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Mostly Homemade Mondays week 14

It’s Monday – that time of the week for Mostly Homemade Mondays – the link party for people who like cooking healthy food, but sometimes have to rely on the occasional store-bought item. And for crafty people. And gardeners.

Got something cool you posted recently on your blog? Link up so that the rest of us can see the awesomesauce!

The “rules”:

1) Please link back to this post so that people reading your blog know they can find more fantastic posts here!

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

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10 comments on “Mostly Homemade Mondays week 14”

  1. Love your blog. Im new to blogging so I hope I know how to link back right. Your posts are informative and funny, makes for a great read. I always look forward to new posts.

  2. As Always, thanks for hosting! I love reading your blog!

  3. Love your blog and I am so glad to find another Seattle-ite!

  4. Thanks for hosting again…visiting your blog is always a great start to my week:D

  5. Added an unusual pie that I thought was better if you didn’t know what it was…..

  6. Thanks for hosting. I made Fall vignettes with thrifted finds plus dried hydrangea from my garden.

  7. Oh my that Carrot Cake looks so yum!

  8. Thanks for hosting the party!! I put up my favorite go-to, a simple salmon recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. sharing my orange cake… will have to give that carrot cake a go!!

  10. thanks for sharing..