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Meal plan for September 28th – October 5th

We were sitting inside on Wednesday night and all of the sudden we heard this crazy loud :splat splat splat: and  then an enormous 10 minute intense downpour took place, overwhelming our gutters, and flooding the street.

I look at Troy and said “what the hell was that”?  To which he replied “the end of summer”.

Indeed fall, seems to be officially here.  I’m canning applesauce, baking bread (without sweating from just looking at the oven), and the garden is winding down.  I love fall.  It’s a return to using my cast iron skillet for almost every meal (which makes for a very simple dinner clean up), and to a bit of a slower cozier pace.  Soon it will be dark at 4:15 pm, and my desire for yoga pants and wool socks will supersede all else.

I bought some yarn yesterday.  And I intend to knit myself a scarf very very soon.  My mom taught me to knit in 2000 (and I still only know one basic stitch – go me), and in that time I’ve only knit one thing for myself.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m sure it will be done in about 15 years.

I’ve mentioned that our remodel is progressing, and I shot a really short snippet of how everything is looking now that they have framed the basement.  There was a bit of a hiatus in August as the contractors went to work on a corporate job.  They’re getting ready to break through our upstairs wall, so in a matter of days, Troy and I will likely be sleeping in the living room, and our stuff will be coated in dust.  I am twitching just thinking about it!

I am 100% shocked that I have not yet had a note sent home from Jack’s school asking me to no longer pack glass in his lunch.  I recently made a double batch of chocolate pudding and poured them in little 4 oz canning jars.  You can freeze them easily, and then it acts as an ice pack in his lunchbag.  I also make jello, so that he has a choice every morning.  Do the wonders of canning jars ever cease?  I want to find Mr.Mason and give him a big ole smooch.


Jack had an entire week of good reports at school!!!  He kept telling me he was working so hard at being good, and I could tell.  You may remember that I promised him an organic strawberry milk if he had five days of not getting in trouble.  Well, he earned it, and then bless his heart shared it with a friend who came over for movie night.  I told Jack he could save it for breakfast the next morning, but he wanted to share it.

15 more school days of good reports, and he gets a juice box in his lunch every day for a month.

It’s not bribing so much as rewarding for good behavior, right? I mean, I don’t go to work without the promise of a paycheck, you know?

We ready to discuss meals?  Let’s do it!

Monday:: Pizza, roasted brussels sprouts, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Turkey burgers, chipotle sweet potato fries, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Chicken skewers, grilled zucchini, and fruit.

Thursday:: Chicken gyros, roasted brussels sprouts, and fruit.

Friday:: Popcorn and movie night!

Saturday:: Smoked salmon frittata, garlic bread, and fruit.

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s house.

This week I spent $19.23 at Costco, $3.50 on raw milk at the farm, $42.11 at the grocery store, and $15.09 at Trader Joes.

What are you having this week?

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6 comments on “Meal plan for September 28th – October 5th”

  1. Jack is so sweet to share his treat!! It might feel wrong to “bribe” him, but really you are teaching him that good behavior gets rewarded. That is a life lesson worth way more than a little jug of strawberry milk. I love these meal plan posts, thanks for being my main form of entertainment!

  2. HOW do you go to Costco and not spend 1.5 million?? You are my hero, in so many ways! 🙂

  3. Looks like a bum week now. AC went out and it’s still warm down here in New Orleans.
    Mon: Red beans from the freezer and rice/cauliflower rice
    Tues: supposed to be leftovers from tonight but ended up not cooking to not heat up the house
    Wed: raspberry glazed chicken breast and salad
    Thurs: spiced pork tenderloin with sauteed apples and sweet potatoes
    Fri: pizza night

  4. It’s so nice to see healthy rewards! I hate seeing sugary snacks as rewards, & then they’re given out first! It’s bass-ackwards, I tell ya.
    Btw, I knit (a LOT) & you’ll be happy to know that there are only 2 knit stitches anyway, so you’re halfway there! I do recommend the book First Knits by Kate Haxell and Luise Roberts. I found mine at Michael’s. Great explanations, fun projects

  5. It’s only technically “bribery” if you’re coercing him into doing something illegal, right? I call it motivation. 🙂

  6. You are a good mom, I can tell. I like the rewards you give your son. My new kitchen tool is a George Foreman grill. It cooks things very fast, burgers, asparagus, etc. The top and bottom grills are removable for easy cleaning.