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Meal plan for November 26th – December 2nd

Phew, busy week!  Thanksgiving holiday and sleep study for Jack; all in a matter of three days.  Jack was a freaking champ during the sleep study.  Like, if they need a textbook pediatric example of the best boy ever for the sleep study manual, they could use this photo.

What a good boy.  I was so proud of him!  It took over two hours to set everything up, and he wasn’t asleep until 10 pm; he usually goes to bed at 7 pm.  He didn’t cry or fuss at all, and his tech was a rock star and kept him distracted the whole time.  She even built him an Angry Birds slingshot out of tongue depressors and stretchy tape.

Thanksgiving was at my in-laws this year, and I was honored that my parents decided to come, because I have so much to be thankful for this year with my mom’s health.  So very much.

Jackster and I hit up Goodwill yesterday and scored an old school Hulk shirt, and a great new basket for organizing his books/comic books/magazines in the car.

Jack is currently obsessed with The Boxcar Children series, and he introduced me to everyone he met at Costco yesterday as “my big sister Jessie.  And my name is Benny”.  He’s been referring to Troy as Henry, which would make Troy technically my big brother.  I wonder if Jack is secretly also reading Flowers in the Attic?

We also went to Target yesterday and bought two new indoor clothes dryers.  I had made up my mind yesterday to get a new one so that I’d have a total of three.  Yesterday was the day that my 8 year old rack broke.  Naturally.  So I ended up buying two of their new “compact” 20 sq foot racks which were $10 cheaper than their 25 sq foot ones.  With the smaller ones, they’re easier to move around the house to catch the sun/bright rain.  And to move around to heat registers.

All Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, so here is what we’re having for dinner this week.  Just a reminder (because I often get questions if I don’t mention it) that breakfast is always smoothies, eggs, or oatmeal.  Lunches are leftovers from the night before.  We drink water kefir soda for our dinner meals.

Monday:: Ginger and Cilantro baked fish.  We can’t get enough of this dish.  It will be wild cod that I purchased from Trader Joes yesterday.  We’ll serve it with steamed edamame and fruit.

Tuesday:: Working late.  Jackers will eat at my aunt’s, and I’ll have something when I get home.

Wednesday:: Soup from the freezer, quesadillas, and fruit.

Thursday:: Eating at my parent’s.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner! Yes, we really have popcorn for dinner.  It’s served with fruit, veggie sticks, sliced cheese, and whatever else gets put out.  We watch a movie from the library, and no one leaves hungry.

Saturday:: Lasagna from the freezer, salad from the garden, and fruit.

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s.

This week I spent $29 at the grocery store, $31.30 at Trader Joes, $7.50 at the farm for raw milk and eggs, and $57 at Costco for a total of: $124.80.

How about you?  How was your week?  What are you having for dinner next week?

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4 comments on “Meal plan for November 26th – December 2nd”

  1. Seriously!? Every damn time I get Flowers in the Attic out of my mind someone brings it up and I’m back to feeling icky and avoiding eye contact with all my mail relatives.
    Also, I love popcorn dinner – ours doesn’t have popcorn in it, though. It has teddy grahams.

  2. I do so love Trader Joe’s!! And I love reading your blog! Even when I’m too busy to leave a comment – those quadruplet grandchildren of mine require a LOT of attention!