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Meal plan for May 5th-11th

Kind disappeared on you last week I did.

Was busy getting ready for a baby shower for my cousin was I.

Talking like Yoda I am.  Happy Star Wars day friends! May the fourth be with you!

Yeah, so sorry about the total lack of posting last week.  My bad.  It was a busy week personally, and when you work full-time and have a grand total of two hours each night in which to get things done, some times posting takes a backseat.

Monday afternoon I received an email from my dad saying that the contractors would be there later that week to tear down the deck.  Under the deck is our outdoor gear storage, so we needed to clean out the gardening stuff and wood for the fireplace.  Came home that very same day to find the contractor up on the deck ripping it down.  That required an extreme sense of urgency on our part.  That whole night while the daylight remained, Troy and I hauled stuff to other parts of the yard and rearranged the garage to accommodate more crap.  :confetti:

The next day, I came home from work to find a 12 foot deep hole in my back yard, and the access to my chicken coop pretty much on the edge of said “cliff”.  Thankfully, I married someone who is flipping handy as hell, and he figured out another way for us to get in.  Phew, cause I’m pretty sure the chickens would not be pleased with me tossing water bottles over the fence for the next six months.

I spent the rest of the week making a quilt for my cousin’s baby shower on Saturday.  My cousin and her husband are super in to bikes, so I threw together a bike quilt for them.  She cried when she opened it.  Is it sick that I like to make people cry when they open presents?


This is the back fabric.  I wanted something cute, but neutral.
Those lilacs in the background are fertilized with the body of a dead gerbil.  We have two lilacs in our yard, and each one represents the death of a little rodent friend.

I came home from work on Friday and opened the little egg door outside our chicken coop.  I was surprised to see only two eggs, considering we had been getting five to six a day for the last month.  I quickly realized why, when I looked in to the chicken yard, and found the door had blown shut while I was at work.  I had let the chickens out in the morning, and I have no idea how long they had been locked out of the coop.  They spent about five minutes drinking water when I let them back in to the coop.  Poor babies!

I found the eggs they laid while locked out of the coop.  Naturally, they laid them in the 9 inch crack between the concrete wall and the back wall of the coop.  Blast!

Thankfully, my enormous five year old is also super lanky and thin, and could fit right in that 9 inch crack.

“I have the eggs mommy.  Put them in the basket?  Put the lotion in the basket?  What in the world are you talking about?  I think I am currently developing a life-long fear of enclosed spaces”.
What to know the funny thing about that pool in the background?  It is in our neighbor’s yard…they don’t have any kids.  NONE.  Not a one.

Saturday morning, I went out to let the chickens roam in their enclosed yard, and found a back up line at the nesting boxes.  We have FOUR nesting boxes, but all six ladies only prefer to use the same one.  Of course.

I downloaded some photos I had taken of the nesting box back up, and I couldn’t help myself.  Check out the caption, and please read it with Dustin Hoffman’s voice from Midnight Cowboy…

“Hey, I’m BAWKING here”

Wait…where are you going?  Don’t stop reading my blog please!  Are you still there?  I can hear your groaning and feel your judgment.  Can we just pretend that didn’t happen?  Please?

Guess what?

chicken butt

Meal plan time!  Reminder, I only plan dinners.  My breakfast of choice has changed, and I’m now obsessed with homemade Greek yogurt with tons of cut up fresh fruit (or fruit I froze in the summer), and a homemade granola bar crumbled on top.  It’s delicious and keeps me completely full and satisfied until lunch. Lunches are always leftovers.  We rarely eat dessert during the week, and our dinner drink of choice is water kefir soda.

Monday:: Heating up one of the pizzas I made and frozen for Jack’s birthday party.  We’ll pair the pizza with a yet to be determined vegetable (hitting up Costco later today).

Tuesday:: Soup from the freezer (I need to clean that bad boy out), and vegetable(s).

Wednesday:: Shredded pork…also from the freezer, lumpia…also from the freezer, and some vegetables.

Thursday:: My in-laws, aka the people who are now dead to me, are headed to the ocean again and therefore I have to make my OWN DINNER.  Their level of rudeness clearly knows no bounds.  I’m going to dig in the freezer to find something to feed us.  Since clearly in in-laws are dropping the ball this week.

Friday:: Our popcorn dinner tradition.  Hurray!

Saturday:: Not sure yet.  Either I’ll wing it, find something in the freezer, or we’ll have popcorn AGAIN.  Rebels.

Sunday:: Mother’s day!  We’re having brunch with Troy’s family after church, and then family dinner with my parent’s in the afternoon.

