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Meal plan for March 14th-20th

We’ve had a lot of rainy lately, but even with all of that, the approaching spring is going to be beautiful. This is almost the time of year that makes my heart ache because of the beauty of the Northwest.  March through September is a period of such loveliness that I could never imagine living elsewhere.  People think the rain is draining and gets you down (and it some times can), but it is the fluid that fuels the greenness and amazing floral explosion that takes place around here.

In other words, I love spring. It’s wonderful.

I took Bennett to the pediatrician this week for a quick check in.  With his reflux, he is always gagging and choking.  His breathing sounds snarfy (best description I can think of), and I wanted to double check to make sure he wasn’t doing too much damage to his little esophagus.  Not only did we get confirmation that he is ok, but we also found out his incredible growth spurt is continuing.  He’s packed on another 20 oz in 13 days.  We now refer to him as little chub chubs.  We’re a bit enamored with his chins.  And Jack finds his head very tempting for balancing stuffed animals.


Now that Jack knows I have a blog, he wants me to tell you all he is on “8’s” for multiplication at school.  So now you know.

I adore his teacher.  She just lets the kids go as far as they want/can, and would never dream of keeping everyone in the class at the same level.  Jack was telling my nephew last week that he “loves school, math, and his teacher.  She’s the best! When you step in to her classroom, you can just sense her awesomeness”.  I of course emailed his teacher as soon as we got home and let her know what was said. She deserves a billion dollars.

I posted this photo on Facebook last weekend with the title of “Rocky and Bullstinkle”, and people were pretty amazed at our look alike kiddos.


Well, I dug up this photo, and thought I would share it with ya’ll.  If the boys are carbon copies, I’m the original prototype I guess.  🙂


We need to talk about my sweet Dorothy Hamill, don’t we?  I rocked it.

If you have any little kiddos who need to take meds, I highly recommend this medication pacifier.  It used to take me five minutes to get all of Bennett’s reflux medication and gripe water down his cry hole.  The pacifier means he sucks down all the meds in about 17 seconds.  Love it!  Just go ahead and forget that it looks like he is taking a hit off of a baby bong.


Today is flying away from me, and I still have two desserts to make tonight for family dinner.  One for those of us who aren’t eating dairy, and the other for my dad’s birthday.  You know my dad has two birthdays?  It’s true!  We’ve always celebrated it on March 13th, but one night my sister found his birth certificate and it actually says March 14th.  Wacky!  Anyhoo, let’s get to the meal plan, so I can get to baking!

Monday:: Stew from the freezer.  Last of the batch; I need to make more.  SErved with bread and salad.

Tuesday:: Shepard’s pie (Jack will gag) and salad.

Wednesday:: Corned beef and cabbage (this recipe), served with bread.

Thursday:: Sandwiches, and cut up veggies.  Baseball night.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner!

Saturday:: Either out, or leftovers…depending on the state of our fridge.

Sunday:: Family dinner.

What are you having this week?

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7 comments on “Meal plan for March 14th-20th”

  1. Your baby is smoking a bong. I’m calling Child Protective Services STAT!

  2. Yay Jack. Those 8’s are the best thing to have stuck deep in your memory bank.

    Bennett and his meds pacifier – wow, sure wish it had been invented back when.

    Love your blog, read every post.


  3. That medication pacifier is amazing! lol Once you see it you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

    I’m ready for less rain though. I want to garden!!

  4. I read your blog all the time and though I plan my meals weekly too, I’ve never shared them. For some reason I’m nervous, lol. Here’s what’s on tap at my house this week:

    Sunday: Bacon cheeseburgers & oven baked fries and salad
    Monday: Beans and cornbread and some sort of greens
    Tuesday: Chicken alfredo with a bag of asparagus tips, carrots and red bell peppers added in
    Wednesday: Breakfast (eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, hashbrowns, fresh fruit)
    Thursday: Homemade pizza (one Italian sausage and a 4 cheese pizza) and salad
    Friday: Chicken tikka masala and naan.
    Saturday: FFY (fend for yourself) Night

    I find my week is much easier when I don’t have to deal with the “what’s for dinner?” question every freakin’ night.

  5. The day several months ago when you published the photo of Jack sitting on Santa’s lap, so wan and sick, I also happened upon this picture of a 19th century painting. Tried to send this to you via “Contact Me”, but it wouldn’t work. Anyway, there seems to be more than little you, Jack, and now Bennett who have your face!

    I don’t know how to put the pix here, but Google “The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple” by William Holman Hunt.

    Maybe I simply don’t know you or your faces well enough, but this caught my attention that day. I’ve been meaning to send this to you since, but I moved, and I’ve been a tab busy.

    You family is beautiful and I wish you all the best.

  6. Go Jack! From a 5th grade teacher – eights are hard so do not give up! Once you know them, you will never forget and I promise you will be light years ahead of everyone, even a lot of adults in basic math. 😉