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Meal plan for June 25th – July 1st

Dudes, this weekend was crazy busy and the weather was insane.  The first two days of summer were the coolest on the record, and my neighbors were using their fireplace yesterday!  “Juneuary” is not making my garden happy.  My tomatoes are stunted (I would say that is at least 60% my fault), my basil is probably dead, and my cucumbers are sad sacks.  I have yet to see a single pumpkin seed germinate.  My peas and beets are pretty happy though.

This is week two of my crazy condensed work schedule.  It makes for some looooong days, and some simple meals.  Here is what we’ll be shoving in our food holes this week.

Monday:: working too late to plan a dinner.  Jack will eat at my aunt’s, and Troy and I will have eggs or cereal or something easy like that.

Tuesday:: Leftover lasagna (from belated father’s day dinner on Friday), grilled zukes, coleslaw, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Frittata, and fruit.

Thursday:: Cold Thai noodle salad with spicy salmon patties.  And fruit of course.

Friday:: Walking to the little restaurant in our town.  If I’m being 100% honest, I’m not going to feel like cooking by Friday.

Saturday:: Popcorn, veggies, and fruit on the couch while watching a movie from the library!

Sunday:: Dinner at my parent’s.

This week we spent $28.17 at the grocery store.  I don’t have a picture because Troy, (yes Troy!) took Jack shopping.  Let’s just say they had three stops to make, and I got about five phone calls and texts and it took them three hours.  I wasn’t pressing for a picture at that point.

I also spent $14 on raw milk (needed a lot this weekend for homemade ricotta, yogurt, and ice cream (priorities)), and $30 at the farmer’s market on cherries, zukes, apples, and more cherries.

What? Boba Fett doesn’t watch TV at your house?

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3 comments on “Meal plan for June 25th – July 1st”

  1. I once found Boba Fett in my freezer. Suspended in a water bottle. When I asked wtf, my boys said, “It’s Hoth, Mom, duh!”

    So now, the freezer is Hoth. And has been for about 6 years. lol

  2. Sorry to hear it’s so cold there. We have recording breaking temperatures here in Indiana. In fact I would love to have some cooler weather. Our blueberries are already ripening and I would love to go spend a couple of hours picking but with temps scheduled to reach 100, I think I will be waiting just a bit, and hoping for a cool down.

    BTW love the Boba Fett, we would have probably opted for the Darth Vader here in our house.

    • I often wish weather was like the “give a penny, take a penny” basket. You need some cooler temps? Let’s trade a bit of our cold weather for your hot! And we’ll give you some rain too.

      So you’re on the dark side? Is that what you’re saying. ;-D