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Meal plan for September 17th – 23rd

Good morning!  The sunrise is gorgeous here in Seattle this morning.  The haze from the wildfires in Wenatchee (over the mountains) has turned the sun in to a ball of fire.

We’ve had a busy and productive weekend, with a playdate, pedicure, beach visit, blackberry picking, grocery shopping, and canning…and that was just Saturday!!!

Here is my new favorite photo of Jack taken yesterday afternoon.


Here is what I harvested yesterday:

Gotta show off the pedicure too!

This yielded 6 pints of diced tomatoes (from the book that came with my pressure canner), 5 pints of kosher dill pickle chips, and 6 pints of pickled beets (from Put Em Up) that stupid me forgot to add in the dill before processing.  I’m smart like that.  I also spent $10 on local green beans, and that yielded 2 pints and 3 quarts of dilly beans.

Jack and I attempted to pick the pears in our neighbor’s yard yesterday, but they were hard as a rock.  Thank goodness, because I seriously didn’t have the motivation to can them last night.

Here is what will be filling our bellies this week.

Monday:: I’m working super late, so the boys are on their own.

Tuesday::  Trader Joe’s chicken nitrate-free hot dogs, grilled zukes from the garden, caprese salad, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Asian chicken wraps which Chinese Plum Sauce (canned that.  Recipe in Put Em Up), pot stickers, and fruit.

Thursday:: Mac and cheese, spinach salad, and fruit.

Friday:: Popcorn, caprese salad, fruit, and cheese.

Saturday:: I’m making pizza, and making a bunch of extras for freezing, veg (whatever the garden feels like serving), and fruit.

Sunday:: Dinner at my parent’s.

Here is my grocery breakdown for the week:
$9.85 from a local fruit stand for local green beans
$3.50 for a half gallon of raw milk
$48.90 from Costco (PS, Costco now has organic coconut oil!!!!)
$7.05 from the grocery store (hot dog buns, 2 yogurts (1 for a starter, and 1 for Jack), organic bananas, spinach, and cabbage.
Total: $69.30

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One comment on “Meal plan for September 17th – 23rd”

  1. Love the picture of Jack. And your toes look GREAT!