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Meal plan for May 7th-May 13th

I’m taking it super easy with meals this week.  I have a very big and very fun craft project that I’m going to be spending a ton of time on over the next few days, so I wanted limited prep and clean up meals.

Here is what we’re shoving in our food holes this week:

Monday::  Reubens with coleslaw instead of sauerkraut (barf), salad from the garden, and fruit.  For the rye bread, I make no knead dutch oven bread and substitute 1 cup of normal flour for 1 cup of rye flour (I buy it in bulk and it’s like $.50 for that cup).

Tuesday:: Working late.  Jack will eat at my aunt’s.  Troy and I will have leftovers or eggs.

Wednesday:: Salmon cakes (we can’t get enough of these!), salad from the garden, and fruit.

Thursday:: Easy peasy frittata, and fruit.

Friday:: Popcorn and fruit.

Saturday:: Freezer soup, paninis, salad from the garden, and fruit.

Sunday:: Dinner at my parent’s!

This week I spent $36.66 on groceries.  Someone asked me how do I keep my food bill so low, and I said “I don’t buy food – I buy ingredients”.  Buying the basic building blocks of dishes makes life delicious and cheap!

I forgot to take a picture, but I bought:

  • 4 bottles of water.  Bottled water you say?  I know, I know!  But my “new” car has less trunk space for my emergency kit, so I’ve ditched the gallon of water, and bought 4 quarts that I’ll stash with the spare tire.
  • Jack’s coconut milk (coupon here)
  • Organic carrots
  • Pretzels.  I’m making these for Troy to take to training tomorrow
  • Swiss cheese for the reubens
  • Pastrami for the reubens
  • Dried chives (in bulk.  Huge bag (1.5 cups maybe) for only $1.50)
  • Garlic salt (also in bulk for $.52)
  • Shredded cabbage (coleslaw mix minus the sauce) for the reubens
  • Gorgonzola crumbles for salads
  • Organic bananas for smoothies and snacks
  • Organic cucumber
  • 1 organic basic yogurt because once again my yogurt starter for homemade went wonky on me
  • 1 Wallaby yogurt for Jack as a treat
  • Rye flour
  • 1 organic russet for the frittata
  • 6 organic kiwi
  • And 3 big heads of garlic

In other awesome news, I filled up my “new” car today for $29.40!!!  We did a TON of driving for two big events this week – easily an extra 100+ miles) and I still had 1/4th of a tank left.  My dash gauge said I got 41.9 mpg, but when I manually did the math, it was 43.9 mpg.  In my old car, I would have easily had to fill up twice this week.

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11 comments on “Meal plan for May 7th-May 13th”

  1. Hi I’ve just started following your blog & am LOVING it! So many great ideas:) If you dont mind my asking, what do you buy for lunch? I couldn’t see any mention of it in your meal plan or shopping list (unless you’ve said in a previous one I havent read yet)& I was wondering if what sort of budget you have for it? I decided to only go back to work VERY part time after our second child & your blog is becoming my savior!!!

    • Welcome JodiT!

      Lunches are always leftovers from the night before. When we don’t necessarily have enough from dinner, we pull soup out of the freezer. When I make a big batch of soup in the crockpot, I freeze the leftovers in pint size canning jars. Super easy to grab for a last minute lunch. Throw some carrots sticks and some nuts in to a container, and we’re good to go! Unusually some cheese and crackers too.

    • Oh wow thats awesome!! Will definitely be doing that in our house, thanks so much for another great tip:)

  2. Hello! I found your blog and just LOVE it its exactly what Ive been looking for! I wanted to comment on the fact that you plan out your meals for the week that is the most important part of grocery shopping because you know exactly what you need and when you need it people that just go grocery shopping without any plans end up spending more money on “junk” food then what they actually need!! Very nice!! Love this!!

    • We didn’t plan meals out as recently as about 18 months ago, and I wasted so much time and money running to the grocery store for last minute food. No more I say!

  3. First no sauerkraut, then you use pastrami? Shame, woman…shame. 😉 If you ever feel especially gluttonous, this take is yummy:

  4. Love the fact that you are having popcorn and fruit for dinner. That sounds like my kind of dinner!

  5. I’m so happy you got a new car and love it! You work hard and deserve it. 🙂