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Meal plan for October 12th – 18th

We’re headed in to the final countdown people.  The weeks are ticking away, and each day is accelerating and the big day is rapidly approaching.

You know what I’m talking about.

The new James Bond movie is coming out on November 6th!!!!!

I’ve been a Bond fan for years, and I can’t even tell you where it started.  But I can tell you that I’m so excited for Spectre, and Daniel Craig is my boyfriend.  It’s a fact, and Troy is ok with it.  Because Daniel Craig is so awesome that even men can see why I love him.

Every paycheck, a very small amount of money ($10) goes in to a canning jar for “dates”.  The jar doesn’t get a lot of action.  That’s what she said.  But you can bet your butt that I am emptying that jar to take Troy to see Spectre as soon as I possibly can.  Yep.

You know what else?  I finally got a new computer this weekend.  Praise god, hallelujah, thank you Jesus.  My old one was punking out on the daily, and a normal blog post would take me twice as long as necessary because of freezing and slow processing time.  I’ve been saving for months, and was gifted Costco cash for my birthday from multiple family members.  I ended up getting an HP that had an instant rebate.  There was a more expensive one with a few more bells and whistles, but the computer guy said I didn’t actually need all of those things and I ended up with the cheaper one.

So far, it seems ok, but the pinch zoom feature is driving me CRAZY.  I disable it, and it comes back.  This happened with my last laptop when I upgraded to Windows 10, and I don’t know how to permanently disable that feature.  Any idea?  I think I have to delete a syntax driver.  But I don’t know what that is.

Jack informed us this week that he was really good at drawing wasps since studying them in school.  He proved his wasp skills by drawing a wasp family portrait:


Upper row: Troy, myself, Jack, Bennett
Middle row: My dad, my nephew Parker
Bottom row: My mom and her wasp wheelchair

I’m making this a shorter post because I have to go figure out the whole touchpad mouse issue.  I can only tolerate it for another five minutes.

Quick note before I post our meal plan: fake Thanksgiving is happening today, but with a ham instead of a turkey. You cannot find fresh turkey anywhere until mid-November apparently.  Le sigh, no practice turkey for me.

Monday:: Frittata (with leftover ham), and “liquid salads” aka smoothies with loads of greens.

Tuesday:: Tortilla soup, salad, and Whole Wheat Knock Off Red Lobster biscuits

Wednesday:: Broccoli beef stir fry, yakisoba noodles, and potsticks (organic ones from Costco. Very tasty!)

Thursday:: I’m working late.  The boys will make pizza and hopefully eat some vegetables.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner. Of course!

Saturday:: Clean out the fridge/winging it. No, we’re not eating chicken wings, it’s just a impromptu kind of meal.

Sunday:: Family dinner.

This week I spent $33.47 at Trader Joes, $3.50 at the farm for raw milk, $26.11 at Costco, and $45.12 at the grocery store.

What are you having this week?  Why are touchpad mice so freaking sensitive?  Did you know that bees and dogs can smell fear?

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12 comments on “Meal plan for October 12th – 18th”

  1. My HP computer can smell fear also. Beware.

  2. its not “fake Thanksgiving” its Canadian thanksgiving! so, happy gobble gobble day from Ontario, Canada!

  3. I just had this moment where I realized yesterday was Sunday, and therefore your meal plan was up. And started chanting in my head, “Me-al plan. Me-al plan. Me-al plan.” Maybe this means I should take a little break from your blog…nah, just kidding.

  4. Could you share your recipe for tortilla soup? With winter coming, I’m interested in yummy new soup recipes!

  5. So… basically you’re celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving?! Welcome Eh!

  6. Pinch & Zoom: How do you currently try to disable it? Do you do it like this video?

  7. Sarah, how do you prepare the yakisoba noodles? I tried them a few times, and it made me feel like there was cement in my gut. I’m assuming none of you felt that or you wouldn’t be making them…just wonder if you do something magical to them…

    • I boil them, drain, and then give them a quick stir fry in the wok with a bit of coconut oil. Or, if you don’t want to stir fry, toss with soy sauce, rice vinegar (helps keep them from sticking) and sesame oil.

  8. I had to stop touching that damn pad, because the inconsistencies drove me nuts. But yours is brand new & under warranty- call the help line & make them talk you through disabling it. Why be frustrated?