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Meal plan for November 19th – 25th

Oh boy, sickness has hit our house again.  It’s Troy again (no surprise there), and it’s some sort of tummy thing that is going around the fire station.  He started getting sick last night; after Jack and I had spent the whole day with him.  I’m just praying we didn’t catch it.  I want to take Jack away from the house, but I feel like going anywhere would only infect others.  We’re staying home from church today, because Jack’s favorite part of the service is when we all greet each other in the morning and shake hands.

His second favorite part is when they hand out the snakes!

Ha, just a little organized religion joke for you all.

In happier news, we found out this week that Troy got his full time job back as an EMT!  He was working full time until he went to the fire academy from February to May.  They dropped him down to part time (which was super generous to even let him keep his job), and between not working during the three months in the academy, and then part time after that, we’ve been hemorrhaging money.  Such a blessing for him to go back to full time!

Any BareMinerals (Escentuals) users out there?  I’ve been using it for probably two years now.  It’s more expensive than drug store make up, but I am willing to spend the money for a few reasons:

  • It has a pretty good score from the SkinDeep database.
  • It lasts forever.  Like forever.  The little $27 container lasts me a year.
  • It doesn’t make me breakout.
  • This one is the most important – they make a pale enough shade for me.  I can’t find any drug store make up that comes in “butt white”.  This stuff doesn’t give me the make up line, and blends in well.

Anyhoo, I went to Macy’s last week to get a new container, and they have these huge jars of the original foundation available for the holidays right now.  It’s easily 2.5 times the size of the original one, but it’s only $11 more.  I bought it because it will last me well over two years.  The upfront cost is worth it to me for a larger supply.  If you use this make up, check it out because it’s a great deal compared to the original price.

Yesterday we met up with another local blogger for lunch, and an introduction to our butcher.  We had a great time!

Now, you know me, and know that this is not a political blog.  Back in June I wrote about Batman and Robin’s right to be happy.  Other than that, I keep my mouth shut about politics.  Generally.  Until like now.

Everyone has a very personal opinion about gay marriage, and it’s not my place to tell you how you and your family should feel about it.  But, this is my blog and I tell you about my family and myself, so that’s that.  It may lose me a few readers, but to them I say, what a boring world to live in if you only choose to read things written by people who you agree with.

I couldn’t be more proud of my Washington State neighbors for legalizing gay marriage during the last election cycle.

When I was younger, my dad was driving me home from school one day.  I asked if I could stay up late to watch 20/20 that night (I was really cool from a super early age) because Elton John was going to talk about being gay, and “OMG dad being gay is so weird”.

My dad slammed on his brakes and pulled the car over to the side of the road.  I was then treated to a 10 minute lecture about how being different from others is not weird.  And that people are people and need to be treated with respect regardless of their differences from me.

Message received dad!

And on that note, let’s talk food!

Monday:: this was supposed to be roast chicken, skillet potatoes, and fruit, but I think I’m going to make that tonight for dinner.  Originally we were going to my parent’s house today, but I don’t want to infect anyone with whatever Troy has.  I’ll probably make breakfast dinner tomorrow.

Tuesday:: Hot dogs (the Trader Joe’s nitrate-free ones), Brussels Sprouts, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Taco soup from the freezer (we never did eat this last week, because my amazing mother-in-law cooked one night!), quesadillas, and fruit.

Thursday:: Thanksgiving coma!

Friday:: Popcorn dinner.  I get a lot of questions about our popcorn dinners.  I make popcorn on the stove, we have sliced fresh fruit, veggie sticks, slices of cheese, and whatever else I feel like putting on the plate.  We watch a movie from the library, and just chill.  No one leaves hungry, and it’s limited work on my part.

Saturday:: Pizza (this didn’t get made last week either), salad from the garden, and fruit.

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s.  Unless Troy gets the plague or something.

I still need to run to the farm to get raw milk ($3.50 for a half gallon), but we spent $50 at the grocery store this week.  Organic cranberries were on sale, and let’s just say I went a little nuts stocking up on them.

What are you guys having this week?

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14 comments on “Meal plan for November 19th – 25th”

  1. We had a great time as well!!!! Thanks for meeting up with us!

  2. I just found your blog through a link through another blog. I have never heard of popcorn dinner but it sounds fun. When my mom and I lived together, we had appetizer night where we had mozz sticks, chicken tenders, ect but never popcorn dinner. It sounds great!!! We might have to add that to the rotation when my little one gets a little older 🙂 I just posted my menu plan at

  3. If you like Bare Minerals, you should check out Everyday Minerals at Great product, colors galore, much less expensive, fair trade & organic materials, not to mention smaller US based business with extraordinary customer service.

    Luv your blog and how you keep it real!!

    • My make up brush that I love is from Everyday Minerals, but I didn’t like their foundation as much as I’ve liked Bare Minerals. The coverage just works better for me with the BareM.

  4. Love your blog. And now I love your dad. What a sensible man!

  5. Big ups to Washington and Maryland!!! Hopefully by the time our kids can vote, gay marriage being illegal will seem as ridiculous as illegal interracial marriages are to us.

    Just found your blog, love, love, love. Rock on.

  6. Aidan’s planned menu for Thanksgiving: two rolls with butter, pumpkin pie, and “maybe some ham, but maybe not”

    Dylan’s planned Thanksgiving consumption: “Candy corn?”

    It’s really worth going all out over here!!

  7. I love popcorn dinner. We do the same thing. Big bowl of popcorn, and huge veggie and fruit plate. I have a weird toddler who prefers raw veg.
    Tonight: crock pot chicken stew
    Monday: leftover stew with dumplings
    Tuesday: pork chops, onion gravy, some kind of veggie
    Wednesday: something vegan (my vegan sis is coming for a visit)
    Thursday: Thanksgiving stuff
    Friday: Leftovers! Coma day #2
    Saturday: Baked ziti and a salad

  8. Wow, the fire academy there is withOUT pay?! That’s rough. When my ex-husband was hired by the police dept, it was such a blessing because they pay you your full police salary while you’re in the academy for 6 months. At the time, that was a raise of almost 50% of what his current job was paying. Then, after graduation, he got a raise. There’s no way we could have lived for 6 months with no salary. It’s a good thing you are a frugal genius! =)

  9. It’s about time, Washington! I’m just across the border from you and it’s been legal here for a while. When I was 15 (a long time ago) I was invited to my dance instructor’s lesbian “life commitment ceremony”. We had to ask our parents because the studio didn’t want any problems. My dad just said that as long as I’m not invited to watch them consecrate the marriage, he really doesn’t care.

    LOVE your blog, by the way. It’s a nice mix of hippy shit, frugality, recipes and offensive humour that keeps me interested. If you ever move up to the Great White North we will be friends.

  10. Stop the car, I love your dad. XOX (I also love your blog, by the by.)