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Meal plan for June 9th-15th

Phew, I survived the baby shower on Saturday!  My friend Krista is having a little boy (Ryder) who will be joining us in mid-August.

In the only way I know how to celebrate something, I cooked.  A whole bunch.  Like WAY too much.  To the point where yesterday afternoon, I was on our deck yelling to our neighbors to come eat.  I shit you not.  The single dad who lives down the street was on it like white on rice.  The neighbors up their street brought their kiddos, and my friend from a few miles away hopped in the car with her family and came over and helped us reduce our leftover burden.  Good people, every one.

The menu:

  • “Cute as a button” cake.  Cake recipe here, and the frosting recipe here.  Button tutorial coming soon!
  • Spring rolls.  They were super yummy, but hardly anyone ate them…I’m thinking it was a general turn off of shrimp?
  • Guacamole
  • Chips/salsa
  • Pita/hummus
  • Pea salad (and I have enough leftover to take to the church picnic tomorrow)
  • Fruit
  • Orange madelines
  • Pansit (a friend made this for me…so I guess I commissioned in?)
  • Brownies (made by one of the co-hosts)
  • Baked brie with roasted garlic wrapped in puff pastry
  • Virgin mojitos (limeade, sparkling water, chopped fresh mint, and sliced limes)
  • Honey sweetened ice tea and lemonade (enjoyed separately or as an Arnold Palmer)
  • Wings (brought by one of the co-hosts)
  • Mini quiches (recipe/tutorial coming soon)


I’m not going to lie…I’m bushed after the all day cookfest, but it was so worth it.  I’m not great with words (which is weird considering I write as a hobby), and in my family, we tend to joke about things to keep the mood light.  So, when things get “serious”, I tend to say really stupid shit.  So, I try to keep my mouth shut, and show my love with food.  It’s kind of my thing.

Monday brings another birthday for Mr. T-Roy.  I feel like he just had one 12 months ago!

Now that the shower is done, and all the quilts have been made, this coming week will find me packing up some our basement ahead of the remodel forcing us to store all our shit.  I’d rather be prepared, than be scrambling to do it at 10 pm at night the day before they break through the walls.  It’s a regular party in my house.

Meal plan time!  Reminder, I only plan dinners.  My breakfast of choice is homemade Greek yogurt with tons of cut up fresh fruit (or fruit I froze in the summer), and a homemade granola bar crumbled on top.  It’s delicious and keeps me completely full and satisfied until lunch. Lunches are always leftovers.  We rarely eat dessert during the week, and our dinner drink of choice is water kefir soda.

Monday:: Troy’s birthday!  Homemade pizza, salad, and red velvet cake (I use this recipe with lovely results, and make a different cream cheese frosting).

Tuesday:: Leftover mini quiches that I froze after the shower, salad, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Salmon cakes (frozen from a batch I made a few weeks ago), salad, and fruit.

Thursday:: T-Roy’s burgers, Asian peas (they’re coming out of our ears right now in the garden), and fruit.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner!  Popcorn, fruit, veg, cheese, and a movie.

Saturday:: No clue…winging it.

Sunday:: Father’s day!  We’ll at my parent’s for dinner, and we haven’t decided what to cook yet to keep my dad from having to lift a fingers.

This week I spent a lot on food.  I didn’t track it, and well, there you have it!

What are you having this week?

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8 comments on “Meal plan for June 9th-15th”

  1. Awww… I saw the feed: “meal planning” *cake picture* and thought to myself, “now, THAT’S what I’m talking about!” That’s a huge menu, and I love that cake and so simple!

  2. That cake is adorable! I really, really like pea salad. Yours looks like a fun, new version to try. Your Friday night dinner is great – that’s usually how we do it on Sunday night. Salmon cakes are a favorite in our home, but we usually used canned. Thanks for the recipes!

    • About 6 months ago, we had to switch to canned salmon as well. The frozen salmon filets at Costco shot up to almost $35. I can make a huge batch of salmon cakes from Costco’s wild caught tinned salmon for $12 (ish). I can’t taste the difference, and it saves me from having to cook the salmon first.

      My MIL has also made a similar recipe using shredded rotisserie chicken that has been put through a food processor. It’s delicious!

  3. aww! I <3 Krista's comment!

    Count me as one who also expresses her love with food. If I cook you something you like, you better know how much you mean to me!

    So Sarah, I baked some chocolate chip cookies in honor of the love I have for you and your blog! (then I ate them) I would love to see the recipe you used for the spring rolls.

    • I am truly honored that cookies were consumed in my honor!!

      I didn’t really use a recipe for the spring rolls, but this is one the websites I used for seeing how to roll them:

      For the innards, I used cilantro, romaine lettuce, rice noodles, match stick carrots, shrimp, and mint. For the dipping sauce, I used the peanut satay dipping sauce from this recipe:

  4. Sarah,
    Your “words with food” were loud and clear to this audience; I was blown away by your soliloquy! That food was amazing to the last detail and I’m so very grateful and moved by your generosity. You really went all out and made it a spectacular event. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your home, your MAD skills, and your servant’s heart with me and the group. It was such a special event and I will cherish it forever.
    Last but certainly not least, the pictures on your blog do not do justice to the love and hard work that were turned into a quilt for Ryder. It is such a statement of your ability to communicate through tangible means and I was touched by the sentiment and beauty you created. I have so many blankets and yet that will be our favorite go-to for years to come. It’s so cute and absolutely perfect! And soft! Thank you so much for working your @$$ off the last three weeks in the quilt-making extravaganza; we’re so fortunate to be on the receiving end of your blood, sweat, and tears. Of course that’s just a saying since we all know you don’t bleed, sweat, or cry. You’re a rock star and a super woman and you do it all with grace and humility. You rocked my high heels off. I freakin’ love you!