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Meal plan for March 5th-11th

March came in like a lion, and we’ll just have to see if it goes out like a lamb!  We had snow on the ground at the start of this month.  It was beautiful, but disappeared very quickly!

Here is what we’ll be shoving in our foodholes this week:

Monday:: I’m working very late, but we’ll enjoy Shepard’s pie that I made this weekend.  It will be paired with dutch oven bread if there is any leftover from Sunday dinner at my parent’s.

Tuesday:: Chinese chicken salads.

Wednesday:: a feta, artichoke heart, and kale frittata paired with home-canned fruit.

Thursday:: Crockpot chili and cast iron skillet corn bread.

Friday:: homemade chicken pesto pizza with home-canned fruit.

Saturday:: breakfast for dinner.

Sunday:: dinner at my parent’s.

This week I spent $3.50 on raw milk, $4 on nest-laid eggs, and $50.02 at the grocery store.  But of that $50.02, only $22.05 was for groceries.  I used the rest of my grocery budget for: stamps, stock paper (for Jack’s birthday invites), perlite, and organic potting soil for the seeds that I’m starting this coming weekend.

We also hit up Costco and spent $106. 74 on Tillamook cheddar, mozzarella, wild caught Alaska salmon, pecans (walnuts were on the list, but they jumped a huge amount in price and were more expensive than the pecans), organic carrots, frozen blueberries, and pineapple.  The entire bill was paid for using a Costco giftcard.

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