeds.

I took the clump of what I had picked, and walked over to the chicken yard.  I then heard a weird noise.  I tossed the weeds to the ladies, and headed back to the front door.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw our neighbor laying on the lawn unresponsive.  I yelled “Margaret (not her actual name, but you know), you ok”?  Hearing nothing in response, all my of multiple years of CPR and First Aid training kicked in.

I ran in the house yelling “Trrrroooooooooyyyyyyyy, Margaret collapsed”.

I then promptly surrendered the little card from my wallet that says “CPR certified”.

Troy, aka Mr. EMT, aka fire fighter, went bounding up there to assess the situation.  At his prompting, I went and got this EMT bag he keeps in his truck (and I always say “damn this bag takes up a lot of room”).  Troy did his thing, we got in touch with her family members, and another neighbor helped Troy carry her in to the house.  Not to get personal with the details, but she seems ok today.

It was the first time I’ve seen Troy in action, in “EMT mode”.

It was kinda hot.

I was almost like “hey, go put on your uniform, and um, you know”, but Troy’s sick, so I finished cleaning the kitchen and got pissed that I missed Jeopardy. #11yearsofmarriage

Switching gears now…Happy Father’s Days to all the dads out there!  I hope your day involves lots of appreciation, hugs, and if you’re anything like Troy, a very long nap.

For family dinner, my sis and I decided on lasagna, salad, appetizers, and dessert.  Amy (my sis) is in-charge of the apps and salad, and I made the lasagna yesterday.  For dessert, I’m making homemade strawberry ice cream (Alice Water’s recipe) and s’mores cupcakes.  The cupcakes take a little bit of time, but are so worth it!  I’ve made them once before, and they were both visually beautiful, and deliciously amazing.  This is from last summer:


We have a post (load-bearing I’m sure) in our dining room, and we’ve been measuring Jack against it for the last year or so.  I’m not sure how legit each of the measurements are, but the fact of the matter is, I need to stop feeding this child because he just won’t stop growing!


Thankfully summer is here, and shorts are more forgiving to lanky kids than jeans.  Plus he only wears out his own actual knees instead of the knees of jeans that I just shelled out $15 for.  Cause good luck finding decent boys jeans at Goodwill in this size!

Meal plan time!  Just a reminder, we only plan dinners ’round these parts.

Monday:: Shredded chicken BBQ sandwiches, salad, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Leftover lasagna and salad.  Because I am that lazy.

Wednesday:: Frittata (didn’t get made last week because it was too hot to use the oven), and stir-fried peas.

Thursday:: Troy’s yummy burgers, sweet potato cakes we have in the freezer, and salad.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner!

Saturday:: I asked Jack what we should have, and he said “go out”.  Works for me.

Sunday:: Family dinner!

I made a very sad discovery this weekend.  The fruit/veg stand I ALWAYS go to every year for amazing deals and delicious local stuff…it’s not going to open this summer.  Devastated.  Now I have to buy veggies and fruit from the grocery store.  Like a chump.

This week I spent $52.05 at the grocery store, $9.07 at the local butcher, $22 at Costco, and another $6.91 at the grocery store when I got back to get some stuff to make Troy some soup to try to kill his man cold.

What are you having this week?


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6 comments on “Meal plan for June 22nd – 28th”

  1. oh gosh! hope “margaret” continues to be OK! that’s awful. happened to my grandpa, and he died. 🙁 I am really laughing at LisaY, because that’s exactly what i do when my nut-allergic son is at camp!

  2. Glad to hear your neighbor is on the mend. And I agree, there isn’t much hotter than seeing hubby do his “thing”…. okay, maybe doing dishes. Or folding laundry.

    One bit of advice: Get a 6 1/2 ft. plank of wood, nail it to your support beam and then measure the little guy. We measured all 3 of ours in a door frame…and it was covered up when we painted to sell our house. Broke my heart. (And we ended up not selling the *&^% house after all!!!) I would love to be measuring my grandbabies on the same wall that measured their daddy.

  3. I experienced homemade strawberry ice cream for the first time a few weeks ago, and it’s been on my mind almost daily ever since. This post is not helping my cravings. 😀

  4. The first step in first aid is yelling for help! You win!

    My gluten-free, dairy-free husband is out of town for a few days for work, so my daughters and I will be eating bread and cheese with wild abandon!

    Monday: Cheddar pasta with broccoli!

    Tuesday: Homemade chicken tomato basil stew (with cheese on top) and garlic bread.

    Wednesday: I’m going to make some pizza dough and we’ll all make our own pizzas. Big fun for three little girls! And we’ll have salad.

    Thursday: Dinner at a friend’s house. I have no idea what she’s cooking but I know it will be good and I won’t have to cook!

    Friday: Husband will be home and will grill fajitas. Store-bought corn tortillas for him and homemade flour tortillas for the girls and me!

    Saturday and Sunday: As usual, hell if I know!

  5. I make a Spanish Tortilla (read Frittata), but I do the entire dish stove-top. Most folks probably finish theirs under the broiler, but I have a really W-I-D-E spatula that I use to slice said culinary delight into two half-moons and flip ’em over. I always sprinkle some Queso over top (shh …don’t tell Carmen) and Hey! Presto! seam disappears under the cheese and I don’t have to be broiled alive in my West-facing kitchen in the summer.

    I haven’t decided on all my menus this week, but I have a request for bacon and eggs with biscuits and gravy tomorrow night.

    Hope you have a great week and I pray all is well with Margaret. Kudos to you and t Troy!

  6. I’d have gone and got Troy too, he’s a professional and while you could have coped with it you didn’t need to because you had him there.

    Our dinner is nearly all freezer meals this week because the freezer is full and I nearly couldn’t fit the ice cream in so steps must be taken.