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Meal plan for September 22nd – 28th

Thanks for your kind words last week, and for commiserating with me on having a “highly spirited” boy.  High fives and lots of loves to anyone out there who has to keep up with these crazy hyper ankle-biters.  Jack’s second week of kindergarten was better than the first, but he did have one “challenging” day.  His teacher mentioned he makes most of his bad choices during transitions times when all the kids are up and moving.  She didn’t go in to details, but knowing Jack – who always has to be handsy and first – I can imagine what these bad choices are.

I am not the parent who pretends their kid is an angel.  I love my funny, smart, crazy boy dearly, but fully accept that he can be a giant shithead most days.  And if you’re not used to him and his quirky ways, he comes across as super naughty.  I was able to pick him up from school on Friday, and was talking with another mom who was waiting for her kiddo.  She mentioned her son sits next to Jack and came home the other day with pencil marks all over him.  He told his mom and he and Jack had a pencil fight.

I asked Jack about it, and his eyes got wide and he said “I would never have a pencil fight momma, that’s DANGEROUS.  I could poke out someone’s eye.  Nooooo, we weren’t fighting, I was trying to show my friend how to make cricket noises”.

Well naturally.  Duh.

Jack doesn’t lie about these things, and is the very first person to tell on himself, so I do believe him.  I just have to take a few deep breaths and remember that even when he is not being naughty, his actions just make him look naughty to others.

:bangs head on desk repeatedly and prays for a calm girl for my next kid:

I feel like I am in a huge meal planning rut.  When I try to involve the boys, they’re no help.  “Hey, what do you think we should do for dinner next week”?  And always these responses:

Jack: “pizza”

Troy: “Tacos”

Every freaking time.

Back when we had normal lives and normal schedules, Troy would actually pick up Jack from my aunt and uncles, and be home with him for 45 minutes before I’d get home.  And every night when it was his turn to cook dinner, he’d cook tacos.  EVERY NIGHT.  The taco exhaustion was actually why I started meal planning again, because I just couldn’t eat another taco.

The days are getting shorter, the mornings and evenings are getting cooler, but the days are still hot enough where I don’t feel like making “fall” food yet.  I don’t want to turn on my oven, and I’m running out of ideas for things that won’t heat up my house, and my family will eat.  You see, Jack is a really weird kid.  Homeboy hates: rice, noodles of any kind (“mac and cheese is disgusting mom” and yes, I’ve tried boxed, homemade, etc.), potatoes in any form – you want to see my kid cry?  Force him to eat a french fry – hot dogs, casseroles of any kind, etc. The list goes on and on and rules out typical “kid” food sides for me.  Hence the extreme amount of fruit that is put away during dinner times.  And both boys don’t like soup, which is too bad because I love soup and will continue to make it thank you very much.

Some weeks, I just want to throw up my hands and give everyone cereal for dinner.

Oh wait, my kid hates cereal too.  Did you know that?  I once bought organic chocolate rice krispies (Moms Best brand) and he spit them out.

Weird little pale freak.

Some days I just get so sick of trying to figure out what to serve.  I know meal planning is the number one thing that saves me money (tied with using whole ingredients and cooking from scratch), and I know in the end, I’ll be happy I did it.  Some weeks I can knock out a meal plan in 2 minutes flat, feel great about it, and every meal is a win for all three of us.  And then some weeks, making a meal plan and then cooking from actual meal plan is like getting a PAP smear from Edward Scissorhands.

Ugh.  Let’s just get down to it and talk about food.

Monday:: Taco bowls.  Ha ha ha, remember my recent rant about tacos?  Yeah, I’m such a hypocrite today.  With the taco bowls, we’ll have some chips and fruit.

Tuesday:: Spicy chicken cakes (like salmon cakes, but with chicken), yogurt sauce, and spicy green beans (I’m sorry I haven’t shared the recipe with you, but I’m posting it Tuesday, I swear), and fruit.

Wednesday:: Homemade chicken strips, slaw, and fruit.

Thursday:: Chicken skewers (trying these), spicy green beans, leftover slaw, and fruit.

Friday:: Jack’s school has a family fun night, and we’ll have pizza there.

Saturday:: Movie and popcorn night to make up for missing it on Friday.

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s.

This week I spent $42 (EXACTLY) at the grocery store, $15.04 at our local fruit stand, $97 on Azure Standard, $7.02 at Costco, $3.50 for raw milk at our local farm, and $65 at a self-serve fruit stand my brother-in-law found.  They sell apples that are grown organically in their yard for $.50-1.00 a pound.  I made 4 quarts of apple juice, 12 quarts of applesauce, and I’m closing in on one-gallon of dried apples, with many more to go (my dehydrator only has five trays, so dried apples take forever.  How long?  Fooooooorever.  Name that movie).  I was up until 12:30 am this morning canning.  :yawn:


What are you having this week?



