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Meal plan for May 28th – June 3rd

We had some gorgeous weather this weekend…well, we did on Saturday, and I spent a ton of time out in the garden.  Holy cow the garden is in a sad state of affairs.  Despite my eagerness to get out there this spring, I’ve pretty much done nothing remarkable.

I may have done nothing remarkable outside, but last night we had one of the best meals that I’ve made in months.  It was a very simple set up, but man the flavors really came together!  I’ll be posting some recipes later this week.

Here is what we’ll be shoving in our food holes this week:

Monday:: home canned tomato soup with BSTAs (a BLT, but with the added awesomeness of avocado!  And with spinach because I hate when lettuce is hot), sweet potato fries.  And fruit.  Because there is always fruit!

Tuesday:: Salmon cakes, artichokes, and coleslaw.

Wednesday:: I’m working super late.  Troy and Jack will be on their own.

Thursday:: Asian meatballs with vegetables and rice.  I’m going to make the meatballs this weekend, and then cook them in the sauce in the crockpot while I’m at work.  I’ll serve it with some lazy lady egg rolls.

Friday::  Homemade pizza and salad from the garden.  The final jar of canned pears.  Sigh.  There will be tears.  Pear season is a long way off.

Saturday:: I’m off to the Mother Earth News Fair!!!!  So excited!  I’ve been waiting for this for months.  Getting to go is my mother’s day present.  Troy and Jack will be on their own for dinner.

Sunday:: dinner at my parent’s.  No clue what they’re serving, or what we’ll bring.

This week I spent $27.94 at the grocery store, and totally forgot to take a photo.  I bought: avocados, “hippy” Rice Krispies (organic Envirokids puffs.  For a recipe I’m going to try out this week), 4 bottles of organic Santa Cruz cherry and raspberry lemonade (it was 4/$5 and I buy a lot during the summer when it’s on sale to use for our water kefir soda), organic bananas, organic carrots, 1 organic cucumber, sugar peas, garlic (can’t wait for my harvest later this summer!), natural lunch meat from the deli, and tomatoes.

I also spent $7 on raw milk, $40 at Costco on various items, and $333 on fruit.

On fruit.

I bought to two fruit shares from a local CSA.  The “local” (Eastern Washington) fruit will be delivered five times throughout the season and will include pears, apples, peaches, cherries, and…I think that is it!  It will be a total of 196 pounds which means I’ll be getting bulk organic fruit for $1.70 per pound.

What are you having this week?

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15 comments on “Meal plan for May 28th – June 3rd”

  1. I live in Penn Yan, NY. I assumed the nearest one would be out of Rochester, NY, so thats the one I looked up. They were out with 800 members. I live in quite a rural area so I am not sure if anywhere local does it. I would really enjoy canning some fruit. And yes I made it in the bread machine. There is a Jam setting!!!! You put the fruit sugar and pectin in and walk away for 1hr and 20 mins :)Come back scoop it out put it in jars and shove it in the freezer. I also bought a book off of amazon called “The bread lovers bread machine cook book” 300 recipes of breads, dips, jams, chutneys, PASTA!!! Im in love.

  2. Our local CSA is sold out for the summer 🙁 Never even knew about it til I read your post. I made some freezer jam as well, but with some fresh rhubarb my uncle was going to mow over!!!! I swooped down and grabbed that and whipped it up in my bread machine. Let me tell you…that bread machine is a miracle worker. I make my pizza dough in it my sandwich bread for the week, hamburger and hot dog rolls and jam. Love it!!!

    • There is only 1 CSA around you? We have lots of options, and we’re a small community. Bummer!

      Wait, you made jam in a bread machine? Tell me more!

  3. The fruit CSA sounds great. How can I find out more about it?

  4. We have a sort of strange meal plan this week, but I’m excited about it! I have two jobs, two kids, and I sell Avon and Scentsy, as well as attend and participate in church twice a week, so getting dinner on the table has been a challenge for me recently. I am so so sick of eating out, and I am converting my ways to a healthier lifestyle for my family and I, its a work in progress…:/ Well, we unfortunately had a budget of $40.00 for groceries this week, and that has to cover the three squares and snacks, so I got creative. At our local Kroger, after 8pm, they put the roasted chicken from the deli on “manager’s special” so that means I can get a fully cooked chicken for $3.59. However it is not organic…but I figure it trumps eating (and buying, expensive!) takeout. I left one out for dinner, and put the rest in the freezer, so at dinner time I just have to whip up some yummy sides. The leftovers from the chicken make our lunches! So this week we will be having chicken tacos, chicken salad, chicken soup, spaghetti with sausage (that I already had) to mix it up a bit. Then we will do chicken tostadas, enchiladas, quesadillas or wraps, and a 3 bean chicken chili, sort of like taco soup but with beans. For lunches we are eating salads with chicken, or chicken salad sandwiches etc. I know, its a lot of chicken, but its so versatile and I honestly could eat chicken everyday. BIG plus, I don’t have to cook it, its seasoned perfectly and it was cheaper than buying raw chicken! Also, just wanted to let you know I made my first batch of freezer jam last night…lemme just say, Awesome! Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry mix…so good! We have also started mixing our own trail mix…so much cheaper, we use either chex mix or cheerios as the base and ad dried fruit, soy nuts, peanuts, etc. whatever we want really. Love your blog! Read it every weekday morning when I get to work! Keep up the inspiration 🙂

    • We used to do that with Costco chickens! Buy one for the week and pick off of it for multiple meals. So easy and simple, and you’re right – always seasoned perfectly.

      So glad you enjoyed the freezer jam! We love it, and I think people don’t realize how truly simple it is to make.

  5. I may steal some of your garlic spears! 😉

  6. Why do your meal plans always sound better than mine? I’m moving in with you, so I can eat all your good food! 😉

  7. I’m joining all 5 of our CSA’s next month. My ‘after’ budget should be interesting! We’ve found a service that actually delivers most of the CSA’s in the area for a mere $5/week charge- far less than the gas I’d spend. Our veg one is a drive to the farm deal, but I’m stoked at having all of our meat, dairy, bread, and fruit delivered to the door. That means- a single grocery store a month. I’m pretty sure I’d pay an obscene amount of money for that pleasure, lol.

    One question- with your homemade tomato soup recipe, how do you can it? Is water bath ok or do I need a pressure canner? I’ve limited the garden to water bath safe foods this year because I can’t yet swing the pressure canner I want, but I definitely want to make buckets of your soup.

    • What a cool service! I’m envious!

      The soup is pressure canned, but I used to do it via my water bath canner. I can it as “just” tomatoes, and add the butter and other stuff when I’m cooking it.

    • Oh ok! Thank you for clarifying.

  8. Why would your lettuce be hot? How would it get hot? The Mother Earth Fair sounds great!