I BLEWWWWW my grocery budget in the last month.  Not even going to talk about it.  Hence the freezer eating this week.  I have to buy raw milk this week to make some more yogurt, and we’re hitting up Costco later today for vegetables.

What are you having this week?

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12 comments on “Meal plan for May 5th-11th”

  1. OMG Guess what, chicken butt!!! I am seriously laughing so hard right now Im crying. I am being looked at like Im crazy. I dont care! That was freaking hilarious! I am going to laugh at this all damn day.

  2. That quilt is so cute…love the bike fabric and the color combination! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your lilacs are far ahead of ours here…we might see blooms in about two weeks from the look of them now. All far behind from last year.

    • Lilacs are my favorite flower, and they grow like weeds here…it’s almost like saying blackberries are your favorite plant!

      I hope yours are blooming and lovely shortly.

  3. Thanks for the chicken butt comment, I needed the laugh!

    Oh, and I also need to know where in the world you got all that awesome bike material. My hubby is a bike addict and I think he might need a quilt in the near future (or next year once I’m done classes).

    I’ve been out of the internet loop, but I have been keeping up on Instagram. I love the pics!

    • I aim to please!

      All of the bike fabric is from JoAnn’s. It is the snuggle flannel line. I’ve seen the navy one in the last few weeks, but the other ones were purchased in 2012 and 2013. Some times I buy an adorable fabric if it is on sale, even if I don’t think I’ll use it right away.

  4. Thanks for the quilt! We love love love it. The party was awesome (as much awesome as I can find anything when this sleep deprived and grumpy), thank you and A for all the work that went into it.

    And for the record, those weren’t tears, it was the onions.

  5. I was hoping for a Star Wars reference and you did not disappoint!
    I also snickered at the chicken butt.
    We (sadly) have several pets “fertilizing” our backyard. And tadpoles. We tried raising a few tadpoles one year (maybe 2005?) and they lasted until their front legs grew, then perished before we could set them free! ๐Ÿ™ We haven’t captured tadpoles since.

    How do you “pair” pizza with a vegetable? Sometimes I add broccoli to my pizza, but that is as close as I get.

    • Glad to deliver…but now I am feeling predictable. LOL

      Pet cemetaries make the best healthy plants, right?

      By “paired”, I just mean a veg on the side; not on top.

    • Don’t feel predictable, I was hoping, because we seem to have a similar sense of humour and tastes. If I was EXPECTING one, you could feel predictable. Besides, even if I was expecting one, being predictably fun is okay!!!!

      The lavender we planted “over” a cat did not thrive. But I don’t blame the kitty. My mom told me lavender wont grow well here, but I tried anyway. The tree that has a gerbil and a turtle under it is growing beautifully though! (there is a patio over those tadpoles…)

  6. I’ve missed you this past week! Love the quilt and would also love for people to cry upon receiving a gift. Tears of joy of course. My sister-in-law is sending me some Costco gift cards (that I plan on reimbursing her for) so I can see if would make “cents” to buy a membership for our family. Our Costco is almost an hour away so it would really need to be worth the trip. Have you heard about the Costco gift card loophole? (I can’t remember where I read about it, maybe you shared the link to it!) Supposedly, if a Costco member buys a gift card and gives it to a non-member, that person can shop and pay the remaining balance with their own money and be exempt from the 5% charge that is usually assessed to non-member purchases. I’ve heard that not all Costco locations have the greatest organic selection which is what I really am looking to buy there. That and bulk household staples like toilet paper and such. I’m lucky to be able to shop at a military commissary and it is hard to beat their prices. I can’t wait to see what Costco is all about ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and how did a 12-ft hole just appear near your chicken coop? Sink hole?!

    Yesterday I made Alton Brown’s shepherds pie with organic beef instead of lamb. We love it! I throw whatever veggies we have on hand which was corn and green beans yesterday. Next time, I think I’ll add mushrooms. My husband ruined his by adding Cholula to his THREE or FOUR servings. I like Cholula and all, but the dish is just so good on it’s own!

    • I have never heard about that loophole before! I know Costco used to let you come in with a guest pass to try it out once, and I don’t know if you were charged any additional costs.

      Our closest Costco is 30 minutes away, and to me it is worth the trip if I can combine it with running other errands in that direction (closest Target as well). We have an amazing selection of organic products, but I’m not sure if that is true for all locations. Good luck; let me know how you like it!

      I love Cholula, but not seeing the connection of it on Shepherd’s pie. Wow, sounds…interesting?