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Meal plan for November 28 – December 4th

Happy week after Thanksgiving everyone!  How much turkey is on your menu over the next few days?  Or, are you turkeyed out yet?

I currently have a pot of turkey stock in the crockpot, and another one planned for later in the week.

Here is what were chowing down on this week in our house:

Monday:: turkey and dumplings in the crockpot (the chicken version didn’t get made last week), salad, and fruit.

Tuesday:: I’m working late.  I’ll eat at work, and Jack will eat at my aunt’s.

Wednesday:: white bean and sausage soup (winner of the soup recipe contest), garlic bread, and fruit.  I’m making the soup in the crockpot for ease.  Will add the cream at the end.

Thursday:: working late again.

Friday:: I have a haircut in the evening. I’m about 1/4 inch away from a mullet, so I’m quite excited. My sister-in-law is watching Jack, and then Jack and I are taking her out to dinner as a thank you for all the oodles of free babysitting she provides us.

Saturday:: Holiday tree lighting event.  We’ll load up on homemade pizza, salad, and fruit before going downtown.

Sunday:: Skipping family dinner this week to attend another holiday tree lighting event.  We’ll probably grub up on breakfast for dinner before heading down.

This week I spent $40.21 on groceries.

Organic (carrots, djion, pineapple, kiwi, avocado, spinach), gorgonzola, 2 blocks of cream cheese, more horseradish cheddar (it’s true love), half and half, and mayo (barf).  I don’t have the right coconut oil to make my mayo, and the correct coconut oil won’t come with the Azure Standard order until later this week.  Troy was pleading for mayo.  Hurl.

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