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Meal plan for October 31 – November 6th

Happy Halloween week to everyone!  I hope your kids come down from their sugar highs by at least Thursday.  Jack thinks candy is “yucky” (he is a strange little dude!), so I have a feeling that Troy will be enjoying whatever Jack gets in his bucket.

This week will be all treats with no tricks for dinner.  It’s a busy week of late nights, so my cooking duty will be light.

Monday:: We’re going to a friend’s house for a Halloween party
To do – Prepare the homemade Bisquick for the chicken

Tuesday:: I’m trying a new way to make chicken “fingers”.  I saw my MIL do this and it was awesome and so easy!  Will be served with fruit and sweet potato fries – which is the only form of potato my little dude will consume.

Wednesday:: I’m working late.  J will eat at my aunt’s, and I’ll have eggs or something simple when I get home.

Thursday:: I’m working really late!  Troy and Jack will either have grilled cheese, or they’ll walk down to the little restaurant in our town.
To do – cook chicken for pizza

Friday:: BBQ chicken pizza (in-laws invited us over for dinner last week so this didn’t get made), salad, and fruit
To do – prep marinade for pork roast

Saturday:: I’m trying my hand at making one of Troy’s favorites – Hum Boa.  We’ll see how it goes…I’ll be serving with a cabbage salad

Sunday:: Dinner at my parent’s

This week I spent $37 on really unhealthy foods.  Ugh.  The crackers are for the appetizer I’m bringing to the Halloween party tomorrow.  The candy is for um, the trick-or-treaters (it’s hidden so Troy can’t find it).  Pretzels are for more Take 5 bars.  YUM!

I spent $7 on raw milk, and $19 on $43 worth of organic produce.  I bought a Groupon a few months ago for a family box of produce from Full Circle Farm.  The order is getting delivered tomorrow!

And in other news, when we got the new stand up freezer a few weeks ago, I found a container of pumpkin puree that I made from my garden pumpkins in 2010.  I used it and made pumpkin pie baked oatmeal.  YUMMERS!  I used brown sugar, pecans, and a mixture of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.  I used apples at the bottom instead of bananas, and left out the berries.

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