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Meal plan for October 24th – 30th

I got a ton of prep work done for the whole week this weekend, so dinners should be pretty easy for the next few weeks.

On Saturday, I roasted a chicken and potatoes in the oven.  The chicken provided an ingredient for chicken and dumplings soup, 2 meals for Troy’s man lunchables, chicken salad, and then chicken stock for future recipes.

Monday:: Chicken salad sandwiches on homemade pretzel rolls, fruit
To do: make the butter crumbles for the shrimp

Tuesday:: A new recipe I’m trying; sauteed shrimp over pasta with mzrytha cheese, salad, and fruit

Wednesday:: Play date!

Thursday:: Another new recipe – apple pancake thingy, scrambled eggies, bacon, and fruit
To do: cook chicken for Friday’s pizza

Friday:: BBQ chicken pizza, salad, and fruit
To do: thaw beef, cut potatoes, carrots, and onion

Saturday:: Beef stew, crusty bread, and fruit

Sunday:: dinner at my parent’s

This week I spent $40.05 on groceries ($6.49 of it was duct tape), and $7 on raw milk (look how creamy it is!).

I came in $36.12 under budget for groceries for October!

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One comment on “Meal plan for October 24th – 30th”

  1. Good job on coming under budget!