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Meal plan for September 5th – 11th

Plans changed a bit last week, so you’ll see some repeats that didn’t make their appearance.

Monday – sizzling rice soup and fried rice

Tuesday – I’m working late, so N/A

Wednesday – Homemade freezer pizza, salad, and fruit.

Thursday – Burgers on homemade buns, salad, and fruit.

Friday – Playing this one by ear.  It’s the last “free” Friday in my summer schedule.  Back to normal schedule next week.  ::tiny violin playing::

Saturday – Crab eggs benedict, skillet potatoes, and fruit.  My neighbor gave me crabs, so I’m going to do something delicious with them.  Only time the statement “my neighbor gave me crabs” turns out well for all parties involved…

Sunday – Niece’s birthday party.

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