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Meal plan for November 16th-22nd

When I was 30 weeks pregnant with Jack, my OBGYN ordered an ultrasound for me, telling me that my baby was way too small, my fluid was low, and something was probably wrong.

As a first-time mom, I spent the days between hearing those words and the ultrasound freaking the freak out.  Troy was working the day of the ultrasound, so my sister was kind enough to go with me.  It was nice to have witness there when the tech told me that not only was my baby totally fine, but he was actually large and had a giant head.

And 10 weeks and 4 days later, Jack was born at 8.5 pounds with a 99th percentile head healthy as crap and strong as hell.  Like STRONG.  As in push ups on my chest strong.

At that time, my OB declared I must just be one of those tall women who carries their baby “long” instead of “out”.  Oh and I have a really long torso and a high belly button (seriously, it’s weirdly high) which throws off the measurements.  Well, thanks so much for that information after you scared me shitless lady.

This pregnancy, I went with a midwife.  A woman who schedules hour long appointments instead of five minutes max, and has a less “freaking your out” bedside manner.

So, when two weeks ago, my midwife asked me to get an ultrasound because I was measuring small and my fluid “felt” low, I didn’t even blink an eye.  And for the record, she wasn’t an alarmist and even said “you don’t even have to get the test if you don’t want to”.  I said I would get the ultrasound, but had a “been there, done that” kind of attitude.

I didn’t mention this last week because of those select douches out there who like to judge pregnant women for gaining too much or too little weight during their pregnancy.  Because every single person is textbook and carries their babies exactly the same.  Coughbullshitcough.  I hadn’t yet had the ultrasound during last week’s meal plan/weekly wrap up post, and honestly dealing with any snarky comments was not a game I was interested in playing at the time.

Well, the ultrasound was on Thursday, and all I can say is that this child is taking after his big brother in every single way.  Currently he measuring two weeks ahead, head is 96th percentile, fluid looks perfect, and surprise surprise, I’m just one of those tall women who carries their baby “long” instead of “out”.  And nary a second was spent freaking out about it. And I got to see Bennett one more time before the big event.  He looks like Jack did at this point, and like I am assuming every baby looks like via ultrasound in their third trimester – a perfect mix of cute and freaky alien-like.


Hey, remember that time that I fought off a raccoon with a sword while Troy watched naked and helpless from the bedroom?

No, you can’t remember that because that isn’t actually what happened.

The actual truth is that two weeks ago, Troy was getting ready to take a shower, and happened to look out of the bedroom window to see a raccoon in the chicken’s yard.  We know we have a few raccoons around here, and honestly they have never bothered the chickens before.  I’ve seen a family of them walk by the chicken yard and not even glance twice at the occupants.  But a raccoon IN the chicken yard was a different story.

Troy, being indisposed, was not an option for chicken defense, so I threw on my Boggs (crazy comfy gardening and chicken boots that I keep on the front porch), grabbed a weapon that was nearby (golf umbrella), and ran out to defend my fluffy butted protein machines.

They were doing an excellent job of scaring the crap out of the raccoon and were flapping and screaming at him, but no doubt that he would have eventually overcome that fear and had a delicious free-range chicken breakfast.  I rushed him with the umbrella and scared him away.  About 10 minutes later, he was back.  Now, instead of letting the chickens out in the morning, we have to keep them locked up until late morning.  If Troy isn’t home for the day, they stay locked up all day while I am at work.  They have plenty of room (our coop is pretty much a chicken palace), but I know they want to be outside hunting and scratching.

But the important part of this story is that Troy and I need to discuss why he is standing in front of the window naked.

Troy and my father-in-law spent six hours on Friday putting in trim and molding around the doors and floors.  I came home on Friday and said “we no longer look like hobos with nice floors.  We look like adults”!  They’re going to finish the job up tomorrow, and then Troy “gets” to caulk around the top.  It’s strange because the beautiful white trim makes our very white walls look like they are a light tan.

Friday night, Jack spent the night at my in-laws, while Troy and I went to dinner and to see Spectre.  Well, Troy had dinner.  I was that chick who just ordered a salad.  I hate those chicks.  We had a big lunch at work on Friday and I just wasn’t feeling 100% at dinner, so I thought something light would be just the ticket.  I planned to eat gummy worms and popcorn at the movies. Because I like a balanced meal.  Three gummy worms later and I was done.  I spent the rest of the night feeling gross and like I was car sick.  It took about 24 hours to go away, but blech I felt rough.

