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Monday tip of the week – save energy when using your dishwasher

I know, I know that using a dishwasher uses more electricity than hand washing, though it does use less water.  But guess what?  I have only a limited amount of time each day, and I spend enough of it cooking.  If I also had to add hand washing all dishes to my list of crap to do, I’d order take out daily.

So, when our dishwasher is full, we wash our dishes on the “energy saving” setting and “air dry” as soon as dinner is over.  It is usually done washing before we go to bed, and we open the dishwasher and pull the racks out to dry over night.

Come morning, we have dry dishes without spending money on the energy to dry them.

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

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8 comments on “Monday tip of the week – save energy when using your dishwasher”

  1. You could also set it up and start the dishwasher before you go to sleep, or later if possible. Energy is cheaper (in most areas) during the odd hours of the night (I believe 11pm~5am?). I also never use the heat option, and just let them hang tight overnight before putting them away.

    • For our washer at least, if the door is shut overnight after the washing, the dishes aren’t dry in the morning. If we open it and they dry overnight, then there are no spots on the glasses.

      Not sure if energy is cheaper in our neck of the woods during off-peak hours. It’s pretty darn tootin cheap already. I’ll have to look in to it!

  2. If I had to hand wash dishes, I would just eat peanut butter sandwiches three times a day! Seriously, my cooking would end. When I had three small children I had no dishwasher and managed. Now, not so much. I cannot stand long enough to wash dishes by hand. There are trade-offs in life.

    • We didn’t have a dishwasher in LA and I loved throwing big parties. I look back and wonder what in the heck was I thinking?

      Troy would eat sandwiches 24/7 if I weren’t around! He even uses the cutting board he prepares them on as a dish so that he doesn’t also have to wash a plate. LOL

  3. Not that it’s energy saving but with cold season upon us I always use my drying cycle to sanitize the dishes! Cheaper than going to the doctor for sure!

  4. I’ve opened the door for years for the final drying..The steam coming out and you stand by it,can help clear those clogged sinuses..If the door is left closed, the dishes are still wet when getting ready to empty it..

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and am so happy I did. We share many of the same ideas of home creating. I have problems with my dishwasher on Energy Saving mode but I do love the idea of opening the door to dry them out. I agree, if I leave them shut up they are still damp and drippy in the a.m. I do put my washer on timer mode so it begins about 10 pm.

  6. We run our dishwasher about 3 times a day (7 people, we homeschool so lots of meals get eaten at home, and we always have a make-it-from-scratch project going on. If I always left the dishwasher door open after it’s run, I’d constantly be spilling stuff on clean dishes.

    But I love the idea of this! Maybe if I even only do it at night before bed it would be better than nothing!