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Meal plan for September 15th – 21st

You need to stop reading this right now.  There is a plague in our house, and I don’t want you to catch it!!!

Last week, with Jack starting school and a new daycare, I thought to myself, “self, you should probably make some elderberry syrup because Jack will be thrown in to the germ cesspool”.  And then I didn’t.

Not sure if it would have made much of a difference, since it was Troy who brought home the sickness this time!  He started getting sick on Monday, went to work on Tuesday, and was promptly sent home.  Honestly, I don’t think it was “sending home” sickness, but when you work with all men, they enable the “man cold” mentality.  If he had worked with all women, they probably would have said “and so….”? when he was announced he was ill.

Jack caught it on Tuesday or Wednesday, and was sent home from kindergarten with about one hour left in the school day.  He went to the nurse and announced “I have the flu”.  I blame Troy’s influence on that.  It’s a freaking cold.

Yesterday, I started coming down with a little something, and woke up this morning with some intense sinus pain.  Neither Troy or Jack have that as a symptom, so I’m thinking I’m just lucky enough to also be sick at the same time.  Let me tell you who has rallied and still been able to do stuff around the house…I’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t rhyme with “Roy”.

Speaking of kindergarten, I officially have the naughty kid in the class.  Ugh, I had hoped it wasn’t going to be the case, but it appears to be so.  Jack got a five minute timeout on Wednesday, so I marched his pasty ass in to class on Thursday and he had to look his teacher in the eye and say “Mrs. x, I am sorry I made bad choices yesterday, but today I am going to make good choices”.  And he did, but we’ll see how long that lasts!

Like all parents of sweet but crazy kids out there, I have fallen back on the world’s oldest behavior modification technique.  I am now bribing him to not be a shithead at school.

If he comes home every day for the next week with a good report from his teacher, he can have one of those disgusting Horizon organic strawberry milks with popcorn dinner.  If he comes home for the next MONTH with a daily good report from his teacher, he gets a juice box (something organic from Costco) every day in his lunch for an entire month.  The idea of juice and one-time use packaging annoys me, but punky kids in kindergarten are also at the top of my hit list.  It’s gonna be a “pick your battles” kind of year.

In non-naughty behavior, Jack is doing well on the academic side of school.  He said the reading is “too easy” and that his teacher is trying to make it hard for him, but everything she throws at him is “simple Momma”.  The math he brings home is stuff he was doing at 4 years old at his Montessori preschool.

This week we were visited by four very special members of our neighborhood: Momma peacock and her three new little babies.  Dad is nowhere to be seen; asshole.


In the photo above, you can see what I mean when I’ve explained that our yards are terraced.  The yard above us is about four feet up, but their fence makes it loom about eight feet over when the neighbors are talking to us (you can see their feet, because they’re watching the peacocks too).

Meal plan time!  Reminder, I only plan dinners.  My breakfast of choice is homemade Greek yogurt with tons of cut up fresh fruit (or fruit I froze in the summer), and a homemade granola bar crumbled on top.  It’s delicious and keeps me completely full and satisfied until lunch. Lunches are always leftovers.  We rarely eat dessert during the week, and our dinner drink of choice is water kefir soda.

Monday:: Turkey burgers, sliced cukes from my parent’s garden, cabbage salad, and fruit.

Tuesday:: I’m working another 12 hour shift…so Troy is making the boys pizza.  I’d love to say they’re also having vegetables, but I’m no idiot.

Wednesday:: BLTA, spicy stir-fried green beans, and fruit.  Yes, we’ve eating a lot of tomatoes in the past few weeks, but tomato season will soon be at a close, and we’re enjoying them while we can!

Thursday:: Cashew chicken, fried rice, lumpia, and fruit.

Friday::  Popcorn night!!!

Saturday:: smoked salmon frittata, some sort of vegetable, and fruit.

Sunday:: If we’re not still sick, we’ll be at my parent’s!

