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Meal plan for May 25th – May 31st

I need to clear the air.  We need to talk about something.

What in the freaking world is this?


What in the hell is it advertising?  Man, the 50’s (60’s?) were sending out some mixed messages.

Glad we discussed it.  I can move on.

I posted this photo on both Facebook and Instagram yesterday.  It’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.  The crackers are from IKEA and are covered in sesame seeds and dill (and you know how much I love dill!!!).  Then a schmear of cream cheese on top, and my dad’s smoked salmon crumbled on top of that.  I ate it, and then promptly made myself another one.  I put pickled asparagus on the side. It was insane.  I’d like to eat it every day until I die.  I never felt so Nordic and Norwegian in my life.


Yesterday, I surprised Troy for his birthday.  His birthday is June 9th.  Ha ha, surprise!

He’s been wanting to see the new Mad Max movie since he first saw the trailer last week.   So three weeks ago, I planned a “play date” for him with two of his best friends.  I arranged it for a day he would be off, and told them to turn down any request he made to go see it with them.  One of them mysteriously got “the flu” when Troy tried to arrange for a showing.  The other one was “too busy” every time Troy picked a date that would work for him.  Meanwhile, he got more and more frustrated and just wanted to see the damn movie!  We all laughed about it via text behind his back.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think a surprise is really a good surprise unless you make the person experience a little mind f.

The day of the “big event”, I told him we’d need to go to Lowes that afternoon to look at grills.  His broke last week, and we use our BBQ heavily and needed a replacement.  He was anxious to go right away, but I had to put him off until the determined time of departure.  I suggested tons of board games to play with Jack.  We taught him “Go Fish”.  We did puzzles.  We played Trouble, and Sorry (did you know both of those games are made in the US?), and when those ran out, I had Jack bring out his Angry Birds. Were you aware that Candy Land was a contact game?

Then I pretended to nap on the couch for 40 minutes.

This is when he should have realized something was going on.  I never nap.

When even that wouldn’t delay him any longer, I had to pull out the big guns.

I fake pooped for 10 minutes.  I sat in the bathroom playing solitaire on my phone.

Troy went to clean out his truck and I freaked out realizing I could never divert him from Lowes if he was driving.  I then convinced him we only needed my car to scope out the grills.  Because what happens if we had to go to multiple places?  His truck gets terrible gas mileage, so it only made sense to drive my car from place to place until we had decided, and then go tomorrow after church with his truck to pick it up.

Whaaaaaaa?  That doesn’t even make sense!

Anyhoo, we were headed to “Lowes” and I turned off on to his cousin’s street and he said “what are we doing here”.  I said “you’re going to see Mad Max with Scotty and Jon and then have dinner.  Happy birthday”.  As we pulled in to the driveway, Scotty came out, threw his arms out and gave Troy a “game on” look.  It was great!

Yesterday as I was driving to church to drop off the communion bread, Jack was reading a nature magazine.  There was a picture of a momma koala with a baby on her back. He did the whole “awwwww” sound he always makes with cute animals.  I said “what should we name the baby” and his response was “Cutie Pie”.  I then asked about the name for the momma, and he totally deadpanned “Jennifer”.  I started laughing so hard, that I am shocked I didn’t swerve off the road.  I’m so proud of my little dude’s dry sarcastic humor!  :tear:

Meal plan time!  Reminder, I only plan dinners.

Monday:: Frittata, roasted broccoli, and Whole Wheat Red Lobster biscuits.  Jack requested this meal.  The first two items make me think he’s been replaced by an alien pod.

Tuesday:: Grilled chicken burgers, topped with pineapple and swiss cheese, roasted asparagus, and pasta salad.

Wednesday:: Using the leftovers from the grilled chicken the night before, we’ll have grilled chicken Asian salads, and just so the boys don’t freak out that there aren’t carbs at the dinner table, more Whole Wheat Red Lobster biscuits.

Thursday:: t-ball game night.  Pizza from the freezer, and roasted asparagus.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner!

Saturday:: Dinner with my sis, her husband, and my nephew.

Sunday:: Family dinner.

This week I spent $3.50 at the farm for raw milk, $54.12 at Costco (seriously their organic strawberries and blueberries are going to put me in the poor house.  I know they’re not local.  I know they were trucked in from California.  But if I have to eat one more freaking apple, I’m going to scream.  I want some summer produce damnit!), and $17.89 at the grocery store.

What are you having this week?

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6 comments on “Meal plan for May 25th – May 31st”

  1. My best amatuer guess (plus, I asked my mom – she usually know everything ;p ) about the ad is that it refers to the man who does everything – you know, Man of the House, Bringer of the Bacon, Deliverer of the Punishments (“just wait til your father gets home!”). It’s from an ad selling California Winter Vacations – the rest of it goes “…bake out your troubles.” Because even Don Draper sometimes needs to a revitalization to regain his snap and energy…

  2. That ad is driving me crazy. I even googled it, but no luck.

  3. I love that you planned a play date for your husband! HA! But did he ever get to go look at grills?

  4. Congrats on the surprise and love your son’s sense of humor!

  5. Can I come over for dinner on Tuesday? 😉 Sounds so yummy.

    Jack has a very gourmet palette! Roasted broccoli is one of my fave things, I just don’t like how it makes my house smell like farts, haha.

    Fun surprise for Troy’s birthday! I freaking love surprising people, and it drives my husband crazy cause I’m always scheming and keeping little secrets to surprise our boys with even little things/activities like going bowling. I drove up to Ohio from Georgia for Thanksgiving 2014 and surprised my sister in the local pizza joint cause she had flown in from WA and had no idea. She cried. Tears= total success in my book.