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Name my chicken!

Alright folks, my chickens are named.

All save for one.

I left one unnamed intentionally. Why?Β  Because I wanted to let one of you name her.

Golden Star chicken


Chicken naming contest time!

1) Leave a comment with your name suggestion in the comments.
2) Post prior to 8 pm PT on Saturday
3) I will pick my favorite name, and announce it Sunday during my meal plan

As you can see from previous names, I am pretty ok with almost any kind of name as long as it is creative and fun!

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97 comments on “Name my chicken!”

  1. Hi,
    How about Heaven….cause she is!

    Must say, love your blog!
    Sal ( Redhead, NSW Australia)

  2. I think chicken nugget is pretty funny, lol

  3. Miss Piggy….You know “the other white meat?”

    Laura J

  4. I think you should continue your theme of The Power of One and name this chicken after the medicine man who gave Grandpa Chook to Peekay. Inkosi-Inkosikazi is such a fun name to say!

  5. I say you should call her Penny, as she is a delightful copper color!

  6. Spotty Spotty Polka Dotty. Just because I’m about as mature as the kiddos who named the other ones… and I WAS going to say Yolko Ono… but you strangely already have a Yolko. haha

  7. If she is the smallest chicken maybe call her Idéfix from Asterix and Obelix?

  8. We once named a batch of chickens after “sauces” Teriyaki was my favorite but Buffalo was a close second so those are my suggestions.

  9. When I have chickens (one day, one day) I’m going to call one Chickety Boo. You can have the name in the meantime if you like!

  10. Omelet, Queen of the Poop Coop (Is it normal for a parent to giggle like her children when she hears the word poop? Didn’t think so, I never do that.) πŸ™‚

    My 4 year old loves the joke, “Guess What?… Chicken Butt.” “Guess Why?…Chicken Thigh.” So in honor of that, you could use the endearing name: Chickenbutt (which the urban dictionary quotes as an “awesome nickname.. for an awesome person. doesn’t mean a chickens butt..” Had to add factual information, must feel guilty for laughing at this one too.

    Good luck!

    • Jack LOVES that joke, but butt is not a word he is allowed to say (little does he know my language!), so that isn’t an option! It does make me laugh though.

    • Well, in that case.. she could be ‘He Who Cannot Be Named’ like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter? πŸ™‚

  11. I have two ideas – Mother Clucker or Lady McBawk. πŸ˜‰

  12. inappropriate, but funny….
    Mother Clucker πŸ™‚

  13. I too like Mother Clucker!

  14. Chickly Bickly Bum!

  15. I think Pot Pie is a great name for a chicken. Mine are named, Chicken Little, Nugget, Noodle, and Kentucky. I greet them with hey you mother cluckers every day so I think its hysterical that people suggested that name!

  16. I’m posting on behalf of my lover. It’s up to you to figure out who that is.

    “Well, every coop needs a matriarch, so I’m going to suggest The Dowager Chickless. Or Lady Bantham. Your choice. ;-)”

  17. That chicken totally wants to be called Peaches. No reason. But she does.

  18. My suggestion is Fricassee. πŸ™‚

  19. I suggest Henny Penny from the fairy tale.

  20. Drumstick! Although, I really like Mother Clucker, that’s a winner in my book

  21. O’Brien. or Kevin.

  22. this is pretty on the nose, but i suggest Ladybird – it’s classic, and you could tell people you were a huge fan of the johnson administration. or you could do something with downton abbey and quotation marks so whenever you said the name, you had to accompany it with airquotes. like Lady Edith “Crow”-ley, since, you know, roosters crow and they’re in the chicken family. even though these are hens. ummm… let’s go back to ladybird.

  23. Kung Pao or General Tso

  24. I love Mother Clucker…but I also like ‘Fried Rice’

  25. Chuckles. But I must say I am lovin Mother Clucker!!!!

  26. Mother Clucker has my vote!

  27. Miss/Queen or Princess Cockadoddle

  28. Oh why not–Princess Cluckerbut–and I still giggle at poop jokes too!

  29. I vote for Henny Penny.

  30. Love mother clucker. How about mister feather pants? I know she’s a she but you could totally disrupt the paradigm…two birds with one stone. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  31. Ours are named after food, we have Meatball, Cupcake, Sausage, Licorice and Olive. Olive is short for Olive Garden, because as a baby she looked like an old man. In light of trying to find a food that old people eat, our options were Prune, Applebees, Toast, and as my other half somehow came up with, Olive Garden. Although Mother Clucker is quite catchy, I think that Toast should win considering all of the other names are very vibrant… sometimes you need someone plain and classic… like toast.

  32. Billina…she’s the Dorothy’s companion and helper in Ozma of Oz.

  33. poenderhoepel. it’s a spoonerised dirty work referring to a chicken’s a hole and because it’s spoonerised, perfectly ok to use in general conversation. it also has the word “poo” in it.

    hoenderpoepol = chicken ahole. This is Afrikaans btw and I have no idea how somebody with an American accent would pronounce it… might sound cool though… let’s see…

    poon (is this a dirty word in american??) – derrrrrrrrr (must trill the tongue like a car or drill) – hoop (as in shoot that hoop) – pel (like pill)

  34. In honor of the new season of Arrested Development (if you are a fan), I would name it something from the show. The chicken noises and dances they do are hysterical. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look up a youtube video. Each member of the family has a signature chicken dance that in no way resembles a chicken. Anywho… I would name it Gob, Maeby, Tobias, Buster, or Lucille?

