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Meal plan for September 12th-18th

Happy cooking this week all!  This will be our first week eating salad and corn from the garden.

Monday – Quesadillas, fruit, and salad

Tuesday – I’m working late, so no dinner

Wednesday – Paninis, fruit, and salad

Thursday – Enchiladas, beans, and rice

Friday – Chicken pot pie, fruit, and grilled corn from the garden!

Saturday – Homemade mac and cheese, salad, and fruit

Sunday – Family dinner at my parent’s

Summer didn’t really get started around these parts until August, but things are really happening in the garden now!  I picked these on Friday:

A mixture of Sungolad (cherry tomato) Flame (medium sized salad tomato), Momitalla (not sure I’m spelling that correctly, but a medium sized salad tomato), and Pruden’s Purple (a big heirloom).  Pruden must have been color blind, because this tomato is very very pink.

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