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Mr. Clean take me away!

I could do a whole series over the next year entitled “stuff the previous tenants screwed up”.  The previous tenants I speak of are the disgusting family of what must have been wookies (you should see the hair I’ve been pulling from drains, the dishwasher, door jams…), who lived in my parent’s rental home that we have since taken over.  Today’s post is all about the condition they left the master bathroom shower in.  Yeah, I ended that sentence with a preposition…what are you judging me for…?

At some point in the last 25 years, my dad had a cast on his foot and it scratched up the shower in the master bath.  The scratches were always there, but the renters took it to a whole new level and decided to fill those scratches with filth (the janky cell photo doesn’t do it justice.  Much grosser in real life!):


Yuck, how do you shower in there and feel like you’re clean?

Now you know me, and you know that I don’t like single-use products.  BUT, I also don’t like using harsh chemicals that are dangerous for my family and for the community water systems.  So…when nothing “green” will work to get that crap off of the shower…where does one turn?  If you’re me, you picked up the new Mr. Clean Magic Bathroom Eraser.  I bought them at Target for about $4.

After 20 minutes, a bunch of elbow grease, and 1 nearly shredded Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, I turned the shower in to this:

The eraser went in the garbage afterwards which added it to the ranks of single-use products being tossed, but I didn’t have to use any bleach or other harsh chemicals to get a clean shower.

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18 comments on “Mr. Clean take me away!”

  1. After reading a few of your blog posts, I think you would really LOVE Norwex products. I don’t sell them, they run like Tupperware parties at your house generally (because you need to learn how to use them properly), and you can find a rep in your area by searching their website, which is something intuitive like (or .ca if you’re in Canada, etc). Just check them out. I know their cleaning paste is actually edible (though I wouldn’t want to!) and with one of their envirocloths (which are silver-bonded microfiber so they trap and kill bacteria naturally, in addition to being a MUCH finer thread gauge than typical microfiber so they don’t mess up your hands) would have killed the grime on that shower really easily. They also have a drain cleaner that is safe and enzyme-based which would “eat” all the scummy crud trapping the hair against the drain walls, and then followed up with some coffee grounds for “gravity” to help do the work, the drains will clear right up. We’re a wookie family (two of us have thyroid problems where we lose a LOT of hair, even though we brush before a shower!) and it works like a CHARM.

    • I feel like I’ve heard of them before, but had never “known” anyone who has used them before. Thanks for the recommendation – I’ll check it out!

      For the record, Wookies are awesome. Loyal and fun. ;-D

  2. Barkeepers Friend and a brush. Scrub it in and then let it sit for a bit. Scrub again and rinse.

    Works very well and does not scratch plastic showers.

  3. I found a generic Mr Clean sponge at the Dollar Store. $1 for two sponges. I don’t see any difference between them and the more expensive ones.

  4. search on for melamine foam. You can get 60 sponges for $20.

  5. Also another even easier shower cleaner (that literally makes the tub or shower look new) is plain ol’ baking soda. Just fluff a liberal amount onto the floor and rub with a rag, sponge, or paper towel (paper towel or microfiber cloth works best in my experience. Using something too absorbent takes away from the soft scrubbing magic). It really takes little effort and is super easy to do right before a shower by just hopping in! Baking soda is literally my favorite cleaner. It works wonders scrubbing out non-stick pans which got mysteriously “stucked” with food, gently scrubbing stove tops, floors etc. Tough but gentle and won’t scratch.

  6. Cleaning a Shower..I have not tried it yet however I will. 1/2 gratefruit with coarse salt and the shower is said to come out sparkling clean. Just thought you’d like to know. Like I said have not tried it yet, I will for sure.

  7. fyi mr. clean magic erasers contain formaldehyde which is poisonous and toxic so as much as it feels good to not use bleach you are still using a poisonous substance.

  8. actually they don’t contain formaldehyde and are completely safe

  9. The problem I’ve found with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (after being super excited about them and cleaning my whole apartment, including formica countertops, with them) is that they are adding to the problem. They are super abrasive and therefore continue to scratch up the shower, which attracts more dirt, which leads to more Mr. Clean eraser action, which attracts more dirt…see? My kitchen countertops started to absorb simple coffee spills and never looked shiny again. Boo hiss.

    • Hmmm, I’ve never used these on counter tops before, but I haven’t seen any more scratches in the tub as a result of using these.

      I know they’re amazing on removing crud on appliances like fridges, etc.

  10. You should try Melaleuca’s Tub & Tile cleaner. All natural, no formeldahyde, chlorine or other toxic ingredients. Just spray on, wait a few minutes and spray it off. Works great.

  11. Even easier, sprinkle baking soda, then add vinegar. With a small brush,brush and in a couple minutes the bath will be like new!

    • These scratches were too gross and deep for that method. I tried it! And the soap scum wouldn’t budge with any of my other homemade cleaning products.

  12. Baking soda and a very stiff, short bristled nail brush will get into deep scratches and grooves. I use the brush to clean showers, grout, everything! Norwex makes a cleaning mitt thing (it’s pink) that completely blew my mind. It cleaned the soap scum and grossness off my glass shower stall without any extra products.

  13. Sarah – I am a huge fan of the Mr. Clean scrubbers for just how you used it – cleans a bath tub when nothing else will. I found the Brawny brand a the Dollar Store about two years ago, bought all they had, and have been hoarding them since. Almost gone.When they are, I’ll spend the money for Mr. Clean. Totally worth it. DHD

  14. I have a tiled shower that the builder never sealed and boy, what a mess to get it clean. I went through two of the Mr Clean bathroom erasers in one cleaning. I am anxious to hear if anything else works out for you. On the other hand, I use the regular Mr Clean erasers to rub off scuff marks on the floor or painted walls and floorboards and I also keep one in my car. I use it on the black rub marks people leave when they rub their car into mine and just drive off. :/