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Meet the Youngling

We’ve known the spawn is a boy since the end of the first trimester.

I was so thankful that he was healthy, but I’m not going to lie, I mourned the loss of never getting to use my girl’s name.  It was simply the most perfect name, and managed to honor five women in our lives.  Alas.

Thankfully, I’ve had a kick ass boy’s name picked out for years.


Troy picked out Jack, and I was a fan.  Then when I was five months pregnant, he worked on a reality show with an a-hole named Jack, and decided he hated the name.  We went through six weeks of trying to find an alternative, but thankfully he eventually chilled out and realized that one person shouldn’t have the power to ruin a name we both loved.

We don’t have specific naming criteria, but prefer something that is easy to spell (and not spelled in a trendy way), not insanely popular, but not a name that will make someone say “huh”?  We like a strong name that works for a baby, a child, and an adult.

Jack’s first name is after my dad (John), and his middle name is after my father-in-law (Barry).

Knowing that we would sadly never get to directly honor the women in our lives with our girl’s name, I tried to get creative and incorporate elements of their names in this little dude’s name.  It’s the essence of honoring I guess.

Here is what we were working with:

info graphic

Little dude, meet the blog peeps.


Yes, “technically” that light saber is coming out of his stomach, but if I put it where his hand actually is, it just looked like he was smoking a bong.

Blog peeps, meet Bennett.

For the love of all that is holy, please do not refer to him as Benny.  Benny is the whiny little brat from The Boxcar Children.

The only person we weren’t able to incorporate in to Bennett’s full name is Troy’s sister Amy.  Ugh, we’re douches.  Yes, we both have sisters named “Amy Marie”, though mine rocks two middle names.

Full name: Bennett Andrew Scott.  (Last name withheld)

Bennett is the name I picked out years ago.  Andrew is like “Annnnnnnnnnndrew”.  Reaching?  Perhaps.  The best we can do?  Certainly.

By incorporating Scott in to the middle name, we included Troy’s bestie (and cousin) and it is also an homage to my sister and her two middle names.  We owe Troy’s sister something big, but I swear we tried.

So, I love the name.  I love that it is simple; no one will mispronounce it.  It isn’t super common, but it’s not weird.  It’s strong, and works for a child at all ages.  The only hold out from Troy was “Bennett is the name of the bad guy from Commando”.  It’s not 1986 anymore honey, let it go.

And my girl name in case you were interested?  Matilda Anne Marie.  Like a dagger to my heart, cause I loved the name so dang much.  Matilda after one of my favorite books as a kid, and Anne Marie wrapped up our mom’s, sister’s, and my bestie’s name all in one fell swoop.  But never fear, there can always be female additions to the family at a later time…

Oh my gosh guys, no, not more kids.

Chickens.  I’m going to name my next chicken Matilda Anne Marie.  Head’s up special ladies in our lives; you’re gonna be poultry.

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17 comments on “Meet the Youngling”

  1. The name is perfect and beautiful, just like your baby.

    We had similar criteria when picking a name for our offspring – I used to say the name had to look good on a business card, my husband said he wanted to be able to buy a license plate for the kid’s bike. When I was pregnant, we agreed to think about names separately, then compare notes. Amazingly, we came up with the same first and middle names. Then spent the next five months asking ourselves and each other, are you sure? It just seemed too easy.

    We followed through, named our son Alexander Douglas, and still are happy with our choice.

    Apparently, sometimes things actually are easy!

  2. oh, and the girl that i will never have? her name has always been Sarah.

  3. living with the name Kandy (yes its my real name, no its not short for anything, no i am not sweet so back the f***off, no not Randy Sandy Mandy or Fred just Kandy…. sorry that’s spelt with a K not a C… no i am not a stripper nor is my mother, did you really call me in for this interview “just to get a look at me”? sorry my 34A cup and mouse brown hair disappointed you, you want to see my masters degree?) i vowed to give my child a nice normal name. Jacob. hard to make fun of, good for a grownup, jake for short when he is 80 it wont be “cute”. bennett is perfect!

    • LOL, sounds like your name has been a source of interesting conversations over the years!

      I had a client in my office last week with a very unusual name. I asked her what it meant, and she said “well, it’s a type of marijuana, so yeah…”

  4. Love the “huh?” factor. Hubby insisted no huhs or odd trendy names. “I want to be able to find pencils in the store with their name on them”. Daughter called her daddy out…..”Unless my name is #2, I never got pencils with my name on them!!” 🙂 Great name,BTW!

  5. I’m due in April and we’ve got a boy name but no girl’s name. My son’s (husband’s) name is very German so we wanted honor our french heritage with the second babe.

    Isn’t Bennet the cop from Orange Is The New Black?

  6. I love it! Jack was our boy name that we never used because we went ahead and had three girls. I save up names I like now for future cats because although we *say* no more cats after ours kicks the bucket, you know with three girls in the house, there will be the ones that “follow them home”!

  7. I love your naming criteria. They are basically the same as mine. I am jealous that you have been able to pick something out already! We are on Baby 3 (all boys) and twice now we have gone to the hospital with a (very) short list of names we agreed on — and come home with babies named nothing on the list!!

  8. Love it… But before you even got to the middle names, I thought you had nailed it because of the double nn (for all the Ann/es) and double tt (for Scott).

  9. Fab name choices. My son is named Finbar after me (Fiona) and his dad (Barry), it also means fair haired Barry. Our second child is due in a week and 3 days! Can’t wait, no definite names picked out yet, but a few favourites!

  10. Sarah, leave it to you to make naming a child so cerebral! So fun to follow your logic when I know all the players. We are all so honored to be a part of your family, and your crazy good I intentions to honor us.