    • Are you kidding me????? Of course I am a fan of Arrested Development! AD got me to exercise. I bought the seasons on DVD a few years ago and only allowed myself to watch them when I was on the elliptical. I would work out for over an hour without even realizing it!

      What about “Never Nude” or “Gobias Industries”?

  35. Oh, my goodness! You have so many fun suggestions. Our youngest hens are named after flowers. We currently have Daisy, Dahlia, Violet and Hyacinth! The older ones are Sunshine, Rachel and Lucky Lois Lane. ‘Can’t wait to hear what you choose! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  36. Henny Penny from the Chicken Little story πŸ™‚

  37. I like Bobbi’s suggestion of Chickenbutt (my adult kids & I still say it) but my entry is Ermagerd! (a cherkern)

  38. Henny Penny as in the story πŸ™‚ x

  39. dinner is a good name for any chicken lolol

  40. Keeping with the literary theme…Chicka Chicka Boom Boom….hope you’ve read it
    Your coop looks great – high 5’s to the construction guys with the great legs πŸ™‚

  41. Baby Got Bock! (By Sir Eggs-a-lot of course!)

  42. Because I’m a dork and a Harry Potter nut I’m going to go with Rowena like Rowena Ravenclaw πŸ™‚ Or Fawkes like Dumblebore’s pet phoenix would be cool too. Or McGonagall LOL need more chickens!

  43. I like Mother Clucker

  44. When I was kid I had a chicken named Big Red and oh how I loved her, so in her honor my vote is for Big Red!

  45. How about Grasshopper.

  46. I was going to be lame and say HEN-rietta… but I saw Goldie Hawn in the comments and spit my cocktail on my keyboard. I say Barbara Walters… cause she kinda moves like a chicken so why not?

  47. My 8 yo has suggested Monkey Queen or Miss Flag.

  48. Egg-O-Nomics or Bacon-Egger. I love all the other suggestions too πŸ™‚

  49. I vote for my current (not frugal) obsession – Boom Chicka Pop.

  50. Bow Chicka Wow Wow!! But you have to sing the name, not just say it.

  51. Oh man, there are a lot of awesome name suggestions! I LOVE the Mother Clucker! To make it more regal, you could call her Madam Mother Clucker :0)

  52. How about Ms Butterscotch or Caramelita (she is the color of caramel candy)

  53. Chickaboom was going to be my choice.

    Now, I would say Thelma because I had Thelma and Louis.

    Or, Blondie because she is a strawberry blonde.

    Fancy is a good name because of the Fancy feathers she has.

    (Maude Nugent, 1896)

    Just down around the corner of the street I reside
    There lives the cutest little girl I have ever spied;
    Her name is Rose O’Grady and, I don’t mind telling you,
    That she’s the sweetest little Rose the garden ever grew.

    I never shall forget the day she promised to be mine,
    As we sat telling love tales, in the golden summer time.
    ‘T was on her finger that I placed a small engagement ring,
    While in the trees, the little birds this song they seemed to sing!

    Sweet Rosie O’Grady,
    My dear little Rose,
    She’s my steady lady,
    Most everyone knows
    And when we are married,
    How happy we’ll be;
    I love sweet Rosie O’Grady,
    And Rosie O’Grady, loves me.

  55. Um, hello? That is Jessie Spano!!!!
    No doubt about it – she’s so excited, she just can’t hide it!!

  56. That’s What She Said, Annyong, Lucille 2, or Hermano (from Arrested Development)

  57. Kalea Which means joy.
    or I still like my suggestion from yesterday…Miss Priss πŸ™‚

  58. Chicken Little or Henny Penny.

    I love that she’s a little red hen.

  59. I see Henny Penny is a popular suggestion. When I was a kid I had 2 bantam hens named Henny & Penny! (Chicken)BUT, my name for this little darlin’ is “PRINCESS LAYA”!

  60. Oh, here’s another one. In keeping with her breed, Golden Star…which makes me think of so many Chinese Restaurants with that name….how about “EGGFOOYOUNG”???

  61. I’m a genealogist and my favorite names that pop up over and over on 18th century lines are Thankful and Ebenezer. So those are my suggestions!

  62. How about ‘chickzilla’ ?

  63. I wrote a children’s musical about St. Francis of Assisi, who loved animals. I have four girls playing chickens, and their names are Alfredo, Marcella, Florentina, and Tettrazini. Va bene!

  64. I’d have to go with henny penny as well. Or Ms. Clucky. Like the mascot for cluck in a bucket from the Stephanie Plum series, only the female version.

  65. Louise

    In Muppet Christmas Carol Gonzo, Rizzo, the Ghost and Xmas Past, and Scrooge fly into the past. After crashing through a forest, Gonzo and Rizzo emerge with a lovely chicken perched on top of them. Gonzo introduces her as Louise.

  66. Wedgieburns

    Your welcome,

    Christine in Fla

  67. T-Rex. Because chickens are the closest DNA relative…no kidding…(Heather)

  68. We named all of our chickens older generation names: Dotty, Franscine, Bell… (except for the rude one who plucked all the girls feathers, we named her Mother Plucker) So my vote is for Flo πŸ™‚

  69. The sky is falling, the sky is falling,
    “Fowling Skye”

  70. Vegas (as in Vegas Show Girl!)