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Meal plan for March 26th – April 1st

You should see my fridge right now.  I’m pretty sure I have over 100 eggs in there.  The milkman deliver my normal order (3 dozen) even though I cancelled it.  I didn’t realize this until AFTER I went to the farm where I get our milk and also picked up eggs.  Given all the eggs, you’d think I would be having eggs every since night for dinner this week?  Not necessarily so!

We do however have a frittata on the menu.  That damn frittata shows up every week and never gets made.  Why?  Because I keep putting it on a Friday.  Come Friday, I never want to actually cook, so Jack and I make popcorn, and have popcorn and fruit on the couch and watch a library DVD.  Going forward I’m just scheduling popcorn for Fridays!

Here is what we’ll be eating this week:

Monday::  BBQ chicken pizza on homemade whole wheat pizza dough, salad, and fruit

Tuesday:: Weeknight chicken parm, salad, and fruit

Wednesday:: Pasta faguoli (I never know how to spell that) in the crockpot, paninis, and salad

Thursday:: Frittata and fruit

Friday:: Popcorn and fruit

Saturday: Matzo ball soup, dutch oven bread, salad, and fruit

Sunday:: TBD

This week I spent $41 on groceries (holy hell matzo meal is expensive!!!!) and $18 on raw milk and eggs.  $4 of that was for eggs for my aunt and uncle.  I accidentally also spent $12.98 on eggs delivered from the milkman.  Whoopsie.

Someone Troy works with did a huge favor for us.  As a “thank you”, Troy told him that I’d make him his favorite dessert.  The guy said he likes pie and vanilla wafers and Nutella.  Not a lot to go on there!  I put the vanilla wafers (pictured above) in a food processor to crumb them, and slowly added melted butter until it became a dough.  I pressed that in to a pie crust, and filled it with this recipe.

Perhaps one of the unhealthiest things I’ve ever made.  But, when you give me a list of random things you like, I have to get creative!  Did you notice the EIGHT egg yolks that recipe called for?  Good god!  I couldn’t let those egg whites go to waste, so I made these last night with the leftovers.

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7 comments on “Meal plan for March 26th – April 1st”

  1. I also dehydrate my eggs, Scramble them and cook them in a pan, do not add anything to them, milk, seasonings, nothing, once scrambled. Place in dehydrator and dry them. Then place them in your blender or coffee bean blender and powderize them, they are good for up to a year. Yep.

  2. I make my own matzo meal. I take leftover matzo (which we have each year) and give it a run in the food processor. I then store it in a container and use it all year long.

  3. I always knew that people froze eggs before, but I never really knew the details. Thanks all! I guess I’ll need to go get some “hatties” and start freezing some eggs. ;-D

  4. I freeze eggs too because I can’t always get eggs from pastured chickens so by freezing them, I always have them even when the chickens aren’t laying. I freeze them 3 ways: Yolks, Whites and the Whole Egg. I use Ice cube trays. For Large Eggs, One yolk will typically fill one cube. An egg white will fill 2 cubes and the whole egg (break the yolk and mix up just a bit) will fill 3 cubes. Put them in the freezer and once they’re frozen I pop them out and either store them in qty’s that some of my favorite recipes call for: 8 whites for coconut macaroons, 3 yolks for ice cream, etc. or just put them in baggies and use as needed. I’ve never had a problem with them not working. I take them out a day ahead of time and let them defrost in the fridge. Works great! I also use this method for buttermilk, apple juice, pineapple juice, etc. because I only use it for a couple of recipes and it was always going bad before I could use it up. So, I freeze it and store it in the same way as the yolks. 2 Tbsp of liquid fills one Cube so it’s pretty easy to figure out how many frozen cubes you need for a recipe since 4 Tbsp = 1/4 cup, 8 Tbsp = 1/2 cup, etc. This has saved me a lot of wasted money since we don’t drink juices or buttermilk and I only use them in the occasional recipe. Now I always have it on hand and I’m not throwing it out because we can’t use it up before it goes bad. Freezers are a wonderful thing! Just make sure you label everything so you know what’s what! 🙂

  5. I don’t know if you knew, but you can freeze eggs. They can be used in baking, scrambled eggs, etc. I always buy eggs with the intention of using them…. and never do. So i freeze them in snack size Hattie’s and use for baking or in quiche or fritatta. I just crack two into a baggie.

  6. I also freeze eggs. Or, you could bake things and freeze the baked item. At least Easter is near. Older eggs peel better than fresh eggs.