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Meal plan for October 17th-23rd

The weather was gorgeous this weekend (I got a ton of gardening done.  Yahoo!), but despite the sun, there is no denying that fall is here!  I’ve chosen cozy meals for this week to reflect the temperature dropping ever so slightly.

The pretzels are for a new recipe that I’ve been dying to try.  Will keep you posted!

This week I spent $33 on groceries, and $7 on raw milk.  I found a new dairy in town that is just perfect, and I’m saving $3 a gallon (woot woot)!

I’ve decided to add my “to do” list for the night (after Jack is asleep) these meal plan posts.  It will keep me on track.  I hope.  God willing.

Monday – Chicken Adobo and fried rice.  New recipe for the chicken…will keep you posted.
To do: make mayo, make peanut butter, prep tomato sauce stuff in the crockpot.  Cook sauce all day Tuesday.

Tuesday – Play date.
To do: Make lasagna (brown pork, shred spinach, etc.). 

Wednesday – Lasagna, salad, and fruit.
To do: Slice veggies for Friday’s soup and pad thai (might as well do two meals at once!).

Thursday – Home canned tomato soup, grilled cheese, and fruit.
To do: Measure and prep dry ingredients for homemade dumplings.

Friday – Chicken and dumplings, and fruit.

Saturday – Pad Thai

Sunday – Family dinner at my parent’s.

I’m sure I’m going to be canning some more tomatoes at some point this week.  Look what I gleamed from my 8 plants on Friday night.  They’re all in varying forms of ripening.  Even if only 20% of them ripen, I’ll be a happy lady.


How you like them apples tomatoes?

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4 comments on “Meal plan for October 17th-23rd”

  1. Nope! Grilled cheese is not the same as Welsh Rarebit. They’re very similar in that they’re both cheese on toast, but different in that Welsh Rarebit involves deliciously melt-y cheese that’s basically a sauce, with some recipes calling for beer to be added to the cheese sauce. The sauce is then ladled on toast.

    Grilled cheese is. . . well, Sarah did a pretty good job of explaining it.

  2. Keshling, I’m not 100% sure if they’re the same thing, but I love the name Welsh Rarebit! Grilled cheese (aka toasted cheese sandwiches) is basically 2 slices of bread with cheese in the middle. You spread butter on the outside of each slice of bread and then grilled it on medium heat in a frying pan until toasted on the outside, and melty on the inside!

    My hubs and I went to London in 2007 and we LOVED it!

  3. Hey, I love your blog! For a puzzled UK reader, is grilled cheese the same as Welsh Rarebit (cheese on toast)?

    K xx

  4. Wow! I would love to have all those tomatoes!