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Meal plan for May 2-8th

Monday – roasted chicken in the crockpot, I’m mashing the potatoes that are cooked with the chicken, and steaming and then grilling artichokes.

Tuesday – Veggie burgers (new recipe.  Will share if it is successful!) on homemade hamburger buns (using my bread recipe), green salad, and home canned fruit.

Wednesday – Chicken salad (made with leftover crockpot chicken) served on sliced avocados and home canned fruit.
Thursday – Split pea soup in the crockpot (will also share that new recipe if successful!), salad, homemade garlic rolls.

Fridayhomemade pizza and salad.

Saturday – my nephew’s 1st birthday party!

Sunday – Mother’s Day and Sunday dinner with my family.

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2 comments on “Meal plan for May 2-8th”

  1. E, it seems like just yesterday we were all camped out at the hopsital while the little bugger made his 40+ hour debut.

    Artichokes – cut off all but about 1/2″ of the stem. Put them in a rice cooker with the steamer tray thingy if you have one. If you’re sans rice cooker, put it in a steaming insert in a normal pot. Steam on medium/medium high for about 20-45 min depending on size. When the outside leaves peel off easily, they’re done.

    We like to let them drain after being in the steamer and then cut them in half. Troy throws them on the grill for a few min and I serve with a homemade aioli.

  2. How the heck is your nephew one already?

    Can you teach me how to cook artichokes?