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Meal plan for October 5-11th

I seem to have an internal homing device that draws bitchy elderly people to me.  You may remember the time I almost had to beat a woman at Joann Fabrics because of her attitude.

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and there are people waiting?  Then you look under the stall doors and see that there are like three stalls empty, but the people standing in front of you didn’t realize it?  And then you all have a good laugh?

Well, I walked in to the bathroom at the grocery store yesterday, and there was an older woman waiting.  I give her a little “hello” smile, and do a quick dip of my head to verify that there are shoes in each stall.  Seeing shoes, I stand back up, and wait in line behind the woman.

She turns around, gives me a sneer and like a total snot says “what, don’t you think my eyes work?  Don’t you think I could see there were people in there”?

I kind of give her a “whaaaaaaaa?” look and trying to recover the moment said “oh, I always like to check, cause you know”.  She sneered at me again, so I tried to clarify it with a little awkward laugh and said “well, I’m pregnant, so I pee a lot” and giggled.

Home fry looks at me with a bigger sneer and said “well I’m old and I have to pee a lot too” and then stomped in to a now open stall.

Troy is convinced that somewhere hundreds of years ago, a very distant relative of mine spit on a gypsy, and now I am cursed with angry old people.  And always hitting red lights.


Troy sent me this picture at work on Friday:

I asked if he was going to scrape some popcorn ceiling, or murder someone.

Turns out all that plastic was very necessary.  The key to getting popcorn off the ceiling is to get it really wet so that it scrapes easily.  For all the other rooms, Troy has been using a spray bottle, but the living room is fairly large and he was lamenting about how long it was going to take.

So he brought the freaking GARDEN HOSE inside and sprayed the hell out of the ceiling.  And you know what?  It worked.


So there you go.

The other side of that beam, and our stairwell is the final popcorn in this house.  Well, the kind on the ceiling.  Considering I buy organic popcorn in 25 pound bags, it is always a staple round these part.  Once it is all scraped off, he’ll have to caulk (hee hee) around the edges, spray texture (just normal wall texture), and then paint.  It’s not a fast process, but holy hell let me tell you how different our house looks without this 70’s staple on our ceiling.

In other project news, I finished up something I have been working on for almost three weeks now.  It started with some painting that took over a week, and then some sawing, stapling, and cursing yesterday. Troy, Jack, and I collaborated on the finishing touches, and I’m so excited to share it with you all on Wednesday.  Wednesday is the big “HGTV-style  reveal”.  Stay tuned.


Guess what?  Tomorrow is my birthday!  Yep, Monday, fun day.  I’m just going to work and all that jazz; nothing special.  If you’d like to read about something special I did for my 31st birthday, you might enjoy this post.

Meal plan time!

Monday:: I’m picking up a take and bake pizza.  Cause it’s my freaking birthday and the idea of unwrapping a Papa Murphy’s pizza is about the level of work I want to do.  And no vegetables will grace our table.  Because no.

Tuesday:: Jack requested “egg cups” (mini quiches from the freezer), sausage, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Roasted chicken (making it Tuesday night, and just heating it up on Wednesday), asian noodles, and gyoza (pot stickers).

Thursday:: Jack actually requested mac and cheese this week.  Which is hilarious because he hates mac and cheese.  Will be served with big salads.

Friday::  Popcorn.  Obviously.

Saturday:: I actually wrote “who knows” on the meal plan for this day.  I’ll figure it out.  I’m just here, being “breezy”.

Sunday:: Family dinner.  I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year for the first time ever, and can you believe I’ve never once made a turkey?  I’m doing a trial run for Sunday dinner, and my extended family can be my guinea pigs.

This week I totally blew my budget.  Costco had a bunch of organic stuff on sale this past month, and the sales end on Monday.  I stocked up on their organic potstickers and organic Greek yogurt while the instant rebates were still in place.  I spent $61.37 at Costco, $9.62 at the local apple farm, and $50.28 at the actual grocery store.

What are you having this week?

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11 comments on “Meal plan for October 5-11th”

  1. ♪♫♫ Happy Birthday♪♫♫

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Awesome timing for the Turkey – Canadian Thanksgiving! When you first mentioned doing the turkey for the family (before I read the ‘trial run’ part), I was so confused: I couldn’t figure out why you were celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving in Seattle!

    Have fun with the Turkey (and make lots of stuffing… the best part)

  3. Here’s my weekly menu – although it’s going to change some because I have a TON of leftover sloppy joe meat from a family party over the weekend that needs to be eaten!!!

  4. Happy birthday Sarah. Have a great day. Love your blog. You totally crack me up. Congrats about the baby too. So happy for you’ll.

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. I would definitely recommend brining the turkey. You can boil it with herbs, citrus peel, and chopped candied ginger for extra flavor. I made a 20+ pounder last year for a large group of international college students, and when I was removing it from the bag of brine, (Yes, brining bag. I didn’t have a cooking vessel large enough to emmerse the damn thing.) I probably spilled a half gallon of brine and turkey juices on the floor. I would do it the same way all over again. It was flavorful and juicy, and everyone loved it. Although that could also be because they’d never had a Thanksgivinr turkey before! (:

    • Brining is on my list of things to do to the bird!

      My aunt and uncle had a Japanese exchange student when I was in 7th grade. I remember when she saw the Thanksgiving turkey coming out of the oven, she screamed.

  7. The first turkey I ever made was when I hosted Thanksgiving too! I used the Good Eats turkey, and it is so worth it!!!

    I also make my own turkey broth using roasted turkey necks and wings, plus veggie scraps. Amazing flavor, and I use it in mashed potatoes and stuffing. So worth it!

  8. Happiest of birthdays to you! Mine was last week but I didn’t have time to do 55 good deeds….may have to spread them out til Christmas. I laughed as you said you blew your budget but spent 60 some dollars at Costco…that wouldn’t even get us inside. My hubs isn’t allowed there because of all the crazy stuff.

    I do agree you are a crabby old lady magnet but I think it’s because you’re so nice. Hard to find a comeback when old ladies bitch at you.

    I made my first turkey in my grad school apartment in Vermont (with radiators on the ceiling….it was the maid’s quarters in a previous life) and basted it once and ignored it. Has worked for every turkey I’ve had since. Maybe I’m lucky.

    Have a wonderful birthday!!!

  9. I agree with the previous poster- brine it for 48 hours. It will be amazing. My husband actually brinned then smoke a whole turkey. When we cut into it, it was so juicy one cut and the platter it was on fill up with juice, it poured on the counter and down to the floors to my very happy dogs. It was crazy tender!

  10. I used to make so-so turkey, then I read about stuffing the skin. So I did that for a few years, then I read about laying bacon on the bird to baste it, so I added that. Then the only chef I’ve ever watched, Alton Brown (Science, it’s what’s for dinner! ) said ‘brine it, here’s why’. And I’ve never turned back. Plus it’s soooo easy