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22 comments on “Meal plan for September 22nd – 28th”

  1. I have no idea what’s for dinner this week because I left my husband to do the shopping and meal planning while I was away for the weekend. Please post the spicy chicken cakes recipe, I want to eat those.

  2. I live overseas, in a country whose grocery stores close at 19:30 on weekdays, 18:00 on Saturdays, and are not open on Sundays or any of the 39 national holidays. The country is big on meat and potatoes, and short on out-of-season produce. Butchers and fishmongers have better meat and seafood than the “chain” grocers, so it’s never one-stop shopping. Not only do I have to have a plan, but I also have to have a back up plan in the likely event a necessary ingredient is nowhere to be found. Add to that my itty-bitty European refrigerator and sometimes meal planning feels like a full time career. 😉

    This week?
    Monday. A first attempt at Orange Chicken with stir-fry vegetables.

    Tuesday. Squash halves stuffed with Persian-spiced ground lamb and rice.

    Wednesday. Pounded thin pork cutlets pan-sauteed with caramelized onions and mashed potatoes. And green or yellow beans if I can find any.

    Thursday. Homemade potato gnocchi with seasoned ground pork, or Italian sausage if I drag myself to the right butcher this week.

    Friday. Fresh fish day. My fish guy will have something that I’ll either gratin or grill, probably a Saibling to gratin or some Branzino to grill. Salad with either.

  3. Ruts suck. I’ve been in one for about a year now and I think I just realized why- my kitchen is too freaking small! If I’m lazy (which I am) and I don’t wash the dishes after every single meal, it feels like there is no counter space. No counter space = no where to prep for cook. No room to prep= toast and cereal for most meals.

    What’s up with all the tacos this week! We had tacos as a pot-luck through the kiddo’s homeschool co-op, then the hubby wanted some as well, so we had them last night for supper. I’m not gonna lie, I had a big bowl of taco salad with corn chips for breakfast. I think I could probably eat some variation of tacos (browned meat with veggies) for every meal and be happy.

    At least you understand your kiddo. Think of how rough his life would be if his parents didn’t understand that he isn’t really a naughty kid. Good job for paying attention.

  4. Sandlot.

    “…because I just couldn’t eat another taco.” TWHS! Funny story: in San Antonio, there’s a regional favorite called a puffy taco. I kid you not, though I’ve never eaten one (TWSS). My bestie’s mom would always ask if they were available at other Tex-Mex restaurants, causing her kids to turn 8 shades of red and want to melt into the pleather booths. Funny stuff.

  5. Sara:
    Here’s a quick and simple chili I fall back on.
    Hamburger, salsa, and black beans.
    I buy all organic.
    Cook the meat, add salsa and black beans.
    Dinner is ready in no time.
    Top with diced onions, sour cream, avocados or what ever your heart desires.
    Hope you like. My husband and son both request this several times a month.

    P.S. Love your blog.

    Eunice C. Walter
    Burbank, IL

    • Eunice, thanks for posting, because I LOVE chili, but sadly Jack doesn’t like beans at all. I’ll make chili occasionally and cornbread, and Jack just eats the cornbread.

  6. Love it! Mine is a totally crazy one too who just went into Kindergarten. The first boring worksheet that he brought home he did a great job at and the second two were a hot mess with one being colored all red out of laziness!!! I emailed the teacher and told her that I thought that my little guy was going to be a trouble maker if she didn’t give him more interesting work. She said that he hasn’t been a trouble maker….I said well, you better watch out because I can tell from what you are sending home that he is up to no good. We do know our kids and teachers will learn to watch for those problem times.

  7. 1. I love me The Sandlot
    2. The pap smear from Edward Scissorhands had me cringing and laughing at the same time…and crossing my legs.

  8. Killin’ me Smalls! I have a spirited boy too – about to be 3. Sweet baby Jesus help me.

    Meal plans, none yet. Winging it so far since I woke up with a terrible hacky cough that’s living in my chest. Must have taken notes from your Edward Scissorhands because that shit seriously hurts! Got any go to’s for sickos?


  9. FoooorrrEvvvverrrr. The Sandlot! 🙂
    I too have a crazy kid. Right now is his naptime, which is supposed to be “Mommy needs a break to check my email and decompress”; but instead he is refusing to go to sleep.