On Thursday, Jack was making plans for what he was going to do with Grandma and Grandpa, and he told Troy that he was going to make a list so he didn’t forget anything.  His itinerary:


Poor Troy, surrounded by list making planners!

And then my mother-in-law sent us this photo:


Apparently after his giant bubble bath, they transferred all the bubbles to their big shower, and he made bubble snow angels and took a shower.  My father-in-law said he used the entire tank of hot water.

The next morning, when I picked Jack up, he promptly informed me that he stayed up until 9:30 (his normal bedtime is 7), had a root beer for snack, then popcorn and a root beer float for dinner.  It is good to be Jack friends, good to be Jack!

After the sleepover, we met my sister and nephew for flu shots.  Always a good time.  My nephew has asthma, and can’t do the flu mist.  Jack decided to be a kind cousin and get the “pokey” instead of the mist in solidarity with Parker.  I was so proud of his kind heart and love for his cousin.

Meal plan time!  Lots of potato dishes this week, because Fred Meyer (grocery store) had 5 lbs of organic potatoes on sale for $1.99; usually $3.99!

Monday:: I’m working late, but Troy is serving up baked potato soup that I am making tonight, along with salad.  I was going to make this on Saturday, but I felt kind of crappy, so we just had popcorn and watched a movie.

Tuesday:: Troy’s burgers, homemade fries, and salad.

Wednesday:: Working late again. Baked potato bar, and you guessed it…salad.  Snooze.

Thursday:: Taco bowls and salad.  I really don’t like salad.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner!

Saturday:: To be determined

Sunday:: Family dinner.

This week I spent $36.03 at the grocery store, $21.78 at Costco, $15 at a local apple farm, and $3.50 at a local farm for raw milk.

What are you having for dinner this week?

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10 comments on “Meal plan for November 16th-22nd”

  1. Raccoon Problem = Red Chili Powder. We’ve had ongoing problems with raccoons trying to live under our deck. Up until we got a recommendation to sprinkle our deck with red chili powder and wash it down between the slats with the hose. I’m talking about the hot red chili powder you can by for cheap by the giant bag full at asian grocery stores, it is essentially crushed red chili pepper flakesthat are ground up. Raccoons hate that stuff, it works as a major irritant to them. You could try sprinkling it around your chicken’s area and maybe any major access points you think the raccoons are using to access your yard. Worth a shot and a potentially cheap solution.

  2. Ultrasounds are funny things. One of my grandsons was possibly going to have Downs syndrome because, oh my! he had short legs! You think he takes after Grampa who’s 6’4″ and Uncle who’s almost 6’8″, who both have short legs? He’s in kindergarten and extremely smart, way beyond his years. Reason for my comment is the MATTRESS! Thank you! After your post I researched it. It solved two problems. We live in a house built in 1762 and our bedroom has a smaller doorway and the three staircases to the second floor are not “normal” either. The other was I needed a comfortable mattress that also did not make you sweat or sag toward my husband who weighs twice as much as me. It came quickly, we got the $75 discount, watched it grow as we popped it out of the box, and slept like a baby from that night on! (I think it’s in that room for life now! No way out!)
    Thanks again! Nite, Nite, Sleep tight!

    • Glad your grandson’s health scare turned out to be an ok situation. I’m sure his parents had a few stressful months!

      Yay, glad you love the mattress! I still find excuses to go sleep on “my” bed. Your house sounds like a nightmare for bringing in anything new!

  3. Your local grocery store sells organic potatoes for $3.99 for a 5 lb bag??? That’s the sale price for regular potatoes in my neck of the woods!

  4. Mon- pot roast w/mashed potatoes & gravy and carrots
    Tues-salmon patties & biscuits, green peas
    Wed-chicken parmesan w/spaghetti marinara & broccoli, garlic bread
    Thurs-pinto beans & cornbread
    Fri-Spanish tortilla, salad and oven toast
    Sat-grilled ham steak, mac & cheese, green beans, applesauce
    Sun-potato soup & cornbread, cherry cobbler

  5. What a coincidence! I just made up my meal plan for the week and bought groceries, too. My kids are older though, which means dinners are often rushed because of sports practices and music lessons, etc., that we have to rush off to (ie., I am an evening chauffeur).

    Monday: veggie burgers and use-up-the-green stuff coleslaw
    Tuesday: salmon, rice, and roasted cauliflower and broccoli, later because my boys don’t finish up with music lessons till 7:30
    Wednesday: slowcooker spicy beef and salad, since everyone is coming and going all evening
    Thursday: beef stew from the freezer, again, because everyone is coming and going, and DH is working late
    Friday: not sure. I may imitate you and have popcorn for dinner!