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Meal plan for September 5th-11th

“Which plant is the biggest douche in the garden”, you ask?

Well friend, I’ll tell you.  It’s the freaking morning glory vine. I’m not sure why this stupid worthless plant exists, but it’s an asshole and needs to go the hell away from my raspberries!

I think the original owner of this property decided to turn this place in to a shrine to plants who are total dicks. They are everywhere at our house, and I’m not sure if you have ever tried to be rid of morning glory, but it ain’t easy. Each vine has this super deep root that branches out to other roots, and unless you get every piece, it comes back stronger. I hate it so very much. I dug up all my raspberries last year just trying to get the morning glory out as well, and yet it came back hardcore. I’ve been battling it every few weeks and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it win.

But aren’t you so glad you asked about garden douches? I know you are.


We had some glorious rain this week. It wasn’t much, but it made me ready for fall. This summer wasn’t as hot as the last two, but it was hot enough to make me excited about jeans, boots, fleece (is fleece already plural? Fleeces? Fleci?) jackets, and sweaters. I adore fall. Always have. Fun fact about me though, I love whatever season it is. True story. Not sure if it is my (I’ve been told annoyingly) positive disposition, or if I just know that there are great things about each season. Fall brings back to school (I have always LOVED school supplies), cozy weather, and the return of roasted everything for dinner. My cast iron skillets get a hell of a workout in fall. Though after last year’s “you have low iron so eat a ton of brussels sprouts” pregnancy root vegetable orgy, I may or may not part-take in those little green veggie bombs this year. We’ll see.




Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a really underwhelming rut? I feel like I am carrying around a big bucket of blah. It’s not a “new mom” thing, or even a mom thing. It’s a “I’m kinda over 99% of my clothes, my hair is driving me nuts, and I just wish someone would tell me what to wear every day” thing. Oh, and I can’t do my own make up. It’s sad.

My clothes fit fine, and while I can’t wear all things in my wardrobe right now (nursing), what I am wearing generally looks fine. And since I still have sweet breastfeeding boobs, I’m generally pleased with how things fit. But I’m just over it all. All of it. I am the lucky recipient of hand me downs from people who either have gained weight, or have lost a lot and want to be rid of their old stuff. I’m pleased and thankful to get access to such nice things for free. But I feel like at some point soon, I’m going to need a few pieces to feel updated and non-meh.

The issue is, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes. I also hate shopping. And picking things out. And deciding if they look good or not. Basically, what I need is a helper monkey to pick out clothes for me and tell me if the outfit works. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

The hair is getting taken care of in less than two weeks. My hair is very fine and stringy, and is best summed up as “turtle fur”. It just looks better shorter, and due to being busy and then not knowing what I wanted to do with it, and pregnancy hormones, it just got longer and longer. It looks decent for about 10 minutes after I blow dry it, and then it’s a hot mess of meh for the rest of the day. I’m hacking that shit off and going back to a length that I know and am comfortable with. Short hair don’t care.


Found these on clearance for $24. But they hurt. I don’t know if it is worth trying to break them in.

We’re headed to Denver later this week for the wedding of my wonderful friend Anne. It’s going to be such a great event, and I can’t wait to celebrate her new life with them. You know how seeing someone you love be so happy just makes you want to jump up and dance? I’m on cloud nine. As such, I’m not posting a meal plan, because we’re barely in town, and I’m mainly dining on unicorn tears, and sunbeams!

Have a lovely week friends!

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7 comments on “Meal plan for September 5th-11th”

  1. I would totally be your helper monkey! I already have a ton of experience in the position working with friends and family!

  2. Return them. It’s never worth it to break shoes in….

  3. Have you heard of Stitch Fix? Its like a personal shopper for you- you fill out a whole profile, they send you clothes, and you keep and pay for what you want and send back what you dont. Its super fun. Use my link if you want to sign up (or dont- thats fine too 🙂

  4. Have you heard of Stitchfix or thred up for clothes? Worth looking into!

  5. Morning glory is a total douchebag. My friend who is plagued with it in her flower beds calls it the “it’s mocking us” vine, because every time she pulls it up, it comes back more and stronger.