This week I spent: $50 at the grocery store, $20 at the local fruit stand (only open for another week, darnit!), $3.50 for raw milk at the farm, and a whopping $110 at Costco.  That included a canister of coffee for church, and a honking bottle of vodka for vanilla extract.  Side note about the vanilla extract, someone once told me that if you put the bottle in the window, it will “turn” sooner.  I put it in a giant canning jar last month (to avoid my neighbors seeing a huge bottle of vodka in my kitchen…) and holy crap, it smells just like vanilla extract that I’ve steeped in my pantry for five months.  It’s CRAZY!

What are you having this week?


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12 comments on “Meal plan for September 15th – 21st”

  1. I really think it is something with the name… My Jack (2nd grade) is ‘spirited’ too. I’ll pray for you if you return the favor! 😉

  2. Kudos to you for making him “look his teacher in the eye and say “Mrs. x, I am sorry I made bad choices yesterday, but today I am going to make good choices”. ”

    If more parents made their child accept responsibility for their behavior like you did, it would help their child so much. I sat my daughter down from the first day of school and read her the rules everyday for the first week. I made sure she knew I expected her to behave from day one. She is a junior in high school now and I’ve not had one problem with her at school. Of course, she does come home and blow off steam, and I am OK with that. She can melt down here anytime, but she has to behave out in the real world. The sooner our children learn that, the better off they will be. 🙂

  3. PS hope you all feel better soon!

  4. I haven’t gotten all my menus for the week planned, but def having some country style bbq pork ribs with slaw and baked beans this week and I have to work in a Spanish tortilla somewhere.

    I really enjoy your blog. I canned some tomatoes using your diced tomatoes recipe which worked beautifully and when a friend blessed me with a huge pile of end of season green tomatoes I canned several jars of relish. Yumm!!

  5. My husband and I were talking about your Jack the other night……I told him about Jack holding the hand of his slightly slower friend when they were racing so they could ‘tie’. That was the sweetest thing!!

  6. I’ve wanted to comment so many times but this struck too close to home. My kiddo is the naughty one in class too. I thought pre k was going to tire him out mentally and physically so that he wasn’t going to act up, but that was wishful thinking. I had a phone call from the teacher by the second full week. He was good all last week so I’m praying he can keep it up.

    I agree with not wanting to squash his spirit, but I don’t understand why his spirit feels the need to be so bad. He’s in an advanced studies academy so I don’t think he’s bored.

    • This is EXACTLY how my heart feels every second of every day “but I don’t understand why his spirit feels the need to be so bad.” From one mom of a crazy to another, keep your chin up.

      It is exhausting.

  7. That’s it. I’m doing the meal plan thing. I love how you’ve made a plan that is doable with your busy schedule. I’ve got two kids in sports and my husband and I both work 40-50/week. I always thought the meal plan is for stay at home or part-time parents, but let’s do this!!

    As far as kindergarten goes, my youngest is also the spirited one, and I’m a kindergarten teacher! I warned her teacher going in, and I just have to accept my youngest is nothing like her older sister. I have to constantly remind the short one she is not always right or in charge. But I also don’t want to squash her fiercely independent spirit. I know she’ll need it later, like middle school.

    • Meal planning owns my heart. Without it, I’d be going to the grocery store on the daily, and eating crappy food that is really quick to make. I prep everything on Sat/Sun and have it ready to go in the fridge to cook that night because by time we get home, we have two hours for cooking, eating, homework (now), bath, and bed!

      Also, I use a lot of seasonal items over and over because they’re easy. My meal plans are really only a rotation of about 20 things.

      My hat is OFF to you as a kindergarten teacher!

  8. Maybe Jack is getting in trouble because he’s bored? If they aren’t challenging him, he could be looking for other ways to entertain his brain. Do they have any more challenging options for Kindergarten? Could he go to 1st grade reading? Just a thought. In 1st grade I was in an excellerated reading group–before the days of GT programs. Also, the vanilla makes sense in a “sun-tea” type way.

    • Jack is the kind of kid to get in trouble even if he is being challenged. ;-D

      We tried the 1st grade reading thing back in March, but the assessment teacher was not open to the idea. I kind of feel like that ship has sailed.