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Meal plan for June 29th – July 5th

It’s too hoooooooooooooooooot.

It’s “Seattle hot” this week, and we’re all dying.  It’s currently 83 degrees in my house.  My homemade coconut oil deodorant is in liquid form right now.

The last few days it has been between upper 80’s and low 90’s outside.  We are too weak in this area to deal with such temps.  Because nobody has a/c and we’re a weak breed of heat tolerant people.

I prayed for rain the other night.

We’re in the starting phase of a drought, and without the rain, my allergies are killing me.  Allergies are so bad this year.

How bad are they?

They’re so bad that my boss called me from down the hall on Wednesday and told me to go home early because she couldn’t stand listening to me sneeze anymore.

How bad are they?

They’re so bad that I have to wear my sunglasses inside much of the time because my eyes are so sensitive.

How bad are they?

They’re so bad that after 20 minutes straight of sneezing the other day…my bra was full of sweat.  Sexy.

Better with bacon

Enjoy the puffy face, red nose, and bruised bridge of my nose because I’ve been rubbing it so much. #truth

Please god, send rain.

My sister and I spent hours – HOURS – hanging photos for my mom downstairs.  We had some laughs, there was a lot of cursing, and at one time I snapped at my mom “if you want perfection, ask Connie and Troy to do this.  If you want shit hung on the wall within this actual year, you get us”.  Some of the “fun” parts of hanging photos, was staring at the female version of Jack while hammering nails in to the wall.



Freaky, yes?  Troy often asks if I am really sure that he is Jack’s father, because there is nothing of him in our kid.  Nothing.

Speaking of our kid, Troy was gone on Saturday and I was just over life.  Too hot, too much to do, and just over being asked if he could watch people playing Nerf on YouTube.  The answer is NOOOOOOOOOO.

So what is a momma to do?

Invite the neighbor over, kick up my feet, and let them entertain themselves.


This was our dinner on Friday (in addition to popcorn).


The berries are all from our garden, and I’m so happy that we have added those extra blueberry bushes to our micro farm this year.  Now I am scoping out to see if there is any more room for more plants next year, because um, hello, blueberries.  Super food and stuff.

Troy and my father-in-law proved how much they really love me, by installing wood floors in the extra bedroom on Friday…in 87 degree heat.


I posted this photo on Facebook, and my favorite comment was “And do you love the way his knee pads accentuate his calves?

The answer is yes.  But honestly at this point, it’s like someone who grew up with a beautiful mountain range outside their back door.  At first, any time you catch sight of them, you’re like “damn, those are gorgeous”.  Then after a while, you stop noticing them every day.  And then a friend comes to visit and yells “holy shit, look at those mountains” and you realize what a freaking gift you have right there in front of you to gaze at.

Did I mention that it’s hot?  I think my brain is fried.

To escape the heat, we’re busting ass out of town later today to head to the in-laws beach house at Ocean Shores.  Can’t wait; it will easily be 15-20 degrees cooler down there.  Here is our meal plan for our trip, and when we come back to the seventh layer of hell.

Monday:: Organic hot dogs, grilled zukes, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Chicken salad in avocado slices, zuke cakes, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Lasagna from the freezer, and some form a veggie.

Thursday:: I’m trying this recipe, paired with rice, and cucumber slices.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner

Saturday:: Our four month old buddy is having a pre-baptism BBQ at his grown up’s house.

Sunday:: Family dinner!

This week I spent $53.42 at the grocery store, $45 at Costco, and $16.25 at the farmer’s market.  Ya’ll know I usually buy local raw milk.  Well, for ease of travel and not having to bring the jar back from the ocean, I bought a half-gallon of organic milk from the grocery store.  I got it home and saw that the pull date was August 12th.  AUGUST 12th.  Holy shit, what in the world are they doing to milk these days to make it last six weeks??????

What are you having this week?  Is it hot where you are?  If not, where are you, because I want to go there.

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9 comments on “Meal plan for June 29th – July 5th”

  1. We are having more rain and cool temps then heat here in Ontario so I cannot compare sweaty misery with you however I did recently come across a tasty sounding hayfever remedy. Cannot say if it works, it is on my to do list, but in your temps the honey would be easy to pour and mix. So maybe it will work miracles for you:

  2. I am terribly sorry that Central Texas stole your rain this summer. I mean, we really needed it, but we’re good now and we can send it back your way. We are having unseasonably cool temperatures, in that it hasn’t even reached 100 yet!

    I love your mountains analogy. I forget my husband has a (sexy) British accent until someone else points it out!

  3. a majority of organic milk in the the U.S. is UHT pasteurized, if it were packaged aseptically it would stay good for a year unopened and unrefrigerated. stay cool!

  4. We have had the craziest weather this summer here in the mitten state. It is either horribly humid or raining like hell. Next time it rains I will try to send some your way.

    I marvel at your productivity every week! I need to get moving and doing more ~ I just had a baby a few months ago and I feel like my butt is now glued to the furniture from feeding him so frequently. He was 7 weeks early and eats on a pretty regimented schedule, but I am happy to feed him of course. It is paying off as well – he was a wee little 2 lbs 15 oz at birth but now is a big time 10 pounder! 🙂

    • I was still a bit productive after Jack was born, but 98% of it was being productive catching up on my reading while nursing. 🙂 I had a magazine rack next to the rocker in his room. Oh, to have had a Kindle back then!!! Just rest up, hydrate, and nurse that baby momma! Nice work on the chunking that boy up!!!!

  5. Your sneeze fest sounds terribly unpleasant. Even your boss sent you home early, yikes. We live in a temperate climate too, and don’t have or need A/C except maybe one week a year when it reaches 90 degrees and we start to melt. We don’t do heat well. Your meal of fruit looks cooling.

  6. We live in Vancouver Washington and the temps have been almost 100 for the past 2 days, you got it good up there in the suburbs of seattle, we don’t have a/c and our home is a west side kitchen and two bedroom tiny home..we are broiling down here and no let up in sight, we are going to the beach and spend some time we simply are melting and hot and our 3 cats are going to in carriers..Friends own the tiny cabin on the long beach peninsula and it will be cool, tiny cabin many friends bring their travelling homes huge and lovely we get to spend the time in the cabin my friend who owns it lives near seattle she usually goes down and spends 2 months there, we fish and get food from the sea and talk until all hours, the cabin has two bedrooms one for the kitteh cats the other for us and our friend has a couch that turns out to sleep 4 and she loves it!

  7. Dinner? It’s so freaking hot in Vegas dinner is not even on my mind. We are to hot to eat. We have maybe a piece of fruit in the evening. This 117 in June is awful. I’m afraid of July and August. I’m excited about the prospect of losing weight. Lol Stay cool and those dreaded allergies. No Buenos…