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Meal plan for October 20-26th

We start this post with sad news my friends, sad news indeed.

One of our neighborhood baby peacocks has been um, removed from the neighborhood.  I’m not sure how it happened, but the mom went from walking around with three, to being down to two.

In memoriam.  I don’t know which one passed away.  They’re all kind of freaky and similar looking.


In other news, my parents LOVE the color of the house.  It is kind of growing on Troy and I as well.  I tend to like it when it’s in low level cloudy light, and Troy prefers it in direct bright sunlight.  As long as mom and dad like it, I don’t care if it’s bright purple.  Ok, that’s a lie.  I wouldn’t like it to be purple, but I am thrilled that mom and dad are happy.

Troy and I are starting to think about what our new room will look like, once you know, there is insulation, drywall, and lights.  You know…the necessities.  Troy and I have always lived in rentals, and our stuff has always been pretty benign (read beige and boring) because we knew it wasn’t “ours”.  The room we had been using has amazing 80’s wallpaper and border.  It was hideous (sorry mom), but we never really thought too much about it.  Now, now that our future is in this house, we’re having fun exploring the option of paint and decorating a bit more.

The hubs is insisting on carpet in the bedrooms (despite being the one who has the horrible allergies to dust mites…), so we’re going to start the looking process for that soon.  My criteria is I want it to be dark enough to hide stains, but light enough to show a spider walking across it.  I’m thinking maybe a really light buttery gray?  I’m sure there is no such thing as “buttery” gray, but it describes exactly what I’m picturing in my head.  We currently have horrid “renters” carpet everywhere in our house, and will be replacing it with wood floors after the new year.

Jack stayed out of trouble this last week, so that is a godsend.  His fall conference is Thursday, and I’m hoping the focus will be on finding resources to help keep him in line (and engaged and challenged) and less on “your kid is a royal shithead”.  Fingers crossed…

Ready to chat meal plans?  I am, so even if you aren’t, tough luck!

Monday:: Fart soup (French onion soup), salad, and cheddar bay biscuits.  This was supposed to be dinner last Saturday, but things got switched around and we had popcorn. I usually link the French onion soup recipe, but I see the domain name has expired under the old author.  I’ll repost it some day, because it’s an amazing French onion soup made in the crockpot.

Tuesday:: My inlaws are picking up Jack from school and bringing them back to their house, which means they’re going to feed me when I come to pick him up!!!

Wednesday:: Playdate with Jack’s friends.

Thursday:: Breakfast – toast, the world’s best scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner; best night of the week!!

Saturday:: Beef stew, cheddar bay biscuits (yes, again, they’re good, easy, and whole wheat), salad, and fruit.

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s house.

This week I spent $3.50 at the local farm for raw milk, $40.40 at the grocery store, $7.77 at a local farm stand, and we’re headed to Costco after church this morning.  Also hitting up the local self-serve apple farm to buy some more (read: a TON) apples for making applesauce.  I feel like we’re getting closer to having enough applesauce until next season.  Almost enough.  And I’ll probably need to make some more dried apples (should I do a post on dried apples?), because Jack loves them as snacks in his lunch.  We currently have about 1.5 gallons of them, but I know they won’t last until next fall.  If my apple purchase is anything like the previous two, I’ll be pending about $50-60 on apples.

What are you having this week?

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19 comments on “Meal plan for October 20-26th”

  1. I would also love the dried apple recipe. We have an orchard that sells drops for $8 for 1/2 bushel. The drops are better looking than anything you find in a store!

  2. It’s probably way too late to reply on this week’s meal plan but it’s the first time I’ve actually remembered to post it. 🙂 I’m always so impressed with your meal plans and enjoy reading them each week. Here’s what I planned for this week: Sunday – shepherd’s pie and salad, Monday – chili and cornbread, Tuesday – baked chicken with stuffing, gravy and green beans, Wednesday – chicken tortilla soup, Thursday – pork chops with au gratin potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts, Friday – pizza and salad, Saturday – FFY (Fend For Yourself) – leftovers, fridge cleanout, etc.