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Meal plan for March 19th-25th

Let me tell you a mistake I’m never making again.  Suggesting that Jack and Troy accompany me on errands on a Saturday.  First, it took us forever to get out of the damn house because Troy was on the phone, so we ended up leaving like 2 hours later than I would ever leave.  I hate crowds, and leave as early as possible!  When we lived in Los Angeles, I would leave the house at 7:30 am to hit up Target, Trader Joes, and Costco and could get home by 9:15.  Then freaking Costco went and changed their house and ruined my whole plan!

But I digress.

The trip to Lowes took about 45 minutes longer than expected for Troy to pick out the perfect door flap thingy.

Then, we get to the grocery store and discovered that Troy had taken the list out of my purse to add something, and then hadn’t put it back.  Jack spilled a cup of water all over the floor while we were trying to find rain boots, and generally the boys were just all up in my space.  At one point Troy said “Jack, this is why mommy likes to go to the grocery store by herself”.  I was ready to choke myself out with the child restraints in the cart by the end of it.


Despite the forgotten list, I got everything on my list expect 3 items.  I have a fairly good memory.
Not too shabby if you ask me!

Here is what we’ll be chowing on this week:

Monday:: working late.  Having what we were supposed to have last week – home canned tomato soup, quesadillas, salad, and home canned fruit.

Tuesday:: Steak salads, rolls, and home canned fruit.

Wednesday:: Crock pot Lentil soup, rolls, and home canned fruit.

Thursday:: Cashew chicken over brown rice, and home canned fruit.

Friday:: Frittata (didn’t get made last week), and home canned fruit.

Saturday:: crockpot French onion soup (it’s so good and wicked easy) and salad.

Sunday:: family dinner at my parent’s.

This week I spent $44 on groceries and stayed within my budget.  No picture this week because I was just trying to get out of the grocery store without choking out my son and husband.

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