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Meal plan for November 11th – 17th

I kinda disappeared last week, didn’t I?  It was a busy week with 15 kinds of crazy going on.  Troy and I spent every night preparing for his interview on Thursday.  No, we don’t know when we’ll find out, because despite me telling him MULTIPLE times, the ding dong never asked about when candidates would be notified.  :head, desk:

I also had a test for my Business Law class last week, and I was doing some pretty intensive studying around interview prep.  I walked out of there on Tuesday certain I had failed it, but I ended up getting an A.  I’m convinced my teacher lost her test key, and just decided to go easy on everyone.

This week also found me working late a few nights, and let’s just say I’m over it.  Unfortunately I will be working late for the next few weeks, and simply being over something doesn’t mean it won’t keep happening.  Boo.

With daylights savings making it dark before I get home, I’m unable to let the chickens out to free-range when I get home.  I go in to their coop when they’re already asleep to refill the food and water, and collect the eggs, but their roaming, and my actual poop cleaning only takes place on the weekend.  How do you working chicken parents handle this dark time of year?  A chicken tractor won’t really work for us right now, as it is also dark when I leave for work and I wouldn’t be able to get the chickens in there.

I woke up early yesterday and spent the morning deep cleaning the house.  Jack spent the morning watching Scooby Doo on Netflix.  Everyone got what they wanted.

That afternoon found us hosting an impromptu dinner party for Troy’s old partner at work, his girlfriend, and her four year old son.  Holy moly, it was complete preschool boy chaos.  Fighting, tears, wrestling, competitive coloring (really), games of hide and seek that nearly ended in a fist fight.  So naturally, when it was time for them to go, Jack and the boy were declaring their undying love for each other, asking respective mothers if they could just stay a little longer.  BOYS!

One of the funniest moments of the night, was when our little guest asked for juice.  Without thinking, I gave him a glass of water kefir soda.  He took a huge gulp, his eyes bugged out, and he yelled “this is spicy”!  I forget that not all kids drink naturally carbonated fermented soda on a regular basis.

With the impromptu dinner party last night, we scrambled to put together a dessert.  The dinner portion was covered, as we had already planned on Troy’s yummy burgers, sweet potato fries, and a veggie.  I had some of my favorite pie dough (but use all butter instead of shortening.  Trust.) in the the freezer, and some canned apple pie sliced downstairs.  With assistance from my special sous chef, I was able to pull together a homemade apple pie in about 15 minutes.  Phew!



Meal plan time!  Reminder, I only plan dinners.  My breakfast of choice has changed, and I’m now obsessed with homemade Greek yogurt with tons of cut up fresh fruit, and a homemade granola bar crumbled on top.  It’s delicious and keeps me completely full and satisfied until lunch. Lunches are always leftovers.  We rarely eat dessert during the week, and our dinner drink of choice is water kefir soda.

Monday:: Going over to the neighbor’s house.  She wanted to do a pizza and movie night for the boys, and I said “someone else is going to make me dinner and keep my kid occupied?  We’re in”.

Tuesday:: I am working late, so no dinner.

Wednesday:: Chili, cornbread, and a veggie.

Thursday:: I’m working late again.  Sigh.

Friday: Popcorn dinner.  Yes, seriously we eat popcorn for dinner.  It’s popcorn, leftovers, cheese slices, fruit, and cut up veggies.  Everyone gets as much as they want, and no one leaves hungry.  I adore Fridays because it is the easiest night of the week for making everyone happy!

Saturday:: I am winging it.

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s with extended family.  The menu gets hammered out via email during the week – my dad makes the main dish, and we each contribute sides.

This week, I spent $3.50 for raw milk (half gallon), $29 at the grocery store, and $35.82 at the local butcher (needed to stock up on chicken breast, and it is where I bought the burger).

What are you having for dinner this week?

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7 comments on “Meal plan for November 11th – 17th”

  1. Nothing like a man working on dinner. That photo is perfect, haha. (But seriously, rolling dough with the rolling pin is a pain… it’s all about getting yourself just above the table or finding a lower surface so you can throw your body into it.) Your little man seems to know this very well. Spicy soda sounds yummy.

  2. Sucks about the late nights, but yeah for a neighbor making dinner and entertaining the kiddo! Next week is our turn for sheer craziness. I will be taking a 5 day class to get certified to teach Gracie Jiu Jitsu Self-Defense. It’s from 8-4 M-F. Plus my full-time on-line classes. Plus the hubby is working nights this week. Sarah, I have no idea how you manage every week like that. My week hasn’t even really started and I’m already stressed.
    Knowing I wasn’t going to want to cook (and that no one else in the house would do it for me), I had a marathon cooking day today. I made a big batch of potato chips (fried in coconut oil), browned some ground beef (for stir-fry, sloppy joes, or just to eat plain), I roasted a chicken with some carrots and potatoes, baked a spaghetti squash, cooked up some beef tips and dumped them in with BBQ sauce, and made a triple batch of magic dough (grain free bread dough). I also made a big batch of scrambled eggs with potatoes and veggies so I only have to reheat my breakfast instead of actually think about it. As the kiddo and hubby can eat steamed carrots, cauliflower and broccoli for every meal, that is what we will be having for veggies all this week. Blah, but easy.

    We had a friend of the kiddo’s over this past week and I realized how weird our food choices must seem. She wanted a snack, but as I listed our food options, her eyes kinda glazed over. We had to go out, so I stopped at the gas station and she asked for “bug juice.” Seriously? I compromised and got her a tropicana lemonade. At least it has 15% juice.

    • Oh my gosh, that is hands down the coolest reason to be busy I’ve ever heard! Troy and I shelled out the money for a PPV to watch the Gracie vs. Hughes fight in 2007. We’re closet UFC nerds!

      Well, I manage it because I don’t really have a choice. So, you gotta keep on keepin’ on, right?

      Your menu sounds yummy, and you have loads of good stuff to feed the family!

      LOL at bug juice! Jack asks for snacks all the time when we’re at other people’s houses, and when they list what they have, he will say “can I have an organic apple or banana please”? Love that boy!

  3. You had a LOT going on!!! Pace yourself…..but then that’s what you DO!
    Wishing you a very GOOD week!

  4. Love popcorn night!! We do that and call it “appetizer night.”