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Meal plan for November 7th – November 13th

Brrrrrrrr!  I’m not sure if this morning was the actual first frost, or if it was just the first time I’ve been home in the morning when it’s light out to see that there is frost, but either way, it was frosty this morning.  Yeesh, run on sentence much?

With Troy gone a lot, my routine is to spend a lot of time cooking on the one weekend day that he IS home – if there is one!  Troy hangs out with Jack while I’m running errands and cooking.  I spend A LOT of that day in the kitchen.  Perhaps too much time as I found out last week.  I asked Jack if I could play with him, and he said “Poppy plays with me.  YOU go cook me dinner”.

Properly chastised by my toddler, I dedicated all day yesterday to ignoring the kitchen and just hanging with the kiddo.  A side effect of this, is my menu.  It’s very very hands off for this week.

Cooking, slacking, or phoning it in, I wish you a wonderful week of eating and preparing food.

Monday:: a new chicken dish thingy that my friend Ang recommended to me.  Serving it with roasted beets and fruit.
To do – take chorizo out of the freezer.  Soak white beans in water.

Tuesday:: grilled cheese (or toasted cheese depending on your naming preferences), homemade tomato soup, and fruit.
To do – shred cabbage, cook white beans in crockpot.  Put kidney and pinto beans in water to soak.

Wednesday:: a new cabbage, bean, chorizo thingy that I’ve been wanting to try, garlic bread made with homemade whole wheat bread, and fruit.
To do – mix dry ingredients for cornbread, dice onion for chili, and brown meat for chili.

Thursday:: crockpot chili, cornbread, and fruit

Friday:: breakfast dinner

Saturday:: who the hell knows.  Jack and I have a playdate with a friend and her son.  We may grab something afterwards!

Sunday:: dinner at my parent’s.

This week I spent $40 on groceries and $7 on raw milk.  That doesn’t look like $47 worth of stuff to you?  That’s cause a few things aren’t pictured.  Not pictured – $10 worth of paper plates I bought, but I got a $4 giftcard for buying them which brings the bill down to $43.  Also not pictured – this gem I got for $5!

When I put the costume on the conveyor belt, the cashier said “wow, guess you’re all set for next year”.  My response?  “NEXT year?  This costume will be in costume rotation within the hour”.

T Rexes like to eat lunch in forts.  Proven fact.  Look it up.

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One comment on “Meal plan for November 7th – November 13th”

  1. Oh my gosh lol that costume is